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Repo info
Mr. Tomtastic Hoffmann
the social media sharing tool.
Sidhya Tikku
@Bot-Mr-Tomtastic nope he is not
Mr. Tomtastic Hoffmann
Ahh i see, well he is got a something going there. I think it will be a good invention for the future, it only needs a smaller camera to adapt to smaller items like glasses for example.
Georgios Papachristou
If you want to contribute to data science projects you can check my profile :-)
Mr. Tomtastic Hoffmann
i am having trouble on that stupid slider setup
Sarthak Srivastava
https://medium.com/@sarthaksrivastav/angular-2-how-i-developed-my-first-side-project-from-scratch-and-gained-confidence-a10be5a6409d Guys I have written an article which is an overview of one of my projects on Angular ,do read it and help me by telling me for any flaws
Bhupesh Varshney
Hi @d-anusha 😀
Reece Dunham
hello everyone
Sergey Romanenko
Welcome to my open source project https://github.com/flextype/flextype
Sergey Romanenko
Also we need help to translate project
Website: https://crwd.in/flextype-website
Admin Panel: https://crwd.in/flextype
Florian Gauger
Hello :)
I created https://gauger.io/contrib which lets you browse open source projects with issues for beginners. 27 languages are supported currently :).
@devgg Great
@Constantinos17 here is a great resource for that https://github.com/MunGell/awesome-for-beginners
Sergey Romanenko
Please give a star https://github.com/flextype/flextype for my pet project 😉
Sunny Dhoke
@Awilum Ichecked out the project, it's cool.
gave it a star
Raj Shah
any open source project in ReactJS?
Hello guys :)
Saumya Singh
Hello @Injechta