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I have some problems:
Actitiviti use H2 database for performance reasons, or the objective is to use the database that we want in our implementations?
1 reply
Hi everyone!!
I am using helm charts of activiti-full-chart project.
I am replacing the rabbitmq with aws msk(aws apache kafka service) in activiti kubenetese cluster.
How I can pass kafka configurations in values.yaml becuase no kafak related variable is being configured in yaml files of charts added in requirements.
Hello everyone, i'm using this helm chart helm repo add activiti-cloud-helm-charts https://activiti.github.io/activiti-cloud-helm-charts/
but it doesn't work please anyone can help or provide more detailed informations about this helm chart ? Thank's in advance
1 reply
Daoudi Zakaria
am facing same prob ??
Is there a support number for Activiti ? We are having migration issues
Hello everyone!
I have just contacted activiti and would like to know about the issue of the expiration of the process time in the vacation process.
I want to delete the process when it expires. What method should I use to achieve it?😆
1 reply
Hello everyone.
I have a problem when I tried to setup Docker Compose to run Activiti Cloud.
I succeed to execute getKeycloakToken hruser in Postman Keycloak collection.
I failed to run startProcess in rb-my-app Postman collection.
The error message is
example-runtime-bundle | 2022-03-08 19:08:30.970 WARN [rb,,] 7 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.keycloak.adapters.KeycloakDeployment : Failed to load URLs from
What am I supposed to debug/solve it?
Hi! There are a limit of users to add in activiti on startup?
1 reply
Saurabh Valsangkar
Hi Team, we a re really struggling to manage the exceptions in activiti7.1.0.M6 . When we try to set up a variable and throw BPMN error then variables are getting rolled back. Due to this we are not able to throw exceptions from our connectors. Can you please let us know what can be done to persist the variable name ?
Hello, Is there any tools like activiti-explorer in activiti 7? Thanks very much!
Shreyank Byadagi
Hi Team i need some example of script tasks/Service where construct XML payload and then invoke REST call
Shreyank Byadagi
also please recommend some documentation for learning activiti bpm
Ganishka widanapathirana
Hi, Can I get the proper tutorial for learn activiti
Has 7.2.0 been officially released? Is it recommended to use as a stable version?
1 reply
Sameer Singh
What minimum version of Activiti is required to connect to an Oracle DB?
We are using Activiti 6.0 and looking for options to upgrade it to 7.0. I just wanted to know the possibility of deploying all the Activiti 7.0 API and codebase in our local server instead of using it from the Cloud environment. Can someone confirm whether it is possible to deploy Activiti 7.0 in the local server without using them from the Cloud environment setup?

Hi , Can anyone help me setting up activity cloud in Azure Kubernetes Cluster (AKS) using Helm. I have checked the official documentation regarding setting up in cluster but its not available for AKS. Since helm is open source , tried deploying helm charts to AKS but getting error while deploying. Prior setup was done like service account,ingress installation in cluster.

Error message : global.keycloak.clientSecret is required
Version used : 7.1.0-M17

helm command used :

helm install --name example activiti-cloud-helm-charts/activiti-cloud-full-example --version 7.1.0-M17 --set global.gateway.domain=mydomain

5 replies

@erdemedeiros Hi , Please update the helm commands. All commands are in helm 2 version in the documentation. I am getting issue in nginx-ingress installation.I have followed the nginx official documentation to install stable nginx ingress and then deployed helm charts, all pods are up and running but i couldnt expose the activiti cloud service though i gave my domainname in helm commands.

Please suggest some solution. Thanks in advance :)

where is activity7's doc
@wuwenqishishuaige this is the docs https://activiti.gitbook.io/activiti-7-developers-guide/
Piergiorgio Lucidi
Hi everyone, I'm working on a migration project from APS 1.x to APS 2.x and some extensions created in APS 1.x can't be migrated as it is because some methods are no more available in Activiti 7 such as: CreateJobQuery.executable(), processEngineConfiguration.getProcessDiagramGenerator(), processEngineConfiguration.getActivityFontName(), processEngineConfiguration.getLabelFontName(), processEngineConfiguration.getAnnotationFontName() . I noticed also that there is a package org.activiti5 with the legacy Activiti 5 interfaces and implementation classes. Is there some ways to temporary use the legacy code or there is another way to finalize a migration like this? Thank you
Piergiorgio Lucidi
for the ProcessDiagramGenerator I noticed that there is the new one here: DefaultProcessDiagramGenerator where I have to pass the scale factor
Piergiorgio Lucidi
I have just discovered that some of that methods are now available directly from the new DefaultDiagramGenerator class
Nick Fritch
activiti is being used for employees punching out. I have the current verbiage telling them they can't punch in any later than 10 hours. The problem is that it is going by 10 hours from their last punch and not from current punch. Here is verbiage I am using "You can return no earlier than %p+600%" so if my punches are 7am, 1230pm, 1pm and I am punching out at 5pm....It should say don't come back before 3am but its using 1pm and saying 11pm.
Hi, I would like to combine Activiti with my frontend (react/nextjs) for multilevel approval system.
Does Activiti suitable for my use case?
Some requirements:
  1. Multi-level & Group Approval
  2. Able to check who need my approval (or other user)
  3. Able to check the approval status of an task
1 reply

I am trying to deploy Activiti Cloud Full Example in my local environment and facing the below error while installing the Ingress controller.

Command Used: helm repo add nginx-stable https://helm.nginx.com/stable
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: failed to download "stable/nginx-ingress"

It is because of the 404 while accessing the https://helm.nginx.com/stable/ URL.

Please suggest some solution. Thank you!

2 replies
@krs-ravi 大佬 请指教
Hello, I want to know how Activiti7 changes the deployed process so that the running instance also starts a new process. I hope you can answer this question. Thank you
why cant i find the link to download activiti-app
dev rise
I want to add activiti7 to ADF, anyone have a way to do it?
jianbin LI
How activiti unifies transaction management with spring boot
how to add transaction management on Execute custom SQL