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    Fahim Altınordu
    <a-camera look-controls-enabled="false" arjs-look-controls="smoothingFactor: 0.1" rotation-reader gps-camera >
    @RajSriShanker mine is like this,
    Raj SS
    Sorry If im no help im a noob as well
    Fahim Altınordu
    now i noticed that it works on desktop but not works on mobile browser correctly, it is displaying box on the floor
    Raj SS
    Hey I figured out my problem by going to a older version of AR.JS and Aframe
    <script src="https://aframe.io/releases/0.8.0/aframe.min.js"></script>
    <script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/jeromeetienne/AR.js/1.6.0/aframe/build/aframe-ar.js"></script>
    Also add this AFRAME.registerComponent('navigate-on-click', {
    schema: {
    url: {default: ''}
    init: function () {
    var data = this.data;
    var el = this.el;
    el.addEventListener('click', function () {
    window.open(data.url, '_blank');
    and call navigate-on-click="url:" on your entity or object
    Fahim Altınordu
    Awesome @RajSriShanker congrats
    can anyone help me please? My box or text is seen on the floor and it comes with me if i walk. Moreover anyone from different location can see my box, although i placed it in one location only
    Salma BENSALAH
    Hello guys ! is there anyone working with react viro ?
    Matt Nutsch
    Hello. Is it possible to pipe in a camera feed to AR.js, rather than using a built in web cam?
    Christopher Warner
    @salmabs I tried it out a few months ago, couldn't get the iOS test app to work it kept crashing.
    Matt Nutsch
    @salmabs I tried out Viro's React framework a few years ago. It worked OK, but you will probably get better support by going to Viro's website/forum.
    Salma BENSALAH
    @chris-warner @mnutsch Actually i read the viroMedia documentation, but i didn't get how i can select plans and surfaces using react viro packages !
    Christopher Warner
    @salmabs It's free now
    Salma BENSALAH
    @chris-warner Sorry ? which one should i use !
    Christopher Warner
    @salmabs Not sure, I never made it past step five in the getting started guide because the iOS test app doesn't work and I have no idea how to fix it
    Salma BENSALAH
    Hein ! Actually i've runned the starter-Kit tutorial and it works for me so i'm trying to put 3D object select plans but the documentation didn't give us enough informations!
    And i'm working with Android not ios
    Hi everyone!
    Maybe someone had an experience with making AR.js work with UPC-A barcode as a marker?
    Tried both NFT and Square bardcodes, but I suppose upc-a lines is just too slim and even if I managed to make it recognize it - tracking always very unstable.
    Guillaume Amauger
    hello ! in need of a little bit of help, tried many tutortials/exemples etc but can't find a way to do what i want : to make it short, use an nft marker to display an animated png sequence, tried both with aframe and three js but it doesn't worked, so if someone could help me, it would be very kind :)
    Matt Nutsch
    @GAmauger_twitter Is a looping video file an option? AFrame has several examples of how to render those.
    @JokerzFree I would first try doing it with a generic Hiro marker, since those work really well. That will help you to narrow down issues other than image detection. Then you can switch to NFT and have only the NFT detection to troubleshoot.
    @mnutsch I don't have any issueses with generic markers, everything is as smooth as possible.
    Sadao Tokuyama @ Magic Leap Official Ambassador

    Nice to meet you.
    My name is Sadao Tokuyama.

    I'm an AR engineer in Japan.
    I'm also a Magic Leap ambassador in Japan.

    I have one question.
    Is there a page with a list of smartphones that support AR.js, and the operating systems that support them?
    Matt Nutsch
    @tokufxug_twitter I have not seen a list. AR.js is JavaScript based, so it will work with any device that has a screen, a camera, and a web browser (with WebGL and WebRTC enabled).
    In practice there can be some issues with certain features on iOS devices, like scanning a barcode to open a web URL. Usually the end user can adjust those settings on their device/browser though.
    Fahim Altınordu
    Hello, is it possible to display different qr code once click the objects placed in different locations? I will get the qr code text for input then.
    Fahim Altınordu
    gps-camera='gpsMinDistance: 1; maxDistance: 25;' I am using maxDistance:25 to not display the a-image if it is placed +25 meter far from user's current location. However, i can see them if they are 100+ meters far from me. What i am making wrong? I need help please. I can see them very very small
    Hi everyone. Maybe it's possible to use ANY rectangle/square shaped markers for tracking? I have a lot of objects of one shape and size (book sfor example) but with different images on cover, and I want use them as markers, but don't want to store a lot of different pictures for nft recognition.
    hello, can someone help me? :(

    Hi! I'm building my first location-based AR app and my markers aren't showing up. I'm adding a-image elements in JavaScript and setting the 'gps-entity-place' attribute in the process – but when I check the HTML in Developer Tools, the attribute is empty, and so are the other custom attributes (look-at and scale). (I added the A-Frame debug component to the a-scene element, so attribute values are visible in the DOM.) The code I'm using is modeled after the code in the examples:

    let lat = data.location._latitude;
    let lon = data.location._longitude;
    let scene = document.querySelector('a-scene');
    let img = document.createElement('a-image');
    img.setAttribute('src', 'img/310757_coordinates_gps_locate_location_map_icon.png');
    img.setAttribute('scale', '0.5 0.5 0.5');
    img.setAttribute('look-at', '[gps-camera]');
    img.setAttribute('gps-entity-place', `latitude: ${lat}; longitude: ${lon}`);
    img.addEventListener('loaded', () => {
    window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('gps-entity-place-loaded'))

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    1 reply
    Qasim Mehdi
    Hi, I looked at geo location marker example Will it work in react native webview?
    Vikrant verma
    Hi, how to record an object video on an Android phone & iOS. Does anyone guys have any solution for this problem?
    Hi everyone! I'm using marker-based AR.js. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make a loading screen (even a splash) for when the models are all loading, instead of just having a blank white screen? Thanks!
    4 replies
    Hi! Is there any way to combine Location Based and Image Tracking in one page? For now Location has <a-camera gps-camera rotation-reader > </a-camera> and Image Traking has <a-entity camera></a-entity> and they don't run together. THANK YOU!
    bukan dinda
    Hi, is there a way to calculate the NFT confidence level? It seemed to have dissapeared in the web generator, thanks!
    Hi. Is it normal when i
    Hi. The loading is very slow, is it normal ?
    1 reply
    HiuKim Yuen
    Julius Bacosa
    Hi Everyone!
    Looks like my aframe gps is not working?
    I'm having a problem with aframe gps as well. I've placed an a-box element at a gps-entity-place but no matter where I place it, the box always shows right in front of the camera and stays at the camera location even if I move. Any idea what could be causing this?
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset='utf-8'>
        <meta http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible' content='IE=edge'>
        <title>GeoAR.js demo</title>
        <script src="https://aframe.io/releases/1.2.0/aframe.min.js" data-cfasync="false"></script>
        <script src='https://raw.githack.com/AR-js-org/AR.js/master/aframe/build/aframe-ar-nft.js' data-cfasync="false"></script>
    <body style='margin: 0; overflow: hidden;'>
            vr-mode-ui="enabled: false"
            arjs='sourceType: webcam; debugUIEnabled: false;'>
                material="color: red;"
                scale="120 120 120"
                gps-entity-place="latitude: [removed for privacy]; longitude: [removed for privacy];">
            <a-camera gps-camera rotation-reader></a-camera>
    Julius Bacosa
    same issue with mine.
    anyone can help us?
    Marco Tabaro
    Can someone help me in pm? Having issues with ARjs inside React, always shows my webcam in fullscreen