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    Antoine McGrath ♻️

    "it appears that we want to 'Blow out' all of the metadata, whether than dink around about which fields we over-write, because you can 'miss them' sometimes, and so, since we can just blow that puppy out, it seems like we should."

    What was said above is a good point. To be truly private we should presume that there is known and unknown metadata.

    As a known metadata remover the BASH exiftool works well (likewise pil in python):
    "exiftool -all=image.jpg"
    "exiftool image.jpg" to see the remaining known metadata

    This is what was proposed to be built, and already exists as the app "photo exif editor" however it does not remove unknown metadata. Similarly the camera app "ObscuraCam" avoids creating PII in the first place.

    Is it desirable to recreate the tool "photo exif editor", & if so how does it need to differ?
    Or should the focus be on removing all possible metadata (both known and unknown)?
    Antoine McGrath ♻️
    Correction: The app ObscuraCam creates metadata, it is simply the (facial blurring) that is neat. Which makes it interesting for reasons unrelated to metadata.