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    this is the code am using
    Brayden Cowell
    Does anyone know if it's possible to track multiple of the same NFT?
    Aleksandr Rogozhnikov
    Hello! How to use ZFT files (zipped iset, fset, fset3) for ar.js ntf?
    <a-nft type='nft' url='file.ztf' > not work.
    Aleksandr Rogozhnikov
    <a-nft type='nft' url='file' > too.
    And nowhere is there an example or instruction.
    how to fix object base once it is found in marker i.e i want to triger object from marker and then once marker is removed still in want object as it is inside screen and i can fix it to base so that i can see it from 3d space
    Evgenij Gottfried
    Hello all, I think i identified a bug: I have a suspicion that the scaling of the model creates a wobble or shaking model. if the scaling remains small (1 1 1), the wobble stops. presumably it is still there, but due to the small scaling it is no longer visually perceptible. Changing the smoothing values does not change anything. Try my example: https://vision.evij.de/ar-test/ use hiro marker: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AR-js-org/AR.js/master/data/images/hiro.png
    Rafael Heros de Almeida
    I think that White background markers are not working, i've tried the exemple .html in the official repository and the console.log shows THREEx.ArToolkitContext: 'labelingMode' is not a property of this material.
    and there is no marker detection
    Sandro Miccoli

    I've read through some comments and apparently a lot of people are experiencing issues with Location Based AR.

    Is this stable enough to be used in a project?

    I tried using the library and the results were pretty bad. Objects weren't near the specific GPS point and they also followed me if I tried walking away from it. Also tried setting up some specific parameters regarding min/maxDistance, GPS update settings and also smoothing factor but nothing worked well.

    Has someone actually got a satisfactory result with this or should I just give up and develop an app instead?

    Saleh Al Mohamad
    Hello Everyone,
    I am building an AR.js App with around 100 Markers. I am using custom Image Markers with different border colours (Not NFT Images) and the thing that I noticed is, that my camera starts detecting objects (such as my keyboard, books and posters in my room) that are not Markers that I am using in the App. Is there anyway that I can improve the camera detection quality or block the camera to detect objects in real world that are not markers. There are some properties that I modified, e.g. Marker size, SmoothCount, SmoothTolerance, SmoothThreshold but without help so does anybody have a tip for me?
    Hi everyone, i have an issue with location based AR. the issue is that with the 'click places' code i can only click and see info of places that are as far as 1km away from (i have seen 400, 600, 890 meters). More than 1km (1000meters) places cannot be clicked. I've tried making the scale bigger but with no result. Anyone knows what could be wrong? Thanks!
    1 reply
    Hi - I have some code that does its own camera tracking meaning I have corner points of a square marker in 2D screen co-ordinates... is there any way to create a custom marker type that can inject this, rather than relying on AR.js to do the tracking?
    Seems that places more than 1km away from the phone won't show up despite having far value more than 1000 meters. It worked with the same code until 2 days before. I didnt change anything in my code and suddenly it doesn't work. Some places that are about 1km away will show when having them in the center of the screen and won't show if they are at the edges... What could be wrong?
    1 reply
    hello im new with AR.js, im wondering how can I make it work on Angular?
    1 reply
    Md. Abir Ahsan
    hello everyone. So recently i have implemented arjs on one my websites.
    It works great with android phones.
    but the video don't start autoplay with iphones.
    but my project requires cross platform mobile devices.
    I know this is a very old issue but i couldn't find any proper documentation how this can be fixed.
    Can anyone provide me a complete solution to fix this autoplay issue with iphone?
    Noah Koole
    Hello, How do I use the npm package @ar-js-org/ar.js in react? I can not find any documentation on what components to import and how to use them
    IWN JC4
    Hi everyone, I am new here. I'm Dante in Chicago IL USA. I have a few questions related to a project I am working on. I also have an excellent sample of what I am trying to do displayed in a 2-minute video (not mine) that can easily summarize my needs by scrolling quickly through the video in less than 2-minutes. So my first question is can I display a 3D rendering of new building (unbuilt) on a vacant plot of land to display how that building would look if built on the parcel of land and then walk around all sides of that building to show viewers how it would look? Here is an example: https://renderinghouse.com/augmented-reality/ Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and watch the 2-minute video of the "See Our Future Office On-site With Augmented Reality" I want to know if I can do this with AR.js? I would appreciate anyone's help in answering the question(s). Thanks in advance!
    Rafael Heros de Almeida
    Hi, i'm facing an issue where the 3D Object appears tilted around 30º degrees when in landscape mode. Anyone facing this issue
    Louise Hoornaert

