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Nov 2015
Ivan Goncharov
Nov 15 2015 17:34
@sergey-tihon Answering your questions from #20

I manually fix and review specs and it easier to do in YAML.

Why manually? Can not swagger-parer do it?

I use api-spec-converter to convert from different formats like WADL, RAML, etc.
So I need to check output to see it actually make sense.
You can always see origins of spec, like hear for example.

Also in my experience 80-85% of specs have some kind of mistakes in them.
I have messy script which fix some of the simple mistakes automatically. But in many cases I need to make my hands dirty and fix them manually you can see this fixes as fixup.yaml files in repo. For example this one.

And finally I automatically update specs almost every day and manually inspect diffs to see that update didn't break anything.

In the future I am going to support Yaml schemas, so at the some point would be nice to have one file with all link to Yaml schemas.

I don't see a way how I can fit both JSON and YAML into APIs.json format.
But you can use my REST API it already have links to both formats.