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Hi, what is min version of APS when using ADF? after upgrading ADF to 4.8.0, the dropdown field using rest url to get options will use ID property & Label property as form field value to complete or save the form. In preview ADF version (I was using 4.0), it will use id & name, like {id: '', name: ''}. Here is source code I just copy from ADF 4.8.0 lib
    private setFormFieldValueOption(option: FormFieldOption ) {
        if (this.optionType === 'rest' && !!this.restUrl) {
            const restEntry = {};
            const restIdProperty = this.restIdProperty || 'id';
            const restLabelProperty = this.restLabelProperty || 'name';
            restEntry[restIdProperty] = option.id;
            restEntry[restLabelProperty] = option.name;
            this.form.values[this.id] = restEntry;
        } else {
            this.form.values[this.id] = option;

Regarding the version compatibility

What is ADF version compatibility when it comes to Process Services v2 and Content Services v7


I see there is a PR in progress

any tentative date for Angular v13 upgrade?

Hello - I'm interested in building the ADF, library perhaps with some modifications for a very specific use case, and then using the library in an ADF application. Is there any documentation for how to do this? Cheers
Klissda Pononsa
I can't use the npm install command
Sanjay Patel
10 replies
Romain Brochot
Hello, I have one question concerning 'adf-viewer'. We have one node that has trouble with the imgpreview. We tried setting [maxRetries] to 1 and there are still 30 attempts in the viewer. We checked the ADF source code and we didnt understand the problem. Also on ACA/ADW, maxRetries is set to 1 in app.config and we have a different behaviour because there are 5 attempts instead of 30. I also tried in latest ADF 4.10 (vanilla, no code modification) with yeoman and same problem.
Could you shed some light on this? I'm not sure if this is a bug or not because of the difference between ADF standalone and ACA.

Hi, Is it possible to inject "AdminGroupsApi" to my component? I am trying to use adminGroupsApi.createNewGroup to add new group to APS.

I have my constructor as
constructor(private adminGroupsApi: AdminGroupsApi, private bpmUserService: BpmUserService)

but when I load the component in browser, I see below error in console..

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): NullInjectorError: R3InjectorError(AppModule)[AdminGroupsApi -> AdminGroupsApi -> AdminGroupsApi]: NullInjectorError: No provider for AdminGroupsApi! NullInjectorError: R3InjectorError(AppModule)[AdminGroupsApi -> AdminGroupsApi -> AdminGroupsApi]: NullInjectorError: No provider for AdminGroupsApi!

2 replies
Sanjay Patel
Tim Donovan
@eromano Is there a roadmap somewhere on the plans to support the newer Angular versions? We're running into issues with clients worried about Angulars LTS policies. (Angular 10 is out of support as of now and 11 is gone this month)

Hi, I am working on configuring ADF for OAUTH. I have below configuration added to my app.config.json file..

"oauth2": {
    "host": "https://ping-federate.company.com",
    "authPath": "/as/token.oauth2",
    "scope": "openid",
    "clientId": "app-oauth",
    "secret": "",
    "implicitFlow": true,
    "silentLogin": true,
    "redirectUri": "/",
    "redirectUriLogout": "/logout"

When I go to my ADF app url http://localhost:4200, it re-directs to below url..

https://ping-federate.company.com/protocol/openid-connect/auth?client_id=app-oauth&redirect_uri=http://localhost:4200/&scope=openid&response_type=id_token token&nonce=aBBC9lM0pY4GlU4AJK5sFl52ykU7hwCHpLjjRwWQ

But team who manages the Ping Federate mentioned ADF should re-direct to below url..

https://ping-federate.company.com/as/authorization.oauth2?client_id=app-oauth&redirect_uri=http://localhost:4200/&scope=openid&response_type=id_token token&nonce=aBBC9lM0pY4GlU4AJK5sFl52ykU7hwCHpLjjRwWQ

Is it possible to configure ADF to generate re-direct URL as above?

Please let me know. Thanks.


