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Anyone know when this will be updated?
Hello, I've been trying to use CSV Asset Impoter or MCP tools to ingest local files into our Adobe Assets Managed Services author instance and I haven't been lucky so far. It seems like the tools don't even recognise the local paths at all. I'm wondering if I'm missing anything or the tools aren't meant to be used for Asset MS?
Is there a way to create a package for system user and levarage it for other newly built instances?
Ashwani Agrawal
Hi guys
I am trying to use shared dialog properties in AEM 65 but it doesn’t seems to work
It works in AEM 64 but not in AEM 65. Any help?
Hi Guys

We are implementing RTE within a multifield, whenever we try to edit the component it’s clearing the previously stored content.

CONTEXT: We are using RTE’s “Source Edit” to place/store HTML content

We are having this issue in AEM Version, whereas same component behaves as expected in AEM 6.3.0 & AEM Versions.

Any help ?
Dhiraj Agarwal

Hi All,
Using the named image transform servlet where I am trying to first do a bound:resize and then a crop. The problem i am facing is that the crop doesnt seem to apply on the resized image but the original image. For ref. i am trying to resize an image to 1000x333px and then do a crop to 300x300px. My original image is for e.g. 4320x1440.

Exact transform below

Hi all, i am trying to remove the redirect from one website and i am strugling, any help wil be appreciated,
currently it is redirecting this webpage to my main page,
Alexandrith C Sharron
@dhiraj_agarwal_twitter Not sure if I'll be of much help, but are you setting the transform in an OSGi config by chance?

@Lukasvr Is this just with the AEM instance itself, or are you testing using a dispatcher?

Just off the top of my head, it could either be a dispatcher configuration remapping, or a setting with JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl

Sean Antony
anyone have issues with multifield component not saving as json in crx?
Alexandrith C Sharron

@SeanAntony Can you clarify what AEM version you are using and what you mean by not saving as JSON?

Are you trying to access a multifield authored component using AEM's JSON API to feed it into a frontend framework?

Hi All,
Am trying to use the User Exporter feature of ACS commons. This was working until 4.0.0 version Post upgrade in any of the higher versions the User Exporter page does not open. Gives an Internal Server Error and says
script evaluation error in the includes/foot-libs.jsp
Is there any fix for the same?
Am using AEM6.5 + SP 2
Hi all
trying to use ACS Commons- Redirect Map Merger: but the config doesn't seem to be picked up. Does this work in AUTHOR ? or only on Apache
Sriharsha Chekuri
@Anureddyemail redirect maps are for Apache only. They don’t work on author.
Samer Yadav
How we can change the default thumbnail image in AEM?
Hey guys, I'm trying to implement a new image transformer to be picked up by NamedTransformImageServlet. I have an OSGI component that implements ImageTransformer, but NamedTransformImageServlet isn't picking it up. Does it need to actually be part of the aces-aem-commons bundle to be picked up?
Preston Crawford
Does anyone here use the Dispatcher TTL feature? We have a strange bug where PNG and JPG file types don't work, but every other file type does.

Hi everyone

Why can only a user in the administrators group add a new generic list item from the sidekick to the generic list (etc/acs-commons/lists).
The item is not visible for other users, even if they have all permissions to the whole crx/de tree structure.



The following is still valid bug, as of AEM 6.5, any workaround for this ?:


As of today with latest ACS commons 4.4.0 release and AEM 6.5 with SP2, this one is still a valid bug.
I just posted but on GitHub, anyone else having issues with MCP data importer for 6.5.3 and aem commons 4.4.0
Works fine on aem 6.5.2
Hi everyone,
Hi everyone, We are trying to use ACS Commons Audio Component. We are able to perform the required changes in 6.3 and the component is working fine in it. But same is not working in AEM 6.5. DAM Update Asset Workflow is failing due to some "Null Pointer Exception" after adding "Encode Audio" process step in it. Any suggestions?
@slreynol getting below error on 6.5.3 -4.4.0
13.02.2020 15:07:34.246 ERROR [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1581586654213] POST /apps/acs-commons/content/manage-controlled-processes/jcr:content.start.json HTTP/1.1] Error during include of SlingRequestPathInfo: path='/apps/acs-commons/content/manage-controlled-processes/jcr:content', selectorString='start', extension='json', suffix='null'
at [com.adobe.acs.acs-aem-commons-bundle:4.4.0]
Riyaz Ahmed Mohd
I have a question. In AEM, to open the content finder acs-commons provided a short cut ctrl+shift+s. Now i am using v4.4.0. But this shortcut is no longer working in AEM v6.5 now. Anyone have any idea?
Ashish Ranjan
Anyone else facing issue with AEM 6.5.2 and ACS Version 4.4.2 where on opening /etc/acs-commons/lists/font-awesome-icons the page goes blank and in error.log we are getting Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: null
04.04.2020 15:12:05.333 ERROR [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1585993325292] GET /mnt/overlay/acs-commons/components/utilities/genericlist.html HTTP/1.1] service: Uncaught SlingException
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
Sathish Balan
Anyone started having CORS related exceptions in the browsers lately? Completely blocks the authoring capability of a page.
Pavan Nnd
Can we use this tool in production envornment , if no what is the reason .
Aman Sehgal
Hi Everyone ,
we are currently using AEM 6.5.4 and acs-aem-commons=4.4.2 , in this we are trying to use system notification feature .After creating a page and opening it we found out that action attribute is not getting populated thereby not able to save the changes . To make it work we have to go to the 'apps/acs-commons/components/utilities/system-notifications/system/notifications.html' and at line- 17 action='${resource.path}' and change it to
action='${resource.path @context="attribute"}' everytime whenever we need to use the notification functionality. Please support us if there is any permanent solution for this.
FYI : @kunalgaba
Wim Symons
Hi @davidjgonzalez, I saw you made a 4.5.2 release, but on Adobe's Maven repo, the latest is still 4.5.0. When do you expect it to arrive there?
Hi All,
Need to know what are the permissions required to use ACS commons, it works in Admin, but not for other users, please update on what permissions need to be provided for using ACS, specifically Tag Creator.
Hi Everyone,
In ACS HTTP Caching how to invalidate the cache if changes occur in the component HTML because currently its getting invalidated based on the properties
Dan Crosse
@tiberiumaxim did you ever figure out how to get the matchinePatterns feature of the static reference rewriter working? Same issue, RegEx is good, but somehow the match and replacement isn't made
Hi All,
I have created Audio Component in Asset Share Commons and everything is working fine but i am facing thumbnail issue in Audio Component.Thumbnail image is not reflecting in the audio files.Please tell me how do i fix this issue.
I have created Audio Component in Asset Share Commons and everything is working fine but i am facing thumbnail issue in Audio Component.Thumbnail image is not reflecting in the audio files.Please tell me how do i fix this issue.