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Bill Brinkert

Using version 4.11.0
I completed all of the steps for adding ACS AEM Commons. Step 2 of the instructions for adding ACS AEM Commons says to add this to the filevault-package-maven-plugin config:


and upon running maven, I get this error:

[ERROR] ValidationViolation: "jackrabbit-packagetype: Package of type 'APPLICATION' is not supposed to contain Oak index definitions but has 'allowIndexDefinitions' set to true.", filePath=META-INF/vault/properties.xml

2 replies
shaun english
@bsagarneel I would also make sure to be on the latest service pack. Keep in mind the Commons stuff is for the most part not supported in cloud-native AEM. My first question would be around what you want to use it for. It is not supposed to be used in production so that is another caveat. I'm all for doing whatever works to get the job done timely, ethically, and learn Adobe's best practices as they evolve. Even though Commons is deprecated, a programmer familiar with the AEM versions, archetypes, and Adobe's direction may contribute to the resolution; however, Adobe, or more has resolved a chunk of the problems Commons was filling gaps, hence the "Commons" nomenclature, e.g. dispatcher flushing.
Beyond that I would restart the instance first. Upgrades tend to need a fresh restart especially with Oak version updates.
shaun english
There are many approaches to finding the problem. Look at logs, set up a proxy with Java break points to step through code issues. To update your POM, I like to use AEM's latest archetype to model the end result, also to familiarize myself with shifts in perspective. There are lots of annotations being introduced, easier injection methods, and Adobe.io utilizing a JS framework updating AEM through Experience Fragments. Updates in Java are part of the evolution such as Java 11 vs. Java 8 vs. 15 as coding itself is reflective of the architecture, security, and transport protocols, nature of information traveling over vast distances.
Hi guys, I have been facing this strange issue with clientlib versioning that my CSS is getting versioned but JS is not
anyone else facing this issue or know hoe can I check whats the root cause?
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jcr:root xmlns:jcr="http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1.0" xmlns:nt="http://www.jcp.org/jcr/nt/1.0"
my config is like this
and my rewriter folder is at level 4 as mentioned in docs : /apps/<my-project>/config/rewriter/versioned-clientlibs
ACS version : 4.10.0
Just checked release notes..
its fixed in 4.11.2
Hi Guys,
is there anyone using the ACS commons 4.4.2 Twitter feed component in AEM 6.5.4? we installed The ACS AEM Commons Twitter Support Bundle but it's going to a resolved state.
Team, Pattern Detector for 6.5 upgrade throws the following
The content stored at /apps/acs-commons/components/workflow/copy-properties by overriding (sling:superResourceType) the JCR path at /libs/cq/workflow/components/model/process might be incompatible after update and might need some adaption
Any idea how to address this?
Team.. Can i get some response on the above?
Hi guys
I have a question on ACS Commons redirects
this redirect does not seem to work for me : redirect to another domain
/testredirect http://www.google.co.uk
Any ideas ?
Abhinav Kr Sinha
Hi ACS commons teams, I think there is a bug in 4.11.2 version ( correct me if i am wrong ). There is a Interface VanityUrlAdjuster which is inside the package "com.adobe.acs.commons.wcm.vanity.impl". It seems this package is not exported by ACS bundle and rather "com.adobe.acs.commons.wcm.vanity" is exported
i need to use "VanityUrlAdjuster" for my use case and bundle is giving error that it cannot resolve
Abhinav Kr Sinha
@davidjgonzalez above was introduced by you as per issue number #2351
this is currently blocking us in our application, unless suggestion is to rewite VanityURLService in our application
Hi all! We're trying out the new ACS AEM Commons 5.0.4 in AEM 6.5.8, we're running into the following problem when installing it inside the instance:
Package imported.
Starting installation of subpackage adobe/consulting:acs-aem-commons-ui.apps:5.0.4
Error during processing.
org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.packaging.DependencyException: Refusing to install package adobe/consulting:acs-aem-commons-ui.apps:5.0.4. required dependencies missing: [day/cq60/product:cq-content:6.3.64]
It seems that the version range that is mentioned over here: https://github.com/Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-commons/blob/2e3c72567cbfc9ed2bed867ade439194f0927cbd/ui.apps/pom.xml#L89 doesn't translate to a version range inside the ui.apps content-package, which then makes the installation in AEM failed, because we don't have cq-content 6.3.64, but 6.5.16 (AEM 6.5.8).
@davidjgonzalez any thoughts on this?

FYI: The generated properties.xml contains:

<entry key="dependencies">day/cq60/product:cq-content:6.3.64</entry>
Which, I think, should have indicated a version range instead?

