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Jun 2018
Stefan Junker
Jun 11 2018 15:45
@MikeRalphson hey, is it possible to use the command line version of swagger2openapi for the same validation method as used on the online editor? for some reason a spec passes the CLI but fails the online validator
Stefan Junker
Jun 11 2018 17:18
I found which is very helpful at finding errors and it also providers some useful lint rules
Mike Ralphson
Jun 11 2018 17:32
Speccy is based on swagger2openapi's validator and linter. You can use the testRunner harness in swagger2openapi to validate and/or lint OAS documents. I'm not sure which online editor you're referring to though.
Stefan Junker
Jun 11 2018 17:35
the one found under wizards @
that one wasn't very helpful when debugging null values in contactsx, terms of services, etc., which were automatically stored by the web-ui
we have found some UX issues with the web-ui which we'll report the next few days :-) probably not much work to fix but very helpful when done