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    Hi, is there a way to track changes to amplify cli?
    something like "what's new" in version z.z ?
    Lewis Stevens

    Hi - cannot work this one out however recloned my project from github and when i yarn start it says "Module not found: Can't resolve 'aws-amplify'".

    This is unusual as it was working last week...

    It's happening for every backup I have so its not the code and it works in amplify online but not locally..
    Lewis Stevens
    Ah no worries - created a new project and just copied over the node modules from it - bit strange it didn't copy the aws modules though.
    Valerie Tremblay
    Lewis, have you tried to run npm install
    Lewis Stevens
    Hi Valerie - Thankyou it did seem to work :)
    David Hughes
    @sebdelmar Thank you!
    Abhijith K
    Hi, is the amplify documentation available in kotlin ??

    Hey guys, I'm setting up a small app using AWS-amplify.

    Due to the the queries I needed to perform I needed to use a SQL database. I've therefore made an Aurora database and connected in to my amplify graphql API via the "amplify api add-graphql-datasource" command.

    This generates the cloudformation templates for the resolvers to perform basic CRUD operations on the Aurora DB.

    I wanted to perform some dynamic queries like:

    "SELECT * FROM Question Where type = {ctx.input.type}"
    How do I protect the gql input from sql-injection attacks?

    Does VTL have a custom function which will escape these inputs? - or alternatively throw an error if a special character exists?

    I know i could setup either write all of this logic in the vtl resolver or create a pipeline resolver that does all of this in a node lambda but just wondering if there is a simpler solution.

    Emil Cardell

    Hi, I'm having a hard time getting anything to work or help on how to debug basic problems.

    So I'm about to start a new project.
    I run:
    react-native init MyAwesomeProject --template typescript
    cd MyAwesomeProject

    I check my project by running: react-native run-android
    Everything works.

    Then it is time to add amplify.
    npm install aws-amplify
    npm install aws-amplify-react-native

    I run react-native run-android
    Everything hangs. Waiting for the development server. I can se no errors both in the console or in the remote debugger.

    Running on windows.
    react-native-cli: 2.0.1
    react-native: 0.60.4

    Where do I begin to figure this out?

    Emil Cardell
    The error I'm getting is Error: Unable to resolve module @aws-amplify/core/lib/constants from C:\repo\YAP\node_modules\@aws-amplify\api\lib\API.js: Module @aws-amplify/core/lib/constants does not exist in the Haste module map
    Nam Jaegeun
    Is there any examples to encrypt image files (blob) when upload to contents storages(S3) using KMS?
    Joe Mewes
    Hi, I just want to access a private object in S3 with my RN app. is there a way to do that without the full was-amplify init process and GraphQL/Cognito backend?
    Hello! how do i start building an app on Bitbucket (Amazon web service/ AWS. Thanks!
    Ian Shea
    If I add the @searchable GraphQL transformer to two @models will it create an Elasticsearch instance for each, or use the one ES instance and create multiple indices?
    should @auth live on a field with @connection or on the referenced @model, or both?
    Steve Daly
    Hey all...I am working on a React app. I have auth all setup, but having problems with adding analytics. amplify push seems to get 'stuck' at UPDATE_COMPLETE but times out after 60 minutes.
    Jeff Loiselle
    @spdaly You should see the errors in the CloudFormation dashboard in the AWS COnsole
    Steve Daly
    @phishy I'll check...
    @phishy The stack status is UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS. The last entry in the event log is UPDATE_COMPLETE on the authcognito... ID. The analytics... ID still shows CREATE_IN_PROGRESS.
    Steve Daly
    I've tried to create analytics a couple of times. Each time it times out. Looking at past event logs I see issues with not being able to create PinpointFunctionOutputs and PinpointFunction
    This looks related to my problem...aws-amplify/amplify-cli#607 Checking CLI version now..
    Jeff Loiselle
    You have an old version?
    Steve Daly
    I don't think so
    Jeff Loiselle
    Did the CLI notify you that you have an old version? Because that would be a cool pull request. https://github.com/yeoman/update-notifier
    Steve Daly
    I have 1.1.7. The last entry on the issue said you still need to perform a migration on 1.7.0
    Jeff Loiselle
    good move
    Steve Daly
    There is still a problem with amplify creating CF scripts for node6.10
    And there is another change to the CF code that you need to perform: https://aws-amplify.github.io/docs/cli/lambda-node-version-update#analytics
    You'd think that they would update the CLI to fix these problems.
    Rerunning after removing the return keyword.
    "All resources are updated in the cloud." SWEEET! Need to make a note to always check that doc.
    Jeff Loiselle
    Can you upgrade node and the cli so you don't have to?
    Steve Daly
    It's in the CF code that Amplify creates. It gens code that looks for node6.10 which was sunset in April 2019. You have to do a search/replace and change it to node8.10. There another mod you have to make to the CF code for Analytics to work correctly too.
    Erik Owen


    I am having an issue with AWS amplify in a React web application. In my scenario, I am using Hub to listen to authentication events. When I have two browser tabs open, both of which are signed in to my application and have a valid session for the same user, signing out of the app in one of the tabs does not fire the 'signOut' hub event in the other tab. Is this a bug, or expected behavior?

    Will Green
    I have a GitHub Enterprise instance behind the corporate firewall. I also have a VPC with a VPN gateway set up to be able to reach that instance from the VPC. Is there a way to hook up my repo on the GHE instance to the Amplify console in order to get all the CI/CD goodness?
    Hello, can someone tell me whether the push notifications can work when the app is closed? Thanks answer.
    Antoine Caron
    Hi ! Is it possible to setup SSR with Amplify ? :) Can't find any related doc
    Swift Developer Blog
    Tried to install AWS Amplify CLI and got so many node errors :(... Updated node and npm but still errors :(. Removed node and npm and tried to re-install and was able to reach the point where I needed to create a new AWS user. Did that. Now cannot run a single amplify command :(... always get "Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/user/.aws/config' error... trying to find how to remove amplify now so that I can re-install it and still the same error '/Users/user/.aws/config' .... grrrrr... why does it have to be soooo complicated :(....
    How do I completely remove AWS Amplify CLI so that I can start installing it again fresh?
    Swift Developer Blog
    To be able to continue, had to create the .aws/credentials and the .aws/config files manually
    Ilya Dorman
    Hey, I am really confused about how to use the @function directive. I want to connect my app to a payment service and I need a lmabda to call the provider. All I need is for the client to send an ID to the lambda and get back the response.
    Ben Elsen
    Has anyone had trouble with checking out different env's? When I try amplify status, I see that I use dev, when I try amplify env list I see that I have an qa env as well, when I try amplify checkout qa, I get the following error: Please pass in a valid environment name. Run amplify env list to get a list of valid environments
    I am really confused how to the signin with google works, does the user get registered in our cognito user pool?
    Sal DiStefano
    Anyone using Amplify in an Enterprise environment? I am interested in seperation between development and prod deployments and how that can be managed in an enterprise setting with various checkpoints and IAM configuration settings.
    Florian Hödl
    Anyone of you getting "Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1" error when trying to add a api/codegen?

    My Amplify provided ES Streaming function suddenly broke? It is getting:

    Unable to import module 'python_streaming_function': cannot import name 'BotocoreHTTPSession'

    but it should be vanilla from Amplify

    Hey guys. Please I need some help. Is it possible to share cognito session with multiple web clients?
    Shawn Griffin
    Anyone having problems with deploying react-bootstrap? I think it’s a version issue.