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Oct 2017
Mike Ralphson
Oct 25 2017 15:06
We've just had our first OpenAPI 3.0 definition submitted to the directory, so I guess it's time to start thinking about how to handle this. A lot of tools (e.g. swagger-codegen) still don't support OpenAPI3 (although ReDoc is coming!) so I don't think it's sensible to just convert the whole of the directory en-masse and remove the 2.0 definitions. One option would be to just add OpenAPI3 definitions when they are submitted, as openapi.yaml instead of swagger.yaml. Another option is to add conversions of all the 2.0 definitions - this could be done either in the master branch or in a dedicated openapi3 branch. Please let me know your thoughts...
Bobby Brennan
Oct 25 2017 18:21
I agree, definitely keep the 2.0 definitions for the foreseeable future - many of us depend on them :) I think converting to 3.0 and serving those specs separately would be a good way to go
Are we able to down-convert new 3.0 definitions to 2.0? It would be a bit annoying to have specs available only in 3.0, but it's better than not having it
Mike Ralphson
Oct 25 2017 18:25
Understood. Converting 2.0 to 3.0 is nearly lossless (but not trivial), but I don't know of any 3.0 to 2.0 downconverters. I imagine as more people migrate to 3.0 they will be doing so because they want to use features which aren't supported by 2.0. Still, if someone was to sponsor the work, I'd have a go.... :smile: