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Nov 2015
Nov 28 2015 10:18
I have a short question regarding "Contact" object for unofficial documentation. If I'm describing an API of a certain public service in Swagger format, should I indicate myself as a contact person (name, url), or the official contact and support information is expected in the Swagger "Contact" object?
Ivan Goncharov
Nov 28 2015 15:51
@darklynx I think it should be official contacts
To unify user experience
I imagining people use it to report bug or ask a question
and in most cases it would be unrelated to Swagger itself
We can think of something like 'x-maintainer' field
or just putting this info in description field of API
because in both cases you giving context for contact
so person will contact you only if he has problem with Swagger itself
and not to renew his stolen API key :)
Nov 28 2015 17:06
Thanks for the answer, I agree with your argumentation