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Feb 2018
Raúl Raja Martínez
Feb 03 2018 19:52
I think if type classes where coherent and global in Scala this would be a pain but given you can just use scoped implicits there is no limitation as to the scope in which implicits are contructed and therefore can see their outside world including being provided inside functions that provide the context.
@lunaryorn there is no policies as to intended use so we just follow whatever Scala let's you do for creating data sources. I think if you use global ones you can just provide global implicit instances but in case where you need access to a context like this case they need to be provided in place since global ones would most likely be singletons. You can also provide them globally if you make the ctx and p there be themselves implicits and you only provide those there. This is similar to what play framework does with { implicit request =>