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Zain ul Abideen
@eromano please see above screenshots
Eugenio Romano
should happen twice for each module as far I remember because one is the lazy loading of the extensions and the other the default of the module
Is this Alfresco acquisition going to affect ADF?
Also does anyone know if Alfresco Process Workspace is planning to upgrade to ADF 4, or are they done upgrading? https://myalfresco.force.com/support/articles/en_US/Release_Notes/Alfresco-Process-Services-Workspace-1-3-4
Amruta Wandakar
I have created stencil with field type as date
when i have created process with this field, when i try to retrive that it gives String as type, but it should be given as date.
i'm wondering why this is giving as string, if anyone knows please tell me
Denys Vuika
@amrutawandakar I don;t think that is related to ADF
Amruta Wandakar
okay thank you
Hi Team
I have used file-uploading-dialog component to show the upload status dialog box status in the right bottom of the page. when I am navigating to other component upload status dialog box is hiding and also upload functionality is terminated. please provide some inputs on how to show upload status dialog box when navigating to another component
Is there anyway to change the adf-sidenav-layout styling and transitioning
Because currently the adf-sidenav-layout-header is anchored in the top,
I was planning to make it responsive when the side nav is opened or closed
Similar to angular material sidenav
@DenysVuika @eromano , We have configured SSL configuration between ACS (VM1) and ADF (VM2) application. This configutation is working fine if we use "CerificateVerification" attribute value as "none" in "SSLHostConfig" tag in tomcat server.xml but when we tried to change this "CerificateVerification" attribute as "required", we are getting error while we login to ADF application. While for share, we are passing certificate using share configuration files. Share login is working with certificates.
ACS 6.2.1 is hosted in Tomcat 8.x server in VM1 and ADF Application is hosted in Apache tomcat 8.x server in VM2. What configurations are needed in ADF side? How can we pass ACS SSL certificate from ADF?
1 reply
IMHO: Handling SSL in ADF is not a good approach. I suggest you try handling it in the Nginx server.
2 replies
Muhammad Farid
Hello Guys, Have anyone face issue with favourite in viewer
version 3.6.0
Abdul Quadar
Hello @DenysVuika, is there any way where the visibility field on isVisible property is false then the value of the field should be made null/undefined.
In my ADF Project, I am previewing documents in ADF Viewer component and set allowPrint option to true.. Now, for some of the mimetypes, like, csv, gif, on clicking of Print, it directly downloads.. not opening in print preview.. for other pdf, image, etc. mimetypes, print preview pop-up is opening.. Can anyone please help here? What could be the issue?
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 2.40.41 PM.png
Hi All, i just get an issue after upgrading ADF to 4.0.0 as above: it will logout and redirect to login page after I login successfully. here is my app.config.json settings
"bpmHost": "{protocol}//{hostname}{:port}",
"identityHost": "{protocol}//{hostname}{:port}/auth/realms/alfresco",
"providers": "BPM",
"authType": "OAUTH",
"oauth2": {
"host": "{protocol}//{hostname}{:port}/auth/realms/alfresco",
"clientId": "alfresco",
"scope": "openid",
"secret": "",
"implicitFlow": true,
"silentLogin": true,
"redirectSilentIframeUri": "{protocol}//{hostname}{:port}/assets/silent-refresh.html",
"redirectUri": "/",
"redirectUriLogout": "/logout",
7 replies
Yevhenii Herasymchuk
With Angularv10 warnings for getting of AMD / CommonJS dependencies:
"adf-content-services.js depends on 'moment-es6'. CommonJS or AMD dependencies can cause optimization bailouts."
Where would you suggest to go? do we have plans for potential PRs related to this direction?
Denys Vuika
For now those are warnings, not errors. We will address those over time for sure. Meanwhile, if you really get uncomfortable with those warnings, Angular has a way to suppress them: https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-content-app/blob/develop/angular.json#L15
Yevhenii Herasymchuk
thanks a lot, of course, I was more interested in where in future you're looking to change it
Yevhenii Herasymchuk
but I have another interesting issue.
In general, after update to v4, jest swears so much on adf-core. Mock is different from Service :)
Property 'initialize' is missing in type 'AlfrescoApiService' but required in type 'AlfrescoApiServiceMock'.
    53     apiService = TestBed.inject(AlfrescoApiService);
        25     initialize(): Promise<any>;
1 reply

Hi Team,


    <data-column key="key1" title=" Title 1"></data-column>
    <data-column key="key2" title="Title 2"></data-column>
    <data-column key="key3" title="Title 3" class="full-width name-column"></data-column>
    <data-column key="key4" title="Title4"></data-column>


When I mouse hover on the datacolumn it is showing title but i need to show key value. What attribute is used to show the key-value?. Please help me out