    Hello everyone! I am experimenting with Location AR in 8th wall. I have already gotten several solutions from 8th wall support, but nothing works. They had asked me to post this here because they know too little about this topic and you guys can probably help me.

    I had first created a completely new project in 8th wall and saw that the method works well. Now I wanted to add the same method in my existing project but this is where it does a bit difficult....

    I am just adding these lines of code:

    • <script src=“https://raw.githack.com/AR-js-org/AR.js/master/aframe/build/aframe-ar-nft.js” crossorigin=“anonymous”></script>
    • <a-scene ... vr-mode-ui=“enabled: false” embedded arjs=“sourceType: webcam; debugUIEnabled: false;“> ...
    • <a-camera .... gps-camera>....
    • <a-entity ..... gps-entity-place=“latitude: 50.92030355222422; longitude: 2.97459464787214;“>

    On the first video you can see how it works normally without these 4 lines of code (not location-based) and on the second video I add these lines and immediately have a zoomed in video. You can also see that the splash-image (start screen with start button) is even struggling by using that gps camera. Hopefully this is enough information to help me :)

    Video 1 (normal): https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxm02wey5fu8x8c/RPReplay_Final1648130782.mp4?dl=0
    Video 2 (zoomed in): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8y94drik1qofmwe/RPReplay_Final1648131356.mp4?dl=0

    James Pickard
    Did you figure it out @louisehoornaert ?
    Louise Hoornaert
    Not yet @euoia, I have already tried a lot of possible solutions but nothing seems to work
    marc ella

    hello there all!
    I'm a designer using ar.js for a thesis project, and having issues with A-Frame location-based AR. Every entity I've placed has a specific gps-entity-place with lat and long coordinates, but when I open the project on my phone the distance doesn't adjust as I walk closer or further away. Every entity treats the phone as the origin, not specific physical-world locations. I'd like to not have to import the locations through an API, because there's only a few of them, but if it comes to that I will.

    I think @SandroMiccoli brought up a similar issue a couple of months ago, wondering if anyone following the new location updates has any insight.

