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Repo info
    Marcin Artur Mazurek
    This may be a question on a project that is not quite as active, or at least doesn't seem to be - but how would one target a PostGres Database that's within my working environment? As in I can just shell into it via console.
    Alexis Benoist
    The readme explains this use case.
    You can just install it using pip and run in the terminal eralchemy -i 'postgresql+psycopg2://username:password@hostname:5432/databasename'.
    Will F
    Hey, I'm trying to either render an in-memory sqlite database, or even just render an on disk database. Is there any way to connect to an in-memory database? I'm using pony orm if that helps/hurts.
    Related, when I try to connect to the on-disk database file (again sqlite) i get the following error if you have any clues: sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) unable to open database file
    Jean-Michel Moreau
    Hi @Alexis-benoist thanks for your wonderful app! One feature that would be cool would be to automagically print certain database values in a header. Basically using flask and alembic, I'd like to print the alembic version on the chart so it's easy to see when it's out of date.
    @willzfarmer silly question, but are you sure your SQL db is closed?
    Hi, what's the command for eralchemy to generate erd from SQLAlchemy model files?
    Could we add an example in README?
    Michał D
    @Alexis-benoist do you still take care about this awesome package?
    Nicolas Boisseau
    Hi ! same question for me ! this package is a super idea. Do you expect to update it ?
    Maximilian Lüer
    Hi Alexis, eralchemy is not working anymore with sqlalchemy in version 1.4.1. Manually installing the lower version of sqlalchemy (1.3.23) fixed it. You may update this.