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    hades angel
    Please help me
    Is this the current, main AWS Amplify user community channel? Someone mentioned it might be Slack now.
    hello everyone,
    Actually I am working on a project, there I am using Amplify and react native to develop the project. there I wanted to give the custom signup pages for college and student with aws auth but I don't know how to connect. Anybody have any Idea?
    Johan Navarro
    Yes, what do you need?
    I need to know how to connect 2 different custom signup and login pages using AWS.... And for different types of users how to maintain different userpools?
    Tommy Mönnich

    Hey guys, I've a question regarding phone_number update after registration but before confirmation (JavaScript library).
    I'm using an SMS based MFA and after calling Auth.signUp and sending the confirmation code I want to allow to change the phone_number. For example if the user mistypes his number.
    But if I call signUp() it says the email/number (whatever is set to be unique) is already registered.
    An Auth.updateUserAttributes also fails because the user isn't yet logged in nor confirmed.

    Is there any way to deal with attribute changes before confirmation and without an logged in user?
    Thanks for ya help <3

    Seokje Park
    Hey guys, We used amplify pinpoint to deliver 1 push notification each to about 6,000 members. However, we're receiving complaints from some of our customers that they keep getting notifications every minute. As an emergency measure, we removed all member's endpoints, but some say they keep getting notifications. Some customers keep coming back even after reinstallation. Has anyone experienced similar situation? (At the time of sending the message, TTL(TimeToLive) was the default value.)
    David Most
    I'm calling API.graphql(graphqlOperation( and it's timing out after about 30 seconds even though my lambda timeout is set to 600 seconds. Anyone know a workaround?
    CognitoUserSession is not valid because idToken is null
    Hey, I am switching to an old mac book to a a new mac book. I will not use the old one anymore for dev. What is the best way to migrate my amplify data ? Should I copy files using Apple Migration Assistant ? Should I git pull ? Should I run "amplify configure project" ? Thanks !
    Manjiri 1101
    @rvanbael , you need to install aws cli first, and add the credentials of aws account to .aws folder. And then you can just pull the amplify project
    Hey guys, basically i'm updating an aws table at some places in my app, but in this one particular place it's giving me this exception: DynamoDB:ConditionalCheckFailedException
    Now the same mutations are working fine elsewhere but they're being problematic over here. Any leads on this?
    Joe Critchley
    Hey, does anyone know of the best way to get logs for Next.js API routes, when using Amplify Hosting? I believe they get deployed as lambdas somewhere, but I can't see anything related to Lambda (or any related CloudWatch logs) in my account.
    I am also trying to integrate @sentry/nextjs but that's causing it's own issues...
    Mykhailo Kolesnyk
    Hey, Guys. I was able to create a new app Amplify app with the first front-end environment in AWS console (with branch "A") It was auto-build fine. Now I want to set up a a github action to repeat it for any new new PR, but trying things locally via "aws cli" for branch "B", I am not able to do it. I issue commands like
    aws amplify create-branch ... (branch gets added, but the build is not triggered, I still see one front-end environment for the app)
    aws amplify start-job ... (nothing changes on AWS console UI)
    aws amplify list-jobs ... (says job has finished, but I see no new env anyway)
    Any ideas?
    Jamie Poole

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help with an issue with the AWS Amplify React integration?

    I have successfully implemented a custom auth flow using Amplify however I am currently receiving an error (but get expected functionality) with the Auth.forgotPasswordSubmit(username, code, password) method. After receiving a OTP code and having the users email from a forgot password form, on "apparently" successful calls I get an Exception thrown:

    UserLambdaValidationException, PostConfirmation failed with error 2021-11-26T00:26:01.659Z 4359469e-b42e-478c-bf39-0b78a9186cb1 Task timed out after 3.00 seconds.

    If I go back to login, the new password is correctly authenticated though - as if the change password process was successful and not unsuccessful like the response implies.

