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Apr 2015
Apr 16 2015 20:17
Maybe we should give unrealistic gravitational attraction to the asteroids in the existing mini game. It would make it more interesting, and it isn't hard to add in a note about how the gravitational effects are exaggerated. We could even offer the ability to toggle on/off exaggerated gravity for extra education-points.
Jake Harrison
Apr 16 2015 21:19
Hey, I'll add it to the wiki but I just wanted to say here that I made a rack for the asteroids mini game, and I made a quieter version of the opening theme, it always seemed like it was just way too loud compared to the other noises. I saw you're using compressed files so I just uploaded .mp3s, but if you want the .wavs I can put those up no problem
Apr 16 2015 22:36
Sweet! Can you add an issue to the tracker so we remember to implement these later too?