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Jun 2015
Ivan Goncharov
Jun 09 2015 21:52
@bobby-brennan I need to add some new non-Google API. And all of them much 1-1 for API Owner and API.
So I'm thinking ./$x-providerName/[$x-serviceName/]$version/swagger.json
So if same provider have multiply API they should have service name.
But if provider have single API than it only 'provider name' and 'version'.
What do you think?
Bobby Brennan
Jun 09 2015 22:56
I think it'd probably be easier if everything has a serviceName...the same provider might want to add new APIs later. It'll also simplify client code a lot if everything looks the same
up to you though, I don't think it's that big a deal
Ivan Goncharov
Jun 09 2015 23:37
problem that I don't know what to write inside 'serviceName'
I can copy 'providerName' or use some default value.
But in this case path will also change when provider add new API
So until provider add second API is hard to make stable 'serviceName'