    Any ideas why I am getting this error? Is it something to do with using an email as a username for this method? How would I get the users Cognito username from their email prior to them signing in?


    try {
        let email = this.state.email;
        let code = this.state.code;
        let newPassword = this.state.password;
        console.log('PasswordResetScreen: _onPressChangeButton() [Forgot Password]', email, code, newPassword);
        await Auth.forgotPasswordSubmit(email, code, newPassword);
    catch (error) {
        if (error.code === 'CodeMismatchException') {
            this.setState({ error: 'Invalid verification code' });
        this.setState({ error: error.message });
        console.warn(error.code, error.message);
    Jamie Poole
    Nevermind, assuming I found it -- there was an old Lambda function attached to the Post Confirmation trigger (which explains the actual error message then) for the Cognito Pool that was causing a TimeOut :) Doh!
    Aniket Khajanchi
    I am uploading a video from Android local directory and I want to set acl permissions for everyone to read it.
    Not able to integrate it though
    Can someone help me fix this?

    All day today when pushing to hooked up repo, the 'build' pipeline keeps failing. From the logs it looks like the backend build phase executes but doesn't do anything (the logs just show a start and completed logs with nothing in between), which I "think" is causing the frontend preBuild phase to fail as it cannot find amplify command.

    It did manage to run once, which was just me adding some comments in the backend build phase in my amplify.yaml. Running that worked, but even re-running that exact same build failed with the above issue.

    My amplify.yaml file is the stock standard, with the only exception is that I'm using yarn and not npm. Nothing was changed and has been working as is for awhile now, except for today

    Austin Callaghan

    Hey! I'm running into an issue where if I configure the cookieStorage parameters for Amplify Auth I get a No Current User error.

    If I remove my configurations I can successfully log in.

    Here's my config

    import { Amplify, Auth } from "aws-amplify";
      Auth: {
        region: process.env.AWS_REGION,
        userPoolId: process.env.COGNITO_USER_POOL_ID,
        userPoolWebClientId: process.env.COGNITO_POOL_CLIENT_ID,
        authenticationFlowType: "USER_PASSWORD_AUTH",
        cookieStorage: {
          domain: process.env.DOMAIN_URL, ( this is set to "mywebsite.herokuapp.com" right now)
          expires: 30,
          path: "/",

    Any suggestions?

    Additional context: My front end is a svelte app, deployed on heroku

    When I run the project on localHost I can store the cookie with no problem.

