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Jul 2017
Juan Antonio Cano
Jul 21 2017 15:23
Hi, what is the current status of reflection support? We heavily rely on this platform feature.
Alex D
Jul 21 2017 22:16
None at this moment
Juan Antonio Cano
Jul 21 2017 23:09
I suppose the internals of reflection is a huge amount of work, isn't it? I mean the C++ code that really emulate the reflection inside the runtime.
Juan Antonio Cano
Jul 21 2017 23:32

I don't know any open source transpiler or project which generate cpp from il that fully support reflection, except from il2cpp (Unity).

Even corert avoids the cpp generation on its Reflection sample ( The empty no_cpp file discart it.
Do you know any project that really do or any workaround to be able to use you project to compile something that rely heavily on Reflection?