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Repo info
    Maxim Filatov
    without any success
    Maxim Filatov
    sorry once again
    problem solved
    there was misunderstanding in adding values through consul’s web ui
    I surrounded values with double quotes, which was a mistake
    thank you for great piece of software!
    Hello everyone
    Does someone know if there is an option to send alert according if it warn or crit through consul-alerts but depends on the number services, for example, if I have cluster of 3 servers and one down it's warn but if 2 it's crit?
    Rahul Kamboj
    please tell how to configure rpc
    i am getting error
    agent.rpc: failed to decode request header: codec.decoder: Only encoded map or array can be decoded into a struct. (valueType: 2)
    Rahul Kamboj
    Gareth Kirwan
    Hello. Firstly: Thanks for writing consul-alerts. It's exactly what we need.
    I'm confused by the approach of adding watches using exec instead of the http api. I'm not sure about using watches in general, tbh. I've previously used the built in long poll solution, which is cutely integrated.
    My issue is that I'm running consul-agent in a marathon invoked docker. I'm having to plumb everything all the way down for HA routing it before I can integrate it, because the alert api needs to be open to consul. Feels like it'd be better if consul-alerts didn't actually need to expose an api to consul at all. Has that been considered?
    Gareth Kirwan
    Okay, so having changed how I run this, I now think I've spotted that unless a watch notification for checks hits consul-alerts, it won't actually trigger a notification of a pending status change.
    I was trying to work out why our criticals aren't getting out. It's because they're flapping slower than the check-threshold, but faster than updates from the watch.
    Think I'm going to try switching it to a long poll methodology and see how that works out.
    Manjit Kumar
    Hi Guys,
    I am experiencing the problem of stale alerts from consul alerts even when machine state comes back to healthy, is there any known issue available to which i can refer?
    Manjit Kumar
    Hello, anyone can review this issue - AcalephStorage/consul-alerts#138
    #138 is fixed, you need to clone and build
    Claudio Viola
    Anyone got this Lost Leadership problem? AcalephStorage/consul-alerts#146 ?
    This message was deleted
    Pavan Tej Medapuram
    Hello, I seeing this issue AcalephStorage/consul-alerts#85
    I am trying to use consul-alerts on a consul cluster of 5 nodes. I get the never-ending
    Running for leader election...
    INFO[0010] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0020] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0030] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0040] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0050] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0060] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0070] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0080] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0090] Running for leader election...
    INFO[0100] Running for leader election...
    Byron Kim
    How do I run consul-alerts in HA?
    do I just run it on multiple servers and the locking will handle who the 'master' is?
    Pini Vaknin
    Hi, Is it possible to set up several PagerDuty integrations?
    I want to attach service alerts to different group of notifiers.
    Shubham Gupta
    Hi email notifiers is not working.. neither the logs are being created. Can someone help me out with this issue..?
    Aleksandr Sorokoumov
    Hey @mastermac ,
    Did you solve your issue? If not - can you please share your consul-alerts config?
    Pavan Tej Medapuram
    Hey @nocode99 , I just setup consul-alerts HA and yes, you run multiple instances and it elects the leader just like consul.
    Hi Guys, i have a problem with service checks discovery. Only serfHealth checks are discovered on my nodes. What should i change in config for discover service checks too? My config https://gist.github.com/ipavlushin/abe38cf2dc7039c3e20c9751fa95f4cb
    Mathew Kamkar
    Hello fine people. I'd like some advice on how to configure consul alerts. I have two notifiers: pagerduty and slack. I want two profiles: warning and critical. Warning should just notify on slack, critical should notify on both slack and pagerduty. if a service/host/check is not configured with either profile, it should not notify at all. I'm having trouble figuring out what to enable and where? should my notifier's "enabled" property be set to true? etc. also does consul-alerts need to be restarted for changes to be read?
    Federico Palladoro

    Hi guys, the automatic docker build failed this past weekend with the following error:

    Build failed: The command '/bin/sh -c mkdir -p /go && apk update && apk add bash ca-certificates git go alpine-sdk && go get -v github.com/AcalephStorage/consul-alerts && mv /go/bin/consul-alerts /bin && go get -v github.com/hashicorp/consul && mv /go/bin/consul /bin && rm -rf /go && apk del --purge go git alpine-sdk && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/*' returned a non-zero code: 1

    The last merge on master was AcalephStorage/consul-alerts#195 but I can't find any issues with that. I can build the docker image perfectly in my environment. Could it been a glitch in docker hub build? Is it possible to retry the build?

    Hi guys. We are using consul-alerts succesfully for alerts :-) Great tool, however Slack reminders are not working. We did set an interval. Any hints? Thanks.
    Getting profile for node: client1 service: check: serfHealth
    INFO[0152] profile key: consul-alerts/config/notif-profiles/default
    any one know consul-alert how to user slack config
    I also set up consul-alert success,but not receive msg in the slack
    Daniel Vzzzzzvaaaaa

    Hi guys!
    Please help, problem with consul-alerts.

    When run consul, i see message - "consul.kvs: Rejecting lock of consul-alerts/leader due to lock-delay until 2017-11-29 13:47:35.109316321 +0500 +05 m=+52.169472423".

    Consul run as "consul agent -config-dir=/etc/consul.d". In folder consul.d file agent.json & squid.json.

    cat agent.json
    "server": true,
    "bootstrap_expect": 1,
    "log_level": "INFO",
    "enable_script_checks": true,
    "data_dir": "/var/lib/consul",
    "client_addr": "",
    "bind_addr": "",
    "ui": true

    cat squid.json
    "service": {
    "name": "squid",
    "check": {
    "name": "squid check",
    "notes": "Check service every 10 seconds",
    "script": "pgrep squid" ,
    "interval": "10s"

    And it's works. In UI i see service squid. But when i run consul-alerts (go/bin/consul-alerts start) in log consul-agent, i see message - [WARN] consul.kvs: Rejecting lock of consul-alerts/leader due to lock-delay until 2017-11-29 13:53:39.603580227 +0500 +05 m=+22.350137313.

    I suspect what problem in consul lock, but how it's configure?

    George Neill
    Hi all, I posted an issue on github. But this is more of a general question. Is there a way to direct notifications via consul tags ?
    Good evening, I trying to setup consul-alerts with consul version 1.4.2 I using consul with ACL so I have created a token for consul-alerts, I can see consul-alerts in KV with a leader entry. but no checks showing up.
    my ACLs looks like this
    key_prefix "consul-alerts" {
    policy = "write"
    service_prefix "" {
    policy = "read"
    event_prefix "" {
    policy = "read"
    session_prefix "" {
    policy = "write"
    agent_prefix "" {
    policy = "read"
    for my consul-alerts token
    And when I stopping consul-alerts my consul-alerts KV disappears.
    Does someone has any idea about my problem?
    Must my client has write access to key_prefix "consul-alerts" too so check will show up there?
    Hi everyone
    I have so many question about consul-alerts,
    The most important is: Why some configurations work just at the same time I changed them and other have a delay of 1 day more or less