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Joss Bird
katcho / anubis
done i did you kids a favor ;)

Everyone comment here to trigger Kisak-Valve
We want Far ESP on linux too



Fuzion update of 19/08/17
Added new sig for snipercrosshair, new vtable offsets for C_BaseCombatWeapon, new struct offsets for CCSWeaponInfo. Removed logging from load/uload scripts. Debugging builds work now.

-Pingu, Discord manager



Any1 here ?
nope Gitter is CancerGo now so no1 here'
So I'm trying to develop an internal cheat for cs (windows) and had a weird bug come up
Every time my aimbot locks on to a bot, it locks for the slightest of seconds and then snaps away to another bot. No matter what bot I try to aimbot it snaps back to the same bot. Anyone else have any problems like this before?
SO apparent it was something wrong with my GetFov function
did u debbuged right on cheat engine @Buttars
Joss Bird
@Buttars really you think here is the place? dc is better by miles
Yasser A.Idrissi
Hi I created a high-level Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean
Spooky is a JS framework, but not only, since it also includes HTML and CSS components. It includes a simple and effective grid system to put in order the visual aspect of a web page
official website : http://getspooky.org/
Contribute on Github : https://github.com/getspooky/getspooky
im a developer
@Wando1423 hdf huso hhhhhhhh
Sebastián Meza Estrada
I need help with a friend's server
he wants to call a web api every time a player logs in his server
is it this possible? where i can find more info? i dont know much about the game, but i have the ftp credentials to save custom files there
Erik Bročko
told u, make a SourceMod plugin
Hell it's not even 24 hours and I already regretted installing that bad excuse of an OS a handful of times
Erik Bročko
It's waking up even from hibernation… Well, 1 week till 18.04's out.
Yasser A.Idrissi
PHP badLanguage is a PHP Package that return TRUE or FALSE when it finds a bad word in a text https://packagist.org/packages/bad-language/php-bad-language
Erik Bročko
anyone messed with Panorama-ed CS:GO?
nvm, there is panoramauiclient_client.so and panorama_client.so. Both are mapped, but the actual code is execute from panorama_client.so looks like
Erik Bročko
and then there's client_panorama_client.so O.o In IDA that holds the old client_client.so stuff (glow manager etc.)
Erik Bročko
so apparently RIP-relative addreses are signed integers and can be negative
good evening every body....Any one have ability to spy on cellphone remotely?
Erik Bročko
Yes, the service provider ^_^
Erik Bročko
Hello, fellow developers. I've ran into a wall with my project. I'm trying to fix ValveSoftware/csgo-osx-linux#60, but when I try to override CSDLMgr functions in launcher_client.so with LD_PRELOAD, nothing ever gets executed. I've hooked CreateGameWindow, GetActiveDisplayIndex, SetWindowFullScreen and preloaded dlopen (I use that as my injecting method - wait for launcher_client.so to load, then modify its VTables), SDL_GetNumVideoDisplays, SDL_CreateWindow.
I don't know... Any ideas, please? :(
i think the game prefers monitors with higher refresh rate
u could try overclocking ur monitor by like 1hz with xrandr
Erik Bročko
wut, no, I'm trying to get the game open on the correct monitor. :D It's annoying, having to mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 2, move to the center screen, then set it to fullscreen again every single time you open CS:GO.
I said that because I have a 144hz and a 60hz and it never opens on the 60hz one
Erik Bročko
Ahaa, that's interesting. It may have something to do with the outputs they're plugged into (xrandr)? My main monitor is 75 Hz, but it always opens on the left-most 60 Hz screen
setting sdl_displayindex 2 helps for one launch
is that a csgo arg
Erik Bročko
nope, a convar
needs to be set in userdata configs. I've used that before (with config locked read-only), but I thin it doesn't work anymore
so I'm trying to detour the monitor selection logic and fix it myself
maybe prevent the game from setting sdl_displayindex to 0 everytime it's opened? dunno
I've VTM-hooked CreateGameWindow, but it doesn't get called. There is CreateGameWindowHidden that looks similiar (and when certain conditions are met even gets called from the former) function, but it's not in the VMT.
it probably only gets called once, when are u hooking it
Erik Bročko
right when launcher_client gets loaded into memory with dlopen, before returning the handle (link_map struct*)