    So I come from using SecondLife and being able to manipulate the face of an object to have a texture is my goal... I have an Image Based Example setup with ar.js and have a 3D Model that is basically just a blank Frame with no image on the inside. The Model has 3 Faces Defined in Blender, is it possible to modify the a-entity in a way to dynamically change out the color and texture of those three faces? Or will we need to do some 3JS magic then use the final product of that?
    Rob Rothfarb
    Hello, I'm developing several AR.js interactives for a project and am using the gesture support library. I found an a-frame/three.js rendering problem with z-buffering for adjacent and transparent objects and see that the problem seems to be resolved if I use the latest a-frame, 1.4 version. Is using the latest a-frame version compatible fully with ar.js and the gesture support lib?
    The image tracking example is not working for me, when I scan the dragon image nothing happening.
    Hi everyone, im trying to implement marker based AR to my three.js project and im having some problems. I have a normal threejs scene with multiple splines and AR mode can be enabled via a GUI button. When i enable AR, the object is way too big (i can scale it though) but the main problem is that it does not stay on a locked position on the Marker but kinda moves with the camera and gets distorted when i increase the resolution of ARjs. Does anyone have some ideas where i can start to fix it? Thanks in advance and have a good day :)
    Hi!! Im making AR with ar.js using custom markers, it work great on Android and PC, the elements show. But i can't make it work on iOS devices. Does anyone have this type of problem and find a solution or work around?
    Hi there! We're trying to use AR.js for a uni project, but have run into a little issue. Ideally, we want to use a piece of paper with three different trackers, and interpolate between them to place an object in the middle. This should probably be relatively straightforward, but I can't find anything about this in the documentation :)
    We did find a working demo using jsartoolkit5, so the underlying tracking library of AR.js does support this functionality
    Brent Williams
    Hello! I have been working on an AR sample for a client- It works fine locally but I get an 404 worker error on my server. After doing some research I have found this AR-js-org/AR.js#249 mentioning it was a cors error. But all of my files are local to the project, I am not pulling any resources from external sites- So I should not be receiving a CORS error should I? I have supplied a glitch which provides the index and shows the paths, I just am not provide the image or videos since they are client material. Glitch Link
    Brent Williams
    So I updated the glitch link with non confidential NFTdata and a non confidential video, and all of a sudden it works on glitch? So could my issue with it not working on my server be because I am trying to use local files to the project instead of files hosted somewhere else?
    1 reply
    Naoval Luthfi
    hi, how to setup ar-threex.js on angular?
    i have trouble setting it up
    Preeti Mahajan
    Hi, is there a way to add audio for image-based tracking on AR.js?
    Hello everyone !!!!
    I am currently working on a aframe project and want to enhance UX.
    I am wondering if anyone has created a custom marker reader that enables users to focus their camera on the marker that is supposed to be scanned? Like https://minhazav.medium.com/qr-code-scanner-using-html-and-javascript-3895a0c110cd but for a-marker specifically?
    Looking forward for your help and support !
    Akash Kumar Verma
    Hello Anyone present
    switch camera three.js
    where can i find the demon about using ar.js and three.js to switch phone front and back camera

    Hello everyone
    I'm trying to change an attribute with the value of a variable. Previously I have already defined the id of the a-asset-item where these are HEXANO-obj and HEXANO-mtl.
    I tried it this way but got no result.

    function change(){
    var nombreQuimico = "HEXANO";
    var objeto = "#" + nombreQuimico + "-obj";
    var textura = "#" + nombreQuimico + "-mtl";

    //Change attribute obj and mtl from a obj model
    var el = document.querySelector("#entityID1");
    el.setAttribute("obj-model", "obj:objeto; mtl:textura");
    Can you help me? Thanks!

    Hello all, I am new in here. Pleased to meet you all. I have a question about videoTexture. I have not been able to get the aspect ratio working correctly when videoTexture is true. Am I doing something wrong?
    I am using location based AR
    It seems that video is 640x480
    hi all, how about this issue?AR-js-org/AR.js#215
    Federico Freire
    Hi All!
    I want to develop an extension to AR.js to detect 1D Barcode (meaning EAN, UPC_A).
    It would be great to mimic the function of SCANDIT ( https://www.scandit.com/products/augmented-reality/ ) I'm in the process of understanding AR.js code. If anybody has some understanding of how to do it it would very much appreciate.
    Piumal Rathnayake
    Hi everyone, I'm using AR.js for one of my university projects. I noticed that AR.js marker tracking only supports pattern files with 16x16 pattern data(grid). Is there a way to increase this value to around 32x32 to improve the accuracy?
    donald jones
    Creating 3d agumented reality experience. I have a qrcode that takes you to a url that prompts you scan the label on bottle. This will prompt the 3d pirate to appear animated. He has a pistol. He fires it breaking the screen of cellphone. The problem I don't know how to cover full screen with look of broken glass of cellphone. Any thoughts?
    Rafael Heros de Almeida
    @mabustillo14 you're trying to pass a variable inside a string, to do this on javascript you need to do it this way el.setAttribute("obj-model", ´obj:${objeto}; mtl:${textura}´);
    @cartagenajones:matrix.org you have to start your experience on full screen, then you can create a div wich will display the image over the a-scene with display:absolute and z-index:1000
    Samuel Bancroft
    Hi everyone, I'm just getting started experimenting with a few AR.js/MindAR examples. I'm looking for some examples of displaying a map in AR (like this https://www.maptiler.com/news/2018/11/maps-in-augmented-reality-with-javascript/). I can only find old examples that are deprecated now. Could anyone help?