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    Sameer Raipure
    Hello Everyone,
    I am Sameer Raipure, presently pursuing B.Tech from NIT Warangal, India. I'm proficient in c++, HTML, and CSS and intermediate in Python. I am also able to do DBM using C++ and know Github. As of open source, I'm fairly new to the community, my recent contribution being in Hactobrtfest which I was able to successfully complete.
    I hope you all will support me and help me learn. Can someone please guide me as to how I can make my first contribution with AOSSIE?
    prudhvi reddy

    common guideline:

    find project based on your techstack at https://gitlab.com/aossie
    setup project and if you face issue open issue
    send fixes for same.
    if there are existing issues then fix same

    get the code reviewed - might take time but patience.
    merged ? 1% closer to GSoC.

    quality PRs > quantity PRs

    Kshitij Kotasthane
    This message should be pinned to the top.
    Im unable to sign up keep on getting this error
    in Agora-Android Signup Screen
    and is it a right place to post queries like ?
    prudhvi reddy
    @prudhvir3ddy thanks
    i am new here
    can u tell me what going on here
    are you here to contrbite to some open source projects ?
    is thats your goal?
    okay cool
    i want to contribute
    but where to start , what to learn
    to start contributing
    pick the project you like in which you like and starting fixes the issues and if you face any issue post it and try to solve it
    from here
    Hello there!
    I am Atul Tyagi sophomore at IIT BHU (Varanasi)
    I am a MERN stack developer, I am also proficient in C++, Python and know about Git, Github. I love to contribute to AOSSIE and hope to have this opportunity!, I am new to open source. Can you please guide me what projects are suitable for me ? as I want to contribute as much as possible and share my learning experience and ease guide me as to how I can make my first contribution with AOSSIE?
    I am Ayush Ingle from Nagpur, Maharashtra. I have done a little bit research on the ongoing open source projects of AOSSIE . I am so confused to contribute in any of your project as the open source is new to me. I love to contribute to AOSSIE and hope to have this opportunity! I am proficient in C, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, DBMS using mySQL .
    How can I contribute to AOSSIE projects ?
    Μαριάννα Βουράκη
    Hello everyone. my name is Marianna Vouraki . I am studying CS in the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki. Because i am in the second year i am also quite new to open source . In this summer i am aiming to apply for the google summer of code , for students . While i was researching , I saw the AOSSIE organization and the previews projects, and i was quite imprest , so i wanted ti ask if the AOSSIE is going to participate , and who i might ask for informations on the projects??
    Ishan Shanware
    Hello Everyone!
    I am not able to find enough issues to resolve
    Very old issues from about a year ago are still open.
    I would love to start contributing to this amazing organization.
    Could someone pls post a list of recently updated issues here ?
    Pls dont mind i am new to opensource
    Checkout my Quiz App and let me know know your feedback guys
    Syed Aman Ali
    hii👏👏I am Syed Aman Ali looking forward to contribute in open source project .
    plz share the github link for your repo
    Pulkit Midha
    Hello everyone,
    If there's a need of a mentor in Unity C# (Augmented Reality/Game development) for some Open Sourced Project
    Please do let me know, I'll be happy to help/contribute.
    Asking this since when last time I came here, there was a lack of people who are into C#.
    paras chhugani
    hey , Guys i am IOS developer , excited to be part of community. I want to contribute in aossie ios projects and hope you like my work.. Any advice on how should in contribute here/...
    Hii I am a Abhishek Parmar. I am a Html,CSS and javascript developer. If you have any javascript project then please assign me. I am a beginner in this Open source world. I am very confused. So, please guide me
    paras chhugani
    @pikachu404 @prudhvir3ddy In agora ios there are no issues ,,, can you please guide on how can i contribute in here, .. I am an IOS developer and looking forward to join the community
    Daniel Enemona Adama
    Hello Everyone, my name is Daniel, and I am here for Machine Learning related projects using python
    Brijesh Aghav
    Hello Everyone, I am Brijesh. I am a CS student at IITH. I was looking to contribute to AOSSIE, could someone help me to get started?
    Ayush Shankar
    Hello everyone ,Ayush Shankar this side, I am here for projects related to MERN Stack web development. Can anyone guide me?
    Ujjwal Deep
    Hi everyone , I am Ujjwal Deep . I am new to open source. I want to contribute to android related projects. Hope to get some help from you guys :)
    Aman Dwivedi
    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Aman Dwivedi. I am an undergraduate in IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India. I have experience working with MERN stack, Python, Php, C++.
    I am very excited and interested in working with this organization. Looking forward to learn from everyone here and do some some meaningful contributions. 🙂
    Hi everyone. I'm new here. How can I start to contribute to projects? Is anyone here could give me some advice? Thanks for helping.
    Arkadyuti Bandyopadhyay
    Hi everyone, I am interested in contributing to AOSSIE projects. Any mentors here?
    Palak Yadav
    Hello Sir/Ma'am, I am Palak Yadav, a second year CS undergraduate. I am interested in Web Development and have worked with MERN stack.
    I am new to open source. Please guide me.
    Here is my github profile: https://github.com/palakyadav1807
    Gunjan Dhanuka
    Hey everyone, I am Gunjan Dhanuka, first year CS undergraduate from IIT Guwahati. I am open to learning new tech stacks and have some idea of App Development and Web Dev. I am comfortable using C++, Python, Java and I am learning Flutter and Django as of now. I would like to contribute to Open Source and would really appreciate any directions by the experienced mentors here!
    Kumar Abhishek
    Hey everyone, I am Kumar Abhishek, an undergrad at NIT Warangal. I am a web developer comfortable in Python, JavaScript, Django, HTML, CSS. I am currently learning ReactJs and MongoDB. I found the AOSSIE community an awesome place to contribute. The projects are very interesting and I am excited to start with this Organisation. I am trying to participate in GSOC,2021 with AOSSIE. Please, if anyone could guide me further, would be very thankful.
    Sanjay Thiyagarajan
    I’m Sanjay, an Inverse Reinforecement Learning Enthusiast working on few deep learning projects right now. Being a multi-platform mobile app developer, I have raised up few wonders from scratch. I’m very much used to TensorFlow and gradually learning Torch too. Thirst towards innovation is basically my driving factor. I’ve won few international hackathons and is very much interested in developing software for the social good. I wish to contribute to the organisation in the upcoming GSoC 2021 and give my best in taking AOSSIE projects to a better standard by collaborating with the community.
    Hello my name is harsh
    I am currently learning android at an advanced level and I want to contribute to this great project. Can you help me out with how I can contribute to this agora android code
    Ayush Kumar
    Hello Everyone, I’m Ayush Kumar pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from JSSATE Noida, India. I am very enthusiastic to explore open source and I am trying to connect with open source organizations to learn new skills and contribute to organizations. I am currently working as a web developer and want to contribute to your organization. I'd be grateful if someone could guide me on how I can get started with contributing to your organization. I am also preparing for GSoC2021.
    Hello eveyone
    I have a question that why no mentor is active in this org?
    Devansh Trivedi
    Hello everyone I'm Devansh Trivedi I'm 2nd year Computer engineering Undergraduate student and I am new and very enthusiastic to explore open source to learn new skills and contribute to organizations. I'm currently working as a web developer and I'm expertise with and already used languages like Javascript, HTML/CSS, React.js, Express.js, Node etc in my many projects and also did couple of internships in these domains. I would appreciate if respected mentors or anyone would help me how can I start. And show me project and repo that matches my skills, and provide me an opportunity to learn and contribute to these organization. I am also preparing for GSOC'21 .