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    Jasmin Parent
    Hi, please help me with this simple issue if you kow about appsync's template language: aws/aws-appsync-community#151
    Hi guys! Anyone is experiencing an issue with AWSEmail and amplify mock api: {"errors":[{"message":"Unknown type \"AWSEmail\". Did you mean \"AWSDate\"?","locations":[{"line":1,"column":23}]}],"data":null}
    doyeon kim
    스크린샷 2021-02-22 오후 6.15.57.png
    Hi guys! i was successfully deployed the first project in amplify. but trying second one got an error with exactly same code. Any idea where to check?
    well it says The requested URL returned error: 403
    Has anyone recently tried the Amplify Getting Started guide for Angular? I am at the part when I try to connect to the database. this.api.ListCustomers().then(event => { this.customers = event.items; }); and it is throwing issues.
    its giving me the error: "Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type 'Resturant[]'.ts(2322)
    I know I have strict typescripting enabled but if I disable it and run it in the browser it doesn't work. I receive Error: Uncaught (in promise): Object: {"data":{"listRestaurants":
    Does anyone have a good Amplify Angular GraphQL delete example?
    Khyati Sehgal
    Hey guys, I am using wdio with mocha & Typescript I am trying to run my code on AWS Amplify - getting this error during Test phase of it- "fsevents@2.3.2: The platform "linux" is incompatible with this module."
    any one has any idea about it I can share across the amplify.yml file for reference
    Hi guys, how do we configure OIDC (OpenId connect) in amplify-flutter package? I am using firebase the idP but not sure how to configure it though. Specifically, OIDC is the default authorization mode for my appsync API. How do I call it from my flutter app? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    David Cheal
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had gotten Amplify / Cognito / ApiGateway Websocket IAM Auth working?
    At the moment I have a working React > Amplify > Cognito solution and want to auth against APIGW websocket, but that appears too need a signed URL using Amplify SignUrl. The trouble I have is that my authenticated identity only has cognito details and no access to secret key needed for SignUrl.
    Has anyone managed to make this work?
    john williams
    Seek Political candidate web site with UI integrations with Amazon Cognito(hosted UI) and Amazon Lex (chatbot). (No time to build the front end from scratch.) Thanks for your suggestions.
    Remeez Persent

    Does anyone have a good Amplify Angular GraphQL delete example?

    @TestPilot2321 I am busy with the same issue at the moment, what I have discovered is that it sets the _deleted flag on the object to true. When requesting the list after the delete it still shows up and I can't seem to filter out the deleted items without fetching every item.

    Remeez Persent
    Hi All, does anyone know how to filter items in a list i.e. this.api.ListRestaurants(filter: filter). I am trying to fetch the list of restaurants filtering out deleted records using _deleted flag using the angular sdk.
    is this still being managed by Amplify team? the chat link on Amplify github seems to link to discord now
    David Cheal

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had gotten Amplify / Cognito / ApiGateway Websocket IAM Auth working?
    At the moment I have a working React > Amplify > Cognito solution and want to auth against APIGW websocket, but that appears too need a signed URL using Amplify SignUrl. The trouble I have is that my authenticated identity only has cognito details and no access to secret key needed for SignUrl.
    Has anyone managed to make this work?

    To answer my own question, I needed Cognito Identity Pool as well as Cognito User Pools to use AWS creds

    Matthew Merryfull
    I'm developing an ionic app with amplify stack. Ionic5, amplify@latest, angular9, capacitor. Double, triple checked for single use of Amplify.configure(), but token endpoint is being called twice in a row on Android app. If initialised with Auth.configure(), no problem at all, but then I can't use API, storage etc. Docs have proven fruitless. Help. Please!
    Eric DeCoff
    Hey all have a request to create api/v1/login to call aws-amplify login... anyone got a good example I can build off of?
    Any way to perform update mutation using Amplify GraphQL client via the onChange event handler. Ex. Update string field in database from the text input component . It only seems the capture the first onChange event but the ones after don't appear to update string field in database

    Hi there,
    I'm getting stuck and looking for a way to assign properties when updating an existing record by key name. Due to other constraints, the property to be assigned is programmatically provided as follows:

    const diff = {title: "new title"};
    const original = await DataStore.query(Post, "123");
    await DataStore.save(
      Post.copyOf(original, updated => {
        const key = "title";
        updated[key] = diff[key];  // <--- error

    However, the typescript compiler gives the following error.

    Element implicitly has an 'any' type because expression of type 'string' can't be used to index type 'Pick<DeepWritable<Post>, "title" | "rating" | "status">'.
      No index signature with a parameter of type 'string' was found on type 'Pick<DeepWritable<Post>, "title" | "rating" | "status">'.Vetur(7053)

    Is there any workaround?

    Brett Novak
    I have 2 different react native apps, with 2 different package names, 2 different apps in AWS Pinpoint, 2 different apps in firebase, upon installing the app, each app registers its own unique address with pinpoint/firebase, but for some reason when I send a push notification for App A, App B will open when I click on the notification in android devices if App B was previously the most recently used app... could see how it is not amplify related but no idea why. as if the firebase service is registered to both apps because if I click on it I see handleNotificationOpened in the debugger for App B
    wondering if this is something obvious for android that I am overlooking
    Can I get the Objective C version of the Push Notifications Backend setup ?
    Does anybody know how I can get Response Cards to display in <AmplifyChatbot> in React?
    Response Cards are configured in Lex, and displaying in the web view. But when I use Amplify's ChatBot component for React, the Response Card simply does not display
    Keshav Kasichainula

    Hello can any one help me with aws-amplify flutter error:

    I am trying to sign up a user using a simple code where I have hardcoded the email and password as well. the code looks as following:

    Future<String> _onSignup(BuildContext context) async { try { await Amplify.Auth.signUp( username: 'username@gmail.com', password: '1234567890', options: CognitoSignUpOptions( userAttributes: {'email': 'username@gmail.com'})); } catch (e) { return e.toString(); } }

    But when i click the button the following error is throw:

    PlatformException (PlatformException(AuthException, Translating platform exception failed. Please take a look at
    https://github.com/aws-amplify/amplify-flutter/issues to see if there are any existing issues that
    match your scenario, and file an issue with the details of the bug if there isn't., {recoverySuggestion: See attached exception for more details., underlyingException: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void com.amazonaws.mobileconnectors.cognitoidentityprovider.CognitoUserPool.signUp(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, com.amazonaws.mobileconnectors.cognitoidentityprovider.CognitoUserAttributes, java.util.Map, java.util.Map, com.amazonaws.mobileconnectors.cognitoidentityprovider.handlers.SignUpHandler)' on a null object reference, message: Sign up failed}, null))

    Fernando Romero
    Hi guys, do you know the default amplify timeout?

    Hi all - I'm trying to perform what is in SQL terms a left join with a where clause on the end to limit the resultset to those records that had a corresponding join.

    In following https://docs.amplify.aws/cli/graphql-transformer/dataaccess - they have an example of "Get orders for a given customer within a given date range" - I'd like to now if it is possible to "Get orders for a given customer within a given date range, only if that customer has any orders in that date range”

    I know this is oddly specific, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know :)

    In following example #6 - https://docs.amplify.aws/cli/graphql-transformer/dataaccess#n6-show-all-open-orders-within-a-given-date-range-across-all-customers

    Rather than finding a series of customers that have no orders, I would instead like the equivalent of:
    SELECT * FROM customers left join orders on customers.id = orders.customer_id WHERE orders.id is not null ;


    Hello Geeks,
    hope you are doing good.

    I would like to bypass the HostedUI of Okta based federated authentication flow. can i use headless chrome with lambda and redirect user directly to website ?


    Hi, I have been using aws amplify storage, datastore, auth but when i put amplify.LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG storage works like i can put data and i can list data but without debug level my code get freezes at storage.list
    import { Storage } from 'aws-amplify';

    at this specific line

    const result = await Storage.list(asset.filename, {
    level: 'protected',
    adding log level debug makes it to work
    // if (DEV) {
    // Amplify.Logger.LOG_LEVEL = 'DEBUG';
    // }

    "aws-amplify": "^4.0.0",
    "react-native": "0.63.4",

    Hi all, probably a question asked million times a day. Is there a good step by step example on how to configure amplify to work with saml based azure ad integration?
    Artem Kalantai
    hi, I can't understand the thing, amplify created dynamoDB tables using random names, if I want to add some lambda function to work with those tables how can I define names?
    1 reply
    David Mazvovsky

    @seang96 were you able to solve this issue, I have the

    Using IAM auth with API Gateway linked to Lambda functions created via the amplify cli I am getting an error where the user IAM role (authRole/CognitoIdentityCredentials) is not authorized to perform execute-api:Invoke on resource for execute-api resource. In IAM the authRole does have the permissions. Anyone have any ideas?

    Were you able to solve this issue, I have the same problem

    Trying to access items on a connected field (@connection directive) in velocity template under graphql with appsync and amplify.
    Is there a way to do so? Seems like the data there is null (looks like the field is populated later on and not as part of the response from the graphql).
    Hi all,
    Amplify docs says "You can integrate any MQTT Over WebSocket provider with your app".
    How can I configure it to work with Mosquitto MQTT broker over WebSockets using username/password?
    Adi Sahar
    Hey all. My preview build gets a mismatch url error. It's because the pipeline doesn't update cognito with the preview url. How do you add this url easily while in CI? I've got my amplifyPush.sh script and I guess it should come after amplify init, but really the docs are not helpful at all.
    Hugo Pretorius

    Hey all, I have a nicely working Flutter + Amplify setup. Using GraphQL data is synchronised nicely between all my mobile devices, however, using the GraphQL Endpoint and API key to post data from Postman does not synchronise. It simply adds it to the DynamoDB. These items don't sync. Anyone know why or have faced the same issue?

    My ultimate goal is to be able to push data to the Amplify App using Rest / GraphQL and have it sync with the datastore models like this: Different App / Postman => GraphQL / REST => Amplify => Sync (observe)

    john williams
    Love Amplify Datastore for offline, but really need Amplify Auth to work offline too -- any way to do it?
    john williams
    Setting up an AWS Account for a 3rd party to do Amplify development. What is best practice for setting up least permissions for this user in the AWS account? @swaminator ?
    Hi EveryOne ,My Problem is related to Amplify Analytics and I want to use with React Native as Frontend , In React Native I try to Setup Add Analytics by Amplify Libraries(Custom Setup like Cognito Setup (https://docs.amplify.aws/lib/auth/emailpassword/q/platform/js/#sign-up ))
    Currently its possible by Mobile Hub services but this is deprecated now and on 30th October ,it is covered in Amplify Services. So Any one know about this difficulty .please suggest me
    hades angel
    I need AWS-Amplify, Node, Mongo DB developer.
    Please help me
    Is this the current, main AWS Amplify user community channel? Someone mentioned it might be Slack now.
    hello everyone,
    Actually I am working on a project, there I am using Amplify and react native to develop the project. there I wanted to give the custom signup pages for college and student with aws auth but I don't know how to connect. Anybody have any Idea?
    Johan Navarro
    Yes, what do you need?
    I need to know how to connect 2 different custom signup and login pages using AWS.... And for different types of users how to maintain different userpools?