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Repo info
What do they mean by taking a year off tho
Floor Drees
hiya! but we're back this year, right?
1 reply
Keivalya Pandya
Heyy! Can someone please tell me more about 24PR? I'm very new to open-s, and want to begin...
Ankush Chavan
Hey! will this contest reopen for 2020?
hey !
Hey,can anyone explain about how to start as I m beginner here
And I want to know about when the next event is organising....
Gary Ewan Park
@KHUSHI068 This event didn't run in 2019, and I haven't heard if it is going to be running this year or not. Best person that could give this answer would be @andrew
Hey everybody
One more open source programm is there named 24 pull requests (it's for those who didnt knew)
That happens in December
Okay @gep13
Thank you
Anjali Chauhan
  • hi
Thank you
بسیار عالی
opensource.guide/ index.html
AJ Tran
Hi folx, @gep13 said that the event didn't open in 2019, does anybody have more information
Shivam Sahu
24pullrequests is not going to happen in 2020 also?
someone pls confirm
Krati Jain
yes, same ques
Andrew Nesbitt
No, 24pr won't be running this year either
Eric Boucher

Not a contest, but if you are looking to contribute to open-source, you should have a look at the project and issue search on https://ovio.org/projects

Happy holidays!

Ankush Chauhan
how to get started with 24pullrequests
I am begginer in flutter and i want to contribute in open source so help me
I am begginer i need help