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  • Dec 12 2018 16:35
    maxxer commented #289
[SOLVED] I had to declare the user module in the config/console.php file since it is the migration of a command rightly...
John Goetz
Yes! You found the fix! Nicely done, sir.
a question: if to extend I create my own module, and start extending models and controllers, should I also specify the path for the views? Or does it render from the extended controller then from its view without the need to specify a pathMap in the 'view' component? tnx
[auto-reply] it seems that it is necessary to specify the pathMap in component 'view'
@EndErr are you talking about the ConnectWidget? Can I ask you in what context do you use it? In login or registration? by default I find it in the login but I think it makes sense in the registration rather. And then I don't know why it opens a popup with the login view inside ...
Negruzzi Cristian
@paskuale75 i foundit in login but not in registration
@EndErr thank you so much, I'm reading here to understand how to exploit the ConnectWidget widget at least with facebook...does anyone have more detailed sources?
Hi all, I just discovered the reason why it did not redirect to the social url for the oAuth2, it is the rules of the urlManager component, any advice on how to make the Usuario url coexist? tnx
[SOLVED] I added this rule: 'user/<action:(auth)>' => '/user/security/<action>'
Claudio Alberti
Hello, thank you for the great extension! I was able to install and run it in the Basic Template, I run the migration to create the admin user and I can login, but when trying to access user/admin i get a 403 error... Any idea? Thank you!
@cloudeeo the admin user create it with the migration?
Afternoon All, Has anyone done any work on moving this to bootstrap 4
@cloudeeo i have the same problem, did you find any solution?
Can be solution add admin name in user module settings ?

Hey guys!

Having an issue implementing the recaptcha on the Login side of things. Has anyone got this working yet? I just get the error: verification code is incorrect.


is it compatible with bootstrap 4.x ?
I'm having a mysterious issue where I am getting logged out within seconds of logging in. I'm using the recommended Usario configuration. Any suggestions where I should look to solve this?
1 reply
@OceanWind it would appear to be a session problem. Try looking between settings such as session life time...

I'm having trouble with propper install of yii2-usuario.
It seems like i did all all 3 steps in Getting Started instruction (composer require, migrations and config of user module).
But now my index page gives errow: Getting unknown property: Da\User\Module::isGuest

I also tryed to create the first Administrator during a migration (as on https://yii2-usuario.readthedocs.io/en/latest/helpful-guides/first-steps/)
This was giving error: Exception: Trying to get property 'enableGdprCompliance' of non-object (/home/akovaleva/Projects/my_portret/vendor/2amigos/yii2-usuario/src/User/Model/User.php:167)

Unfortunatly I don't undestend where things went wrong...

config: console.php and web.php
    'authManager'  => [
        'class'        => 'yii\rbac\DbManager',
        //            'defaultRoles' => ['guest'],

    'user' => [
        'class' => Da\User\Module::class
There is a way to create the user even if the sending of the email fails ? Maybe the user tries again after sending the confirmation email. Thanks
Negruzzi Cristian
is there a tutorial how to enable social network registration with yii2-usuario?
can't figure out how to implement it, any help will be appreciated
Derek Gifford
Hi! I'm trying to get the Userario extension working... I'm receiving this error "Getting unknown property: Da\User\Model\User::isGuest" the isGuest property is not implemented I'm wondering if this is something I need to add. Can't find anything in the docs?
Negruzzi Cristian
You should use: Yii::$app->user->isGuest
Wei-Hwa Huang
Hi, does anyone know of a guide to transition from dektrium yii2-user to yii2-usuario ?
Negruzzi Cristian
did anyone manage how to setup social network registration?
i cant figure out how to deal with the popup window on a PC, on mobile it works fine
Miriam Barroso
Hi, how to resolve the error: Getting unknown property: Da\User\Module::isGuest? I'm using yii2-usuario, my config/web.php this: <code>'user' => [
'class' => Da\User\Module::class,
'classMap' => [
'User' => app\models\User::class,
], </code>
Hi, how can I install this extention with bootstrap5?
1 reply
  • yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap[2.0.1, ..., 2.0.8] require bower-asset/bootstrap 3.3. | 3.2. | 3.1.* -> found bower-asset/bootstrap[v3.1.0, ..., v3.3.7] but the package is fixed to v5.1.3 (lock file version) by a partial update and that version does not match. Make sure you list it as an argument for the update command.
Thiago Otaviani Vidal
Hey guys. Could some one help me? I use this extension for almost 2 years now... and sundely a new bug have arrived.