I was able to resolve this using authorizationUrl prop. Now it redirects me to Auth login page and after successful login it redirects me back to ADF url...


but I am seeing below error in browser console.

Hi, I am seeing 401 error when user tries to view process diagram. API that fails is activiti-app/app/rest/process-instances/<processId>/model-json. I have BASIC auth configured and everything works except this API. Please share if there is any fix that can help prevent this issue. User also gets logged out from app.
vikash patel

Our ACS 7.2 is working on one server and our ADF application is deployed on another server and I pointed the same ACS server in configurations

app.config.json .
"ecmHost": "http://xxxxxxx:8080",

module.exports = {
"/alfresco": {
"target": "http://xxxxxxx.com:8080",
"secure": false,
"changeOrigin": true

While trying to login using ADF application it's giving CORS error and not allowing to login.

I followed this documentation link to enable cors https://docs.alfresco.com/content-services/community/config/repository/#cors-configuration



Request has been terminated Possible causes: the network is offline, Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin, the page is being unloaded, etc.

Please help here to solve the issue.

Denys Vuika
You are having a standard CORS issue as backend and frontent are probably running on different servers, that's a browser protections. Note that "proxy.conf.js" works only for local development runs, not a deployed scenarios. In your case the ecmHost should point to localhost, as localhost is proxied to the "xxxx.com:8080"
vikash patel
Thanks @DenysVuika ,
I tried by replacing host with localhost it's still not working.
So do we need to put any jars in tomcat/lib like "enablecors" or using which property we can achieve?
Denys Vuika
For the tomcat, try leaving the default value there {protocol}//{hostname}{:port} for the ecmHost, assuming you have ACS running at /alfresco
vikash patel
ok thanks @DenysVuika let me try I will update you.
vikash patel
This message was deleted
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vikash patel
Request URL: http://XXXXXXXXX.com/alfresco/api/-default-/public/authentication/versions/1/tickets
Request Method: POST
Status Code: 405 Not Allowed
vikash patel

@DenysVuika thanks, "ecmHost": "{protocol}//{hostname}{:port}",

module.exports = {
"/alfresco": {
"target": "http://xxxxxxxxxxx:8080",
"secure": false,
"changeOrigin": false

it worked.
but when I create the build of this ADF application, it's giving error
when I try to login.

Hello, I have just seen that ADF 4.11.0 has been released. When do you plan to release a 5.0.0 (with Angular upgrade)?
For some time now, you've only been doing fixes on ADF. Why don't you develop new components anymore?
Thanks in advance
1 reply
Denys Vuika
@spark66rc there's many new stuff for ADW, which ADF components do you think are needed? I suggest raising a separate feature request per component
1 reply

ADF app with a multi environment setting on k8s

Hi, is there a hook to customize app.config.json file before it's loaded?
I'm trying to customize the identity provider URL based on a Helm chart value on k8s.
I'm able to change the oauth2 value on the AlfrescoApiConfig but those changes does NOT take effect, it seems that I need to do it "before".
Only the hardcoded values from app.config.json are taking into account.

Any suggestions on how to customize this file to run it on a k8s multi-env?

Thanks in advance!

CC: @DenysVuika, @eromano

Hi, I am trying to add "enterprise-viewer" to my ADW app. I have added "enterprise-viewer" component to my project and updated <adf-viewer> with <adf-viewer-extension> with supportedExtensions as pdf,mp4. But still when I open the content preview it loads the default viewer and not the enterprise-viewer. Is enterprise-viewer supported for ADW?
I also tried to add debug point to enterprise-viewer component ts file ngOnInit, but it does not come to that point.
6 replies
Denys Vuika
we use the following
node: v14.19.0
npm: 6.14.16
once the upgrade to Angular 13/14 is over (work in progress), the node/npm can be the latest, for now it's important to have npm 6

Hi, I am trying to invoke custom ACS API. For that I am using
this.alfrescoApiService.getInstance() .contentClient .callCustomApi

my ADF app is running on http://project-app.comp.com and ACS is running on http://project.comp.com

Above code invokes API on http://project-app.comp.com/alfresco instead of http://project.comp.com/alfresco.
Which service should I use to invoke custom ACS api so it points to correct hostname?

