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Varun Chitre
Hi @NSH-Narender, you can get started by learning about AWS Lambda functions if you want to apply for the Alexa Skill project.
Can you build a sample Alexa skill that calls one of the CarbonFootprint APIs from docs.carbonhub.org and demo it?
Varun Chitre
Hi @Tushar19varshney , which CarbonFootprint sub-project are you interested in?
Tushar Varshney
Actually i want to work in node and express js So I am thinking to work in CarbonFootprint Api.
Hello everyone, my name is Sarvad
I am a second year BTech student at VIT, Vellore
my current AOE is iOS App development , looking forward to making some contribution.
is there any iOS App development related work that I can contribute on?
Navneet Das
I want to work on "CRUISE EMISSION CALCULATION AND IMPROVING DEVOPS". Please tell me how can I get started?
@varunchitre15 how can we update the changes that are made in our local machine to firebase
Navneet Das
Please review !303
on Issue #231
Uddhav Navneeth
Hello everyone, my name is Uddhav. I want to start contributing in the open source community and I was recommended AOSSIE, can someone direct to me towards what steps I can take or where can I contribute, I majorly work with Node js
Varun Chitre
@KalidindiAmitRaja_gitlab The instructions for the same have been provided on the Readme of the official repo at https://gitlab.com/aossie/CarbonAssistant-Function
Those who are interested to work on / interested to apply for the Google Assistant or Alexa project of CarbonFootprint may join
https://gitter.im/AOSSIE/CarbonAssistant-GA or https://gitter.im/AOSSIE/CarbonAssistant-Alexa
Prakhar Mittal
Hello everyone! My name is Prakhar Mittal. I am a 3rd year Undergraduate student at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida. I have a keen interest in building Voice User Interface app and have previously built apps for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. I want to participate in GSoc 2019 and have gone through following project ideas: 1. Improving Google Assistant Action. 2.Add support for Alexa. I would request mentor @varunchitre15 to suggest on how to prove my worth for the project.Thanks!
Sarvottam Kumar

Hello AOSSIE community! I’m Sarvottam kumar from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, New Delhi.

I have experience working with data-handling using AJAX, JSON, and REST API. My recent work was building REST API for integrated retinopathy and skin cancer web app using ML.(demo: https://retinoskin.herokuapp.com/ ).
Hence, I am keenly interested and looking forward for contributing to your Carbon Footprint API (Improving API and Expanding API with ML) as i have gone through your repo.

Kindly mentors please guide me where and how to start contributing to resolve the issues. As I found your carbonhub.xyz link not working or showing any output.

Hi guys, I was going through the gsoc 2019 projects. I wanted to get familiarized with the Carbon Footprint app. Is it still live here: https://carbonhub.xyz/
I see a blank page
Ayush Shekhar

Hello Community! This is Ayush Shekhar from India. I am currently in my pre-final year, pursuing B.Tech in CSE. I am a full-stack developer with over an year of professional experience. You can check out some of my doodles with code, here at : http://github.com/ayush221b

I would love to work on this idea, "IMPROVEMENT OF CO2 EMISSIONS API"
I strongly believe that I have the requisite skills, and am capable of creating a productive impact for the project.

@rishz @varunchitre15 I would request you to kindly provide any tests, or challenges that you would want me to perform, to establish credibility. Thanks.

Saisankar Gochhayat
@ayush221b Please feel free to setup the project and try out and see what you think could be improved. :smile:
Joel Rodriguez
Hello @saisankargochhayat . I setup the project. I think that the most important is split the front and back dependencies. Another has a Docker file for easy development setup. I work with nodejs for almost 3 years https://github.com/joelerll
soham chitalia
Hey, My name is Soham and I am a computer engineering student from India. I want to contribute to this org as a part of Google Summer of code 2019. How can I get started here?
Ayush Shekhar
@saisankargochhayat @rishz @varunchitre15 In order to setup the CarbonFootprint-API project locally, I need to setup billing in my Google Cloud Developer console, but I don't have a credit card, so that I can have the Google distance matrix api key. How would you suggest I proceed without it? Thanks.
Saisankar Gochhayat
@ayush221b Actually we are not using the Google distant matrix api any more due to limitations. please use bing maps api. Check gitlab repo for the updated documentation.
Ayush Shekhar
Thanks a lot
sarthak khandelwal
hello everyone, I would like to contribute to the project
I would like to work on issue #130 listed in repo
I just need a confirmation from the maintainers to start working on the issue
Hi all
I just tested the Chrome Extension today calculating the CO2 footprint per mean of transportation. I would like to understand how these numbers were calculated. Anyone knows?
Can someone please show me where to merge request from
Ayush Dubey
I am trying to run the app locally and I am filling out the env but I cannot find the api test key do I need to create two different keys?
Sam Poder
Hi Carbon Footprint team, my name is Sam and I am a GCI student. I think that this is a stellar project with great goals, I feel that it would be amazing if the calculations could be made into a python module so other programmers can incorporate them. Would you be interested in me doing this and if so could it possibly be a GCI task. Thanks!
Hello everyone I would like tocontribute to the project.
I think I can clear this pipeline e2e test. https://gitlab.com/aossie/CarbonFootprint/-/jobs/284967072
Can I please??
I have Good amount of knowledge in vanila Js, nodeJs, Mongodb
I can also work on projects without use of any framework to make it fast and simple.
My name is Saswat Panda
Gaurav Ahlawat
Hey guys, I can see that the issue of "Correction in Readme file" was raised and there's also some MR for it, what's the status of this issue?
Cause I can still see error in Readme file
Amaogi Shah
Do anyone know why this error is coming.
Screenshot from 2020-01-27 10-22-11.png
Amaogi Shah
Any mentor here?
Dhhyey Desai
@Aman28temp what v. Node are you using?
Aashish Khandelwal
Any mentor?
Jaskirat Singh
Hello guys, I am Jaskirat Singh from India. I MEAN stack developer. I am interested in the this project. Can someone guide me through the project team and mentors.
Sanjiban Sengupta
Hello everyone! This is Sanjiban Sengupta, sophomore in Computer Engineering from IIIT Bhubaneswar, liked the idea regarding fake news detection and their verification, and would like to contribute in the project by adding into previous functionalities and also making new ones, i have practical and working knowledge of ML/DL, with research experience as well, and developed applications in web frameworks like ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, and Django framework
I am a 2nd-year Btech. student, interested in web and app development especially react and react native, and basics of data science and python applications.
I would love to contribute to Aossie for GSOC 2020, I have started going through the codebase and made a few initial commits, for the same
would appreciate guidance!
Anubhav Singh
Hi, potential applicants https://github.com/anubhavsingh16/Open-Source-Events please have a look and suggest some events by opening an issue. And if you like then ⭐️ this repo.
Kshitij Kotasthane
Hi, everyone I was trying to get familiar with the CarbonFootprint repo and tried to install to extension, but it seems like both of them have been taken down
Also, I cam across the readme, and it had some typos and I opened a aossie/CarbonFootprint!333
How can I get some feedback on these?