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Jan 2016
Jan 19 2016 01:05 UTC

Hi. We need to make a simple SEPA File Transfer generation. We hava mysql tables with the abnk accounts and de user data, and we need to generate a XML File with many transfers monthly. I found your Sephpa lib and seems to be my solution.

I am absolutely ignorant about bank transfers. Viewing your example, I understand that I must use the object SephpaCreditTransfer and add diferent payments with the details of each Debtor... ¿Is correct?

Thx from Spain, and please don't be cruel with my English level :)

Alex Schickedanz
Jan 19 2016 02:20 UTC
Hi. You can just load your data from your database and insert it into the SephpaCreditTransfer object. In detail:
  1. you have to generate the object, which is basically the file, that gets generated at the end.
  1. you add a collection, containing the data of the bank account from where the money comes from.
  1. you add to this collections the payments, containing the data of the bank account where the money should go.
Alex Schickedanz
Jan 19 2016 02:26 UTC
The different IDs you have to add have to be unique, so you have to generate them somehow. If you don't know how they look like, you should ask your bank. I also don't know how they are supposed to look... I use something like YYYY-MM-DD-fileCounterOfDate as messageID, messageID-collectionCounterOfMessage as Collection ID and collectionID-paymentCounterOfCollection as paymentID. This seems to work in germany :)
Alex Schickedanz
Jan 19 2016 02:33 UTC
please also notice that you have to choose a creditTransfer file version, that is supported by your bank. Sephpa supports pain.001.002.03 and pain.001.003.03. This are the two most recent versions. The oldest version is not supported currently. Maybe this will be added in the future, but this could take a while.