Denys Vuika
I think it was fixed long time ago. Are you using some old version?
Stefan Bakić
I am confused now. In Alfresco JS API, there is listPeople() that returns Person objects (src/api/content-rest-api/model/person.ts). And in payload for each user (person) there is displayName property, but Person object doesn't have it. Am I missing something?
Stefan Bakić
It's added in 4.0.0.. version hm... :(
Denys Vuika
@sbakic_gitlab check this api, there's a displayName there: https://api-explorer.alfresco.com/api-explorer/#!/people/listPeople
If it's not in the object, feel free to raise an issue or PR to add this property to the code
Hi all! I'm not sure if this is the correct place to address this but I have a question regarding adding custom user roles: I want to define custom roles that should be then visible in share to be able to assign to users like any other 4 pre-defined roles. I used containerized deployment for ACE and I don't have direct access to sitePermissionDefinitions.xml and other related files to define the new roles. I think it needs to be done via XML beans but I don't know how or where to set it up or apply these changes accordingly. I think I know what to change to define new roles but I don't know how to apply it. Can someone give me hints about how to do it or at least show me a starting point?
I solved my problem but I have a new question: I'm trying to create a role that is based on pre-defined Collaborator but with the additional permission to move the nodes other users created without being able to delete them. I was able to see the move action only when I give the 'DeleteNode' and 'DeleteChildren' permissions to the role. Is 'move' a part of the 'delete' permission or am I missing something?
Hi All, I'm trying to trace my application where time taken for some actions is more and found that one of the alfresco API (alfresco/api/-default-/public/alfresco/versions/{id}/nodes/{uuid}/children) which is time consuming, I need to further trace this API to figure which method is taking time. I was not able to find source code to find which class and methods are executed by this API. Can some one help to find out the methods and class under this API? Thanks in advance.
2 replies
Waldbillig Thomas

Hi all,
in order to have a bit more dynamic application I needed to switch from the "taskId" input to the "form" input on the "adf-form".

I noticed that when I switched, the "readOnly" seemed to be ignored

  • After some investigation and analysis of the source code, I noticed that there was some processing that was not done for the "form" input (e.g. this.visibilityService.refreshVisibility(this.form);)
  • I now do that process before passing in the parsed-form and this fixed the issue for most cases, but it still does not work correctly for some visibilities depending on variables from the process...

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? or does anyone know what could cause this/how to fix it?

sorry i mixed things up a bit...
so the readonly part now works but the issue i mentionned about the visibility depending on process variables seems to still have problems
5 replies
Hello.. I have ADF 3.8 for my project.. I have configurations in app.config.json file.. ecmHost, some custom properties, etc. Now, I want to reference or read these values from external file.. how can I configure that?
For ex, ecmHost value is ${hostname} in my app.config.json.. and while running the project, hostname should be read from some external file.. is it possible? How can I do this?
Basically, I want to pick configuration values at runtime.. So that, my deployment package would be same irrespective of environment
3 replies
Eugenio Romano
I think I misclick the button instead of reply to the last answer but that problem is peoably fix in the last version of ADF
you should try to update the app to the new ADF version
Hello All. I'm trying to jump from one(first) to another task(second) without completing the current task(first). Which is the best solution for that and how can be done?
Denys Vuika
And how that relates to ADF?

And how that relates to ADF?

I want to create a button in the ADF to jump to the other task


We built our ADF v3.8 application using yeoman generator and building application using npm run build. Hence, deployment package is being generated in dist folder.

Before build, we modify app.config.json file and put EcmHost as ACS 6.2.1 endpoints.
We put this generated package folder in tomcat/webapps folder.
On accessing it, ADF application is working fine.

Now, if our ACS is running on SSL without Certificate configuration, ADF works fine. However, when our ACS is configured with certificates, we are getting not able to access ACS from ADF application and giving certificate related issue.

In ACS side, we have configured Share as well. In share-config file, we are passing .p12 certificate and we are able to access Share and Repository. Same way, we would like to access ACS from ADF itself.

Hence, I would like to know what all configuration needed in my ADF application to get this working? How to pass SSL Certificate of ACS from ADF? Is it possible? Which all files need modification in ADF 3.8 project?

Hi again all! So it seems that move action depends on the delete action (https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/master/share/src/main/resources/alfresco/share-documentlibrary-config.xml#L1034) Is there a way to overwrite the permissions for the move action or should I create my custom move action that doesn't depend on delete?
Denys Vuika
@OGurcay we don't support Share here, it's ADF and Angular channel
@shahjigirp the SSL configuration is fully your responsibility, javascript and web apps have nothing to do with that
@DenysVuika that's right. I have configured my ACS with SSL using client certificate.. while providing this ACS URL as endpoint in ecmHost, I need to pass certificate, right? Hence, I would like to know in terms of ADF.. How it can be passed?
Denys Vuika
@shahjigirp try googling in terms of running Angular apps with certificates. do you know any examples of javascript single-page apps dealing with that? I'm afraid we provide no support for certificates. Maybe this article can give you more details: https://medium.com/@rubenvermeulen/running-angular-cli-over-https-with-a-trusted-certificate-4a0d5f92747a. But I still think it's not the concern of the web app to do that
@shahjigirp you can also raise support ticket if you are a paying customer, maybe that's something support people can help you with
@DenysVuika , thank you for your response.. I have raised Alfresco Support ticket and waiting for response.
However, I would give you brief on Alfresco Share which can be considered a web app.. we have configured p12 certificate in share-config-custom.xml file and able to access share. Hence, same way, I'm looking for ADF