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Oct 2015
Ben Hutton
Oct 02 2015 09:39
@IvanGoncharov Yeah, I've been trying to explain this to a virtual colleague (via irc), but he is convinced that the only difference is the format for types, and the rest of the validation is the same.
Ivan Goncharov
Oct 02 2015 10:37
I think x-<something> is good field for experiments. Instead of hitting the wall with Swagger spec, we should made extension spec which document behaviour of x-<unsupported JSON Schema keyword> basically spec that match x-oneOf => oneOf, x-anyOf => anyOf, etc.
Ivan Goncharov
Oct 02 2015 10:42
@Relequestual Right now I'm stuck with this project and it consume 100% of my time. Also my English grammar is sucks. So if you have time to write such spec I will support you.