Or the issue is in the filevault functionality inside AEM: That checks for the exact version of 6.3.64 being installed, while we have 6.5.16. Maybe that should instead check for a minimal version of 6.3.64?
Wim Symons
Hi all, I added a pull request for a bug in Versioned Clientlibs Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-commons#2563. Anybody up for a review?
Hi guys, does anyone know if there is a way to actually test the results of a CloseableQuery? I’m going thru the tests but all I see is that the query predicates are verified, but the results are always mocked, even when using AEM Mocks where there is an actual queryable in-memory repo. Any ideas?
Quick sample of what I meant by only predicates are verified:
final CloseableQuery query = mock(CloseableQuery.class);
SearchResult result = mock(SearchResult.class);
when(result.getNodes()).thenReturn(Arrays.asList(node1, node2).iterator());
when(queryBuilder.createQuery(any(PredicateGroup.class), any(Session.class))).then(invocation -> {
PredicateGroup pg = invocation.getArgument(0);
assertEquals("-1", pg.getParameters().get("limit"));
assertEquals("path", pg.get(0).getType());
assertEquals("/content", pg.get(0).getParameters().get("path"));
assertEquals("property", pg.get(1).getType());
assertEquals("sling:resourceType", pg.get(1).getParameters().get("property"));
assertEquals("mysite/type/old", pg.get(1).getParameters().get("value"));
return query;
Any ideas are welcome, thanks!
Space Goose

One of our sites uses the sitemap function of ACS Commons (3.15.12 / AEM 6.3). It has a home page component specified in the config and it's using "publish" as the externalizer domain.

The correct domain for this site is listed in its ACS Commons generated sitemap.

When I try to add a new site's home page component (in the same config as the working sitemap), the sitemap generated for the new site has localhost:4503 instead of the domain name.

Is this due to a mapping or something specific in the working sitemap site's code or home page component, or a resource resolver setting?

I tried creating similar mappings on publish for the new site (as the working site has), and it still did not work as the current site does, i.e. the new site's sitemap continued to display localhost:4503 instead of the actual domain name when using "publish" as the externalizer domain. So I deleted these new mappings.

I can create a new externalizer mapping, i.e. "name http://actual.domain.name:80" and an additional sitemap config (by pressing + to add a new config), and it seems to work when I use my new externalizer "name" in the externalizer domain setting. The resulting sitemap.xml displays the proper http://actual.domain.name/xxx entries in the new site's sitemap.

Can anyone shed light on what may be happening in my case? How does the original site work when using "publish" as the externalizer domain? The original working sitemap site does have /etc/map/http mappings, but no resource resolver configs that I can see.

What is the significance of selecting a home page component for ACS Commons sitemap generation? Does the component only need to be used on the root / home page? Does it need to implement any special code for the ACS Commons sitemap function to work? Why not just have the config ask for the root of the site? I'm not sure my new site's home page component is doing what it needs to do. However, it seems to work when I use a new externalizer domain corresponding to the site's domain name.

What is required for setting up a dynamic QR code with Abode Pro. How is the link maintained?

Hi Team

We have newly migrated to AEM and using ACS common with AEM 6.5

On AEM Assets with ACS common Asset workflow noticing memory issues.

Will there be a suggestion to reduce high memory utilization while running workflow against 7K assets at once.

how to override ACS common component JSP?

This file exists => /apps/acs-commons/components/content/twitter-feed/twitter-feed.jsp.

Can I override this file in my code repository? If yes, how?


Mustafa babude
Hi Guys,

I am working on the Multiple Redirects on AEM Platform I have updated apache configuration file in Linux as below

RewriteMap map302.legacy dbm:/etc/httpd/conf.d/rewrites/redirects.302

RewriteCond ${map302.legacy:$1} !=""

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ${map302.legacy:$1|/} [L,R=302,NE]

and when I am executing the below command

httxt2dbm -i redirects.302.txt -o redirects.302

I am receiving Error:converting to dbm :(28) No space left on device.

I have checked my diskspace and inode on linux server its absolutely fine.Can you provide me solution for this
Even I unmounted and mounted the new partition same error facing to me?

Subbu Sul
Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3.09.08 pm.png
trying to use asset packager and I keep seeing this error messages, i'm trying to generate this logged in as admin? Any clue what I'm missing out here.
Our build is failing due to acs aem commons issue(The product interface com.day.cq.replication.Replicator annotated with @ProviderType should not be implemented by custom code. Detected in com.adobe.acs.commons.mcp.impl.processes.renovator.ReplicatorQueue contained in /apps/acs-commons/install/acs-aem-commons-bundle-4.6.0.jar.)
these errors are critical and failing the build
any solution to these?
there are six errors related to acs aem commons causing failure of build
any solution would be great