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    Betty Margaret

    40 Best Argumentative Essay Topics for High School English Courses Guide-2022

    Are you going to write an argumentative essay, struggling to find a suitable topic for your essay? Alright! Reading this article will help you find some exciting argumentative essay topics that you can select to write about. As compared to informal writing, writing an argumentative essay is tricky and demands certain expertise from the writer. For instance, to write an outstanding of this kind an essay writer need to have a good knowledge base, better writing, and analytical skills, and sound reasoning. Plenty of argumentative essay topics are available online, however, selecting the best one among them is often difficult but do not worry, I will help you out in this pursuit.

    Students from school and college need to write a lot of essays of different kinds during their academic careers. As compared to school, the difficulty level increases in college and university essays but their structure and format remain the same. If you have some level of expertise in writing you will be able to write your assignments better than those who lack writing skills. However, taking help from the essay writing service of your school is a good option to get started.Before I move to essay topics, let’s talk about an argumentative essay first. This kind of essay is about making an argument or convincing your reader about a particular point of view with sound reasoning.

    If you fail to support your claims with sound arguments, evidence, research, or facts, you may not be able to write a good argumentative essay and lose the interest of your audience. Thus, selecting a workable topic that can be debated and discussed further is necessary for writing a successful argumentative essay. However, failing to select a good topic or not having writing skills should not be taken as an excuse to get your work done by others. Asking for help in this regard can provide worthy insights but requesting someone to write my essayis not advisable.

    Following are some argumentative essay topics that school students can use to write an argumentative essay.

    1- Global warming is human-induced

    2- Capital punishment the only effective way of controlling crime?

    3- Gerrymandering; a curse for democracy

    4- Schools homework is not required

    5- Bullying in school is healthy for meaningful socialization

    6- The examination system is subjective

    7- Environmental activists are thugs

    8- Students unions are good for constructive criticism

    9- Honesty is not the best policy always

    10- Modern problems are due to modernity

    11- Schools without playing grounds are no schools

    12- Game festivals in schools are a source of the drug culture

    13- Our electoral process is not fair

    14- Are harsh punishments effective in controlling crime?

    15- Should male parents get paternity leave?

    16- Is the taxing system fair?

    17- Can cheating in exams be controlled?

    18- Should thinking machines be allowed in the market?

    19- Social media is polarizing society

    20- Should drugs be legal?

    21- Imagination is the mother of invention

    22- Screen addiction leading to mental health issues in youth?

    23- Teens are violent due to video games

    24- Social is media a good source of learning

    25- Data mining is a threat to privacy

    26- Online shopping is the future

    27- Doping should be allowed in sports

    28- Sexual education causing early pregnancies in school girls

    29- Virtual learning is no learning

    30- Youth drug addiction is leading to early deaths

    31- Do women have a right over their bodies?

    32- Should patients be assisted in dying?

    33- Should the government change gun laws?

    34- Should there be strict anti-bullying rules in schools?

    35- Should there be a dress code for women in public?

    36- Is life harder now?

    37- Is dialogue the best way to resolve disputes?

    38- Should developed nations provide charity to poor nations?