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@achilleess you awnsered your question by yourself in the moment you said the cheat was last updated 4 years ago ... i think there is no cheat working after 4 years without any updates in a non dead game ...
Pritam Dutta
@DrunkenBlyatHvH xd
lol it works

hi, i can see "This hack is detected" on the repo page, but here people say that cheat is working. Moreover repo wasn't updated already four years. Is it actually working? @gustavoreinhold @steve2design

workin no issues there

lool, aimtux is still alive?
Pritam Dutta
@rekted2137 yes we all use it
hi any hacker lobby to join ?
Pritam Dutta
@sem1human amen
AimTux is dead, but Fuzion is working
Pritam Dutta
@DaZy4 who told you that
Is fuzion/aimtux undetected and safe on main account?
What do you prefer guys, Kernel-mode external on windows or should I get Linux and use Fuzion/Aimtux? :thinking::
where did you get kernel mode external? ;v
Mushroom Army
my game closes everytime i load Fuzion
any1 knows why?
Swapnil Nakade
I am able to build the Fuzion successfully and load too. but cheat is not being injected in the CS although its saying injected successfully. Help please. ^_^
How can i check if steam is using flatpak or containerized.
I couldn't get it work!
shut the fuck up nerd
Bassline Junkie
Whats up aim tuxxers!
What are the features of AimTux?
good night, I did the installation on the arch but when I gave "/.load" it said "Successfully injected!" but nothing happens what do i do? thankful.