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Jan 2019
Mike Ralphson
Jan 04 10:26
@/all I'm thinking of migrating all the APIs in the collection which do not originate in Swagger/OpenAPI format to OpenAPI 3.x instead of Swagger 2.0 - for example this would affect all the Google and Amazon AWS APIs. Timescale for this would be around May this year. Would this cause problems for anyone?
Sergey Tihon
Jan 04 12:04

@MikeRalphson what will you do with component names in V3? I heard that [ & ] are not allowed in V3 component names but was used in V2.

For example gettyimages uses these symbols in component names $ref: '#/definitions/GettyImages.Models.Search.SearchResults[GettyImages.Models.Search.ImageSearchItem]'
As I understand Swashbuckle serialize .NET generic parameter types this way

Mike Ralphson
Jan 04 13:11
If this is an OpenAPI v2 definition, as above I won't be converting it anyway. More generally, will be replacing with underscores and suffixing with a digit if necessary.