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Repo info
    The Almikey
    hey came across some dead link on the macroid page, like this one$.html , the pages have been moved to a new url maybe?
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    @javipacheco do you know if the scaladocs are getting published somewhere ^^^?
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    @TheAlmikey_twitter scaladocs are no longer getting published. I created 47deg/macroid#106 which will be adressed in the next sprint to fix those links and point to the actual Github sources.
    The Almikey
    Cool, thanks. Really want to explore the lib cant wait :thumbsup:
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Haemin Yoo
    Hi, are there any examples using ConstraintLayout? All the layouts I've tried worked fine, except for this one.
    scalac keeps saying "Could not find the appropriate LayoutParams constructor" when I use lp[ConstraintLayout] ()
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    @yoo-haemin feel free to file an issue and we will look into adding support for that if it's broken. /cc @javipacheco
    Rytis Jazdauskas

    how does one add error handling on a listview?

    this doesn't seem to work :s

              new BackendConnector()
                .recover {
                  case _: JsonParseError | _: BackendException =>
                    toast("Service unavailable, try again later") <~ long <~ fry
                  case _: NoInternet =>
                    toast("Turn internet on and try again") <~ long <~ fry
              <~ CustomTweaks.List.noHighlighting + ListTweaks.noDivider
    Javi Pacheco
    @yoo-haemin maybe you have to use l[ConstraintLayout](), not LP
    Zachary Albia
    hi, is there a way to center widgets horizontally in macroid?
    There didn't seem to be any yet, judging by the source code. Maybe I missed something?
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    @zach-albia You can use a tweak to access the view and apply any transformations you wish to the view, including changing its gravity and position parameters
    Zachary Albia
    @raulraja Ok, I'm getting the sense that lp[<LayoutHere>] is what you meant. As I understand it now, I think this is how you add any arbitrary layout tweaks to a view. Thanks!
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    Yeah you can apply tweaks to views in layouts. Tweaks are ui actions. There are several examples here of views getting tweaked and applied here
    Zachary Albia

    hi, would there be value in adding a

    def margin(left: Int = 0, top: Int = 0, right: Int = 0, bottom: Int = 0, all: Int = -1): Tweak[View]

    tweak, in the same fashion as the paddingtweak?

    because I noticed that in previous versions where macroid.extras was still outside of macroid, there were tweaks like vMargin which do the same thing, but don't exist anymore in the main macroid repo.
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    @zach-albia yes, that will be valuable, feel free to submit a PR
    Zsolt Szilagyi
    hi All, I'm pretty new to macroid. Is it possible to build AppWidgets with it? Didn't find anything about it in the docs
    Raúl Raja Martínez
    @esgott AFAIK since those are just views you can potentially use macroid's dsl there as in a regular activity or fragment but to my knowledge nobody has attempted that yet.
    Felix Dietze
    Hi, I'm trying to create a,%20int,%20int,%20int) tweak for ConstraintLayout. The problem I have is, that for applying the tweak, I need access to the view AND to the layout by calling So how do I do it?
    Renato Marinho
    This message was deleted
    Renato Marinho
    This message was deleted
    Richard Gomes

    Hello. I'm new to macroid.
    I've created a PoC which is just the macroid-starter example with a few updates:

    • SBT 0.13.16
    • Scala 2.11.12
    • sbt-android 1.7.10

    I'm using macroid 2.0.0-M5.

    It works fine in the emulator, which is good. But IntelliJ complains that it cannot find several classes. This is a bit inconvenient because I cannot easily study the sources in deep detail.
    Is that only me or IntelliJ is not really able to find the classes for some reason?

    Richard Gomes

    Hello, any idea why SBT cannot find macroid 2.1.0 ?

    [info] Resolving org.macroid#macroid-viewable_2.11;2.1.0 ...
    [warn]  module not found: org.macroid#macroid-viewable_2.11;2.1.0
    [warn] ==== local: tried
    [warn]   /home/rgomes/.ivy2/local/org.macroid/macroid-viewable_2.11/2.1.0/ivys/ivy.xml
    [warn] ==== public: tried
    [warn] ==== local-preloaded-ivy: tried
    [warn]   /home/rgomes/.sbt/preloaded/org.macroid/macroid-viewable_2.11/2.1.0/ivys/ivy.xml
    [warn] ==== local-preloaded: tried
    [warn]   file:////home/rgomes/.sbt/preloaded/org/macroid/macroid-viewable_2.11/2.1.0/macroid-viewable_2.11-2.1.0.pom
    [warn] ==== google libraries: tried
    [warn]   file:/home/rgomes/tools/sdk-tools-linux-4333796/extras/google/m2repository/org/macroid/macroid-viewable_2.11/2.1.0/macroid-viewable_2.11-2.1.0.pom
    [warn] ==== android libraries: tried
    [warn]   file:/home/rgomes/tools/sdk-tools-linux-4333796/extras/android/m2repository/org/macroid/macroid-viewable_2.11/2.1.0/macroid-viewable_2.11-2.1.0.pom
    [warn] ==== sonatype-releases: tried
    [warn] ==== jcenter: tried
    [warn] ==== Sonatype OSS Releasess: tried
    [info] Resolving jline#jline;2.14.3 ...
    [warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    [warn]  ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
    [warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    [warn]  :: org.macroid#macroid_2.11;2.1.0: not found
    [warn]  :: org.macroid#macroid-viewable_2.11;2.1.0: not found
    [warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    This is my build.sbt:

    import android.Keys._
    import android.Dependencies.{LibraryDependency, aar}
    platformTarget in Android := "android-22"
    name := "example"
    scalaVersion := "2.11.12"
    resolvers ++= Seq(
      "jcenter" at "",
      "Sonatype OSS Releasess" at ""
    javacOptions ++= Seq("-source", "1.7", "-target", "1.7")
    scalacOptions ++= Seq("-feature", "-deprecation", "-target:jvm-1.7")
    libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
      aar("org.macroid" %% "macroid" % "2.1.0"),
      aar("org.macroid" %% "macroid-viewable" % "2.1.0"),
      aar("" % "support-v4" % "24.0.0")
    proguardScala in Android := true
    proguardOptions in Android ++= Seq(
      "-keep class scala.Dynamic"