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Jun 2016
Henrik Feldt
Jun 19 2016 11:15
I'm saying that since albacore is a build system it could 'know' how to switch that target moniker by itself. The current configuration is good as is; it builds for a given target. Now perhaps there's a need for something orchestrating what exists?
Something that can iterate through the monikers and ensure the settings are OK?
OK = correctly configured in asmver, in build, in nugets pack; for the 'current' buildable moniker.
it's principle is a loop: for moniker in [ 'net40'; 'net45'; ... ] do asmver; build; collect artifacts;
After the loop, merge artifacts
Next step; in a declarative manner, you'd declare monikers and each task type would output one task (or node, or ...) for each of its valid configuration instances.
A valid configuration instance would contain the moniker.
So it depends on how you want to go about; loop and make the build script more imperative or solve it in albacore in a declarative fashion that people will help you maintain over time
Jun 19 2016 12:10
@haf That would make sense that Albacore could/should know what target it's building for. I take it then that this functionality currently isn't implemented into Albacore? I'm way in over my head at this point and have next to no idea what I'm doing when it comes to Albacore/writing rake files, I think I'll have to open a feature request in the hopes that someone more skilled than I will take on the task.
Henrik Feldt
Jun 19 2016 20:48
@tgp1994 You should probably aim for the other variant then, to just create a loop and create a new symbol for each configuration. Like:
%w|net40 net45|.each do |fw|
   build :"build_#{fw}" do ... end