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Repo info
    Hamdi LAADHARI
    why did you decided
    to create a bundle
    not a regular lib with a symfony bridge
    as same as cocur/slugify did
    well that's not a bundle it's a package for ansible. it links itself for PHP projects the purpose here is not really symfony but PHP in general.
    NDiaye Abdoul
    Have a look of http://www.ansible.com/home. The role of this repository is to easilly deploy a Blackfire configuration on a linux distribution.
    It’s not a bridge for Symfony.
    Hamdi LAADHARI
    i tried your blackfire role, it worked like a charm
    NDiaye Abdoul
    Thanks @killerwolf ! This is a good idea :) I didn’t think of create a bridge because of this library: https://github.com/kickboxio/kickbox-php
    I will start to develop a new release and I will change the structure according to your recommendations.
    Davi Marcondes Moreira
    Hi! Just to make sure: there is no support for this role to be executed in debian jessie, right?
    I'm trying to use this role but every time I try to check if blackfire is OK (after all provisioning steps), I got only 401
    I thought it may could be an issue with blackfire + my settings, but locally I'm using the same server id/token