1 reply
Hi, I recently migrated an app from ADF 4.4.0 to ADF 4.11.0 (connected to both an ACS and APS) and since the migration when the login page is accessed, the browser is asking for an APS login because 2 request are made on https://{APS_URL}/activiti-app/api/enterprise/profile and are being answered with 401. Is there any way to disable this?
401 aps.PNG
The requests (even for -me- on ACS) were not sent before with ADF4.4.0
Yevhenii Herasymchuk
congratulations on merging 5.0.0 pr!!! :heart:
Denys Vuika
thanks! but use it on your own risk before we finish all the upgrades and release to master
Hi all
may I know how can I get all fields from the form?
we are connecting it with a spring via rest service
currently, we are able to call the API, but the request is hard-coded. we want this to be more dynamic.
any help is appreciated
Zain ul Abideen
is there a gitter room for alfresco process services ?
hi all
is there a way to set the search page facets dynamically.currently the set of facets configured in app.config.json are visible,but i trying to change them based on the search results.
any help is much appreciated
Denys Vuika
those already should be reacting to the search results
Hi @DenysVuika - how do we configure search facet for custom property? I am getting property in search result under "list.entries[0].entry.properties.tp:categories": ["cat1", "cat2"]. If you can please share sample config that will be really helpful. Thanks you.
Hello. Is there a way to replace the "show more" "show less" buttons with scroll bar in the adf search filter? Thanks in advance.
Hi Team, I am getting a error "Unknown network error happened. Process service related features are disabled". I created a ADW project and getting this error when I am running this project. Do anyone knows how to resolve this error?
ADF 5.0 is out. 🚀
vikash patel

in file-view.component.html
I am able to preview document but
but not sure why this is Comments/Properties/Versions are not displaying

<ng-container *ngIf="nodeId">
<ng-template let-node="node" #sidebarTemplate>
<adf-info-drawer [title]="'APP.INFO_DRAWER.TITLE' | translate">
<adf-info-drawer-tab [label]="'APP.INFO_DRAWER.COMMENTS' | translate">
<adf-comments [nodeId]="nodeId"></adf-comments>

  <adf-info-drawer-tab [label]="'APP.INFO_DRAWER.PROPERTIES' | translate">
    <adf-content-metadata-card [node]="node"></adf-content-metadata-card>

  <adf-info-drawer-tab [label]="'APP.INFO_DRAWER.VERSIONS' | translate">


<adf-viewer [nodeId]="nodeId" [overlayMode]="false" [allowGoBack]="true" (showViewerChange)="onViewerVisibilityChanged()" >
<button mat-icon-button>
<button mat-icon-button>
<button mat-icon-button>

    <adf-viewer-extension [supportedExtensions]="['json']">
        <ng-template let-urlFileContent="urlFileContent" let-extension="extension">
        <h1>JSON VIEWER</h1>

    <adf-viewer-extension [supportedExtensions]="['png']">
        <h1>PNG Viewer</h1>

    <adf-viewer-extension [supportedExtensions]="['pdf']">
        <h1>PDF Viewer</h1>

    <extension-viewer [supportedExtensions]="['obj','3DS']" #extension>
        <ng-template let-urlFileContent="urlFileContent" let-extension="extension" >
        <threed-viewer [urlFile]="urlFileContent" [extension]="extension" ></threed-viewer>


NikhileshKumar Sivakoti
Hi, I am using ADW 2.4.2 and created library with extension. I want to export the custome code as an artifact to deploy it into another sever. I tried using npm run build content-ee but got the content-ee cpmponents not my custom library. Could you please let me know how to export and promote the changes.
Hello, is there a way to export the search results to a CSV file from the ACA app search results page? If not, does adf-document-list or adf-datatable component provide any methods to download search results to a local file? Are there any other recommended approaches to achieve this result?