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Samer Yadav
I have one question
can we apply listener on metadata field in metadata schema editor in AEM 6.4?
david g.
@swatikad810_twitter assume YOUR bundle is throwing that, and not he acs commons bundle. To resolve you ahold update the acs commons dependency In Your project pom.xml to 3.17.0 and rebuild your project and deploy it.
Based on the acs-commons version numbers involved tho it doesn’t seem like that should be required ..
Monendra Singh
Hi there, I am stcuk with an issue with twitter integration with AEM 6.3
But twitter feed component is not fetching the tweets
Any help will be much appreciated
Component jsp throws the error "The Twitter timeline for user: 'XXXXXX' hasn't been fetched yet." Also I am not getting any error in my error.log
Vasily Bolgar
Hi all,
Does anyone know when the new version - 3.18.0 - will be available in Adobe repo?
david g.
@reanimatorzon i just bumped the internal Adobe ticket… i woudlve expected today, but heopfully tomorrow (the promotion guys are in europe)
(there’s always Bintray of course)
Vasily Bolgar
@davidjgonzalez thanks a lot!
Hi all - Can anyone tell me if the Audio component is compatible with AEM I am not seeing it as a component option when editing a template in the Touch UI. I see the Long Form Text component but not the Audio component.
david g.
@here ACS Commons v3.18.2 just dropped - on bintray now, on repo.adobe.com tomorrow (i hope!) … most significant fix is removing the inadverdantly commited config files that broke OOTB JSON servlet
(so use 3.18.2!!) :)
It is under General
Arkadiusz Wołk
Hi, I have issue with ACS Commons sending a lot of requests for DesignDialogSrc to non-existing path
Issues are being sent every time user hoovers over some components on the author instance
I tried to investigate that issue, but I run out of ideas. On Adobe forum there is similar issue described, but without one working solution
Do you have any ideas where could I look for the source of the problem?
Arkadiusz Wołk
Hi, any advice?
Arkadiusz Wołk
Hi All
i am facing a issue while sending a mail by using acs common email service
java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.mail.util.ByteArrayDataSource cannot be cast to javax.activation.DataSource
same code working ok in jsp but when we hit from servlet it doesn't work
any idea about it
If it works in jsp but not in the servlet, it might be that your OSGI bundle your servlet is in is importing a different version of one of the classes than the jsp is using. So check that. And make sure the jsp is actually running that code and doesn't just contain it (because CCE is a runtime error).
@arekwolk_gitlab maybe the issue is that you've turned off the .2.json suffix from working? Could turn it back on. or overlay the js that contains it with some other method of obtaining the json.
When I installed SP3 for AEM 6.3, I'm getting the following exception
Unable to get component of class 'interface org.apache.sling.rewriter.Transformer' with type 'versioned-clientlibs'. Anyone else running into this issue ? Is there a fix for this ? Thanks. Andy
Is there any time frame for generic lists being able to be used in component dialogs made with Coral 3? Is that already a feature? If so can you give me a link to the doc or an example?
Hi there, I have a question related to the Query Packager, does anyone know is it possible to use it from the another tool Groovy Console?
@slamdunk73 I am seeing the same issue. No solution so far.
Do we have now Multi tenant dam assets error handling support in acs commons? I am relating to this issue: Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-commons#446
Mirko Fadda
Hi, I'm having some problems with sling rewriter, can some one help me?
When I test slign rewriter he is putting before my url a double // like href="//my.site.com/content/mysite.html"
How I can remove this double // ??
Sanjan Harihar Sawant
Is there anyway to create .xml file for sitemap instead of .html file
I am able to generate .xml data for my page so that when user enters .html he is able to see .xml data<li><a href="${item.path}.xml">${item.title @ context='html'}</a></li>
but what I want to do is collect all the xml data and show that in .xml file
Justin Edelson
@sanjansawant the ACS AEM Commons Sitemap generator outputs XML (and XML only I believe)
Prasanna Yalala
@cf30985b71d243e_twitter uhhh, why do you want to remove that? That's the standard format for URI
Sanjan Harihar Sawant
@justinedelson Thanks for the reply I am able to display sitemap with url and lastmod but I even want to display changefreq.properties and priority.properties on my xml sitemap is there any way to do this