    Gabriel Kardonski
    Hi, my prodction app in amplify just got deleted somehow
    i didnt do this or anybody in my tem
    can somebody help me please
    i would really like to recuperate my data
    Cyril Gorrieri
    Hello, I am migrating a react app from Create react app to NextJs. I am following the steps there https://docs.amplify.aws/lib/ssr/q/platform/js/ but keep throwing an unauthorized error when it is working on the Create react app with the same values. I set up the unauthenticated role for the unauthenticated users to have a policy giving access to AppSync and it is working in the client-side app. I can't find what is wrong in my setup with NextJs or if the IAM identity used is not a different one.
    If you have some leads please let me know.
    Here is the simplified code that even doesn't work:
    import type { NextPage } from 'next';
    import Head from 'next/head';
    import { useRouter } from 'next/router';
    import { getDevblogBySlug } from '@api/queries';
    import { Amplify, API } from 'aws-amplify';
    import { useEffect } from 'react';
      ssr: true,
      Auth: {
        region: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_COGNITO_REGION,
        userPoolId: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_COGNITO_USER_POOL_ID,
        identityPoolId: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_COGNITO_IDENTITY_POOL_ID,
        userPoolWebClientId: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_COGNITO_APP_CLIENT_ID,
      aws_appsync_graphqlEndpoint: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_APPSYNC_URL,
      aws_appsync_region: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_APPSYNC_REGION,
    const DevblogPage: NextPage = ({}) => {
      const router = useRouter();
      const { devblogSlug } = router.query;
      useEffect(() => {
        API.graphql({ query: getDevblogBySlug, variables: { slug: devblogSlug }, authMode: 'AWS_IAM' })
      return (
            <meta name="description" content="Generated by create next app" />
          <div>devblogSlug: {devblogSlug}</div>
    Jon Kelling
    I keep getting runtime parameter of nodejs10.x is no longer supported for creating or updating AWS Lambda functions. when running amplify push. I have the latest node and npm installed, and I've run npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli several times, but nothing changes. Anyone have suggestions?
    Jonathan Parsons
    Can amplify storage be used without auth? I'm using auth0 for auth, and on my backend is an api gateway s3 lambda
    I mean without cognito creds for amplify auth configure
    Shashank Srivastava
    hi @all
    how to sort graphql query in nested connection feilds lets say i have model post and comment then i have to sort the data of comments from post graphql list query
    please help
    Adi Sahar
    Anyone else has their Cypress crash during a build? it was working fine, then started to crash with "chrome renderer". I tried to fix it using various solutions, but none work thus far.
    Priyank Pulumati
    How to enable gzip compression on AWS amplify ?
    Daniel K
    If anyone wants some internet updoots - I have a question about the Amplify-generated Express JS CRUD API code that I can't seem to invoke the lambda for.
    Matthew Cooke
    I am looking at what is involved upgrading auth stuff from @aws-amplify/ui-react v1 to v2. Does anyone know if the breaking changes and upgrade steps are documented anywhere?
    Ricky Danzberger Jr.
    Hey everyone. I'm trying to add a payment method in the AWS console. Silly question, but has anyone solved the problem of adding a payment method without cvv?
    Hi. I am using Amplify Authenticator Component in an Angular app. The authenticator doesn't detect that my browser language preference is german. Everything is displayed in english. Have I done something wrong?
    2nd question is, if I want to use a interceptor, to for example, add a header for our backend, to prove the request is from an authenticated user, which bit of info do I need to get from Amplify, from where and how?
    Is there a more active channel for amplify?
    k, for others who might have the same question, it seems like it does not autmatically translate based on browser language seting unless you do: I18n.putVocabularies(translations);
    Hey, can anyone help me with aws-amplify/amplify-cli#9961
    Pushed a syntax error in graphql and now every push is rejected because of that syntax error even if it's no longer in the schema.
    I tried to do some S3 state file surgery and downloaded the #current-cloud-backend/api/graphql.schema file, modified it and pushed it back up but now when I try to run amplify push, it cannot find the amplify meta file which breaks the build: File at path '~/amplify/#current-cloud-backend/amplify-meta.json' does not exist
    The only way I know how to fix the error is to rebuild the entire project which doesn't work for a production app. I've seen a few other issues related to local resources getting overridden by S3 but I'm also wondering if I'm the only one who ever accidentally pushes bad schemas :)

    Is there a more active channel for amplify?


    Omkar Sai Sunku
    Hi All,
    aws-amplify not creating the fresh accessToken, idToken and refreshToken, after expiry. Auth.currentAuthenticatedUser() always returns "The user is not authenticated". Call anyone help?
    Manish Mandal
    Hey, Everyone
    I am trying to add a wildcard sub-domains feature for my web-app, where users can have their own subdomain
    -I have created a hosted zone for my domain with route53.
    • I've heard that Amplify has a subdomain limit of 50. How can I increase this limit?
    Andrew Johnstone
    Probably a very silly question, but very new to typescript and amplify... When using const providers = API.graphql({ query: listProviders, variables: { limit: 20 }}); getting a response stating Validation error of type UnknownType: Unknown type TableProvidersFilterInput". This is auto generated from appsync, and failing on importing the filter. Any pointers how to resolve this? Tried import { TableStringFilterInput, TableProvidersFilterInput } from './API';
    export const listProviders = /* GraphQL */ `
      query ListProviders(
        $filter: TableProvidersFilterInput
        $limit: Int
        $nextToken: String
      ) {
        listProviders( filter: $filter, limit: $limit, nextToken: $nextToken) {
          items {