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NikhileshKumar Sivakoti
Hi, I am using ADW 2.4.2 and created library with extension. I want to export the custome code as an artifact to deploy it into another sever. I tried using npm run build content-ee but got the content-ee cpmponents not my custom library. Could you please let me know how to export and promote the changes.
Hello, is there a way to export the search results to a CSV file from the ACA app search results page? If not, does adf-document-list or adf-datatable component provide any methods to download search results to a local file? Are there any other recommended approaches to achieve this result?
There is no direct way. You need to create a custom event.
Is there a way to set a default range value for a SearchNumberRangeComponent? Thanks.
Denys Vuika
@acer:mozilla.org it seems like it's not supported right now (https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-ng2-components/blob/develop/lib/content-services/src/lib/search/components/search-number-range/search-number-range.component.ts#L33) but it should be quite easy to implement, could you please raise an issue here https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-ng2-components/issues and we'll make sure it gets into the next releases, thanks
1 reply
Hello all, I have been trying to get "startValue" working with the search-check-list widget but it is not selecting the first option by default! Has anyone tried it? Here is a snippet from my search configuration. "component": { "selector": "check-list", "startValue": {"name":"option 1", "value":"value 1"}, "settings": { "allowUpdateOnChange": true, "hideDefaultAction": true, "options": [ { "name": "option 1", "value": "value 1" }, { "name": "option 2", "value": "value 2" } } }
Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
Hello. Is there any documentation about sorting the search results in ADF search page? Thanks
What are the type and field here? Is there any documentation I should read?
1 reply
Douglas C. R. Paes

good morning
any idea on how to have this fixed?

is it the proposed solution the right way to use it?

7 replies
Hi the table in the current (maybe also previous) versions of the Content App seems messed up. You can see at 'Modified' column that the header is not aligned with the data cell.
This becames specially messed up, when you look at responsiveness:
Now the role cell is under Modified. Based on what kind of columns you have defined and so on, this can become completely unusable. Do you know about that issue?
Denys Vuika
@MariusGrunenberg can you please raise a ticket for ACA repo with those screenshots, thanks in advance
Ok yes created two of them, also one for general responsiveness. But the document list is actually more urgent, since the problem seems to be nested in the components themselves
And we can't seem to fix that on our own :o
Hello. Is there a way to add dividers/breaks in adf-datatable-body for different adf-datatable-row's?
Denys Vuika
you can probably use CSS for the datatable rows, it depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve
I am trying to add a divider between search result cards of a certain content type and cards of other content types. The search results cards are in the adf-document-list. I checked that the adf-document-list wrapped the datatable. The datatable contains the cards.
I tried some css to have some space between cards, but the space and the divider can only be in width of one cards. Instead in width of a whole line of cards.
Happy Thanksgiving day.
Hi, I am working on customizing ADW 2.8.0. in ADW we can add new column by defining it in <module>.extension.json file. But I need to change the icon for certain file types. Is there a way I can register custom imageResolver and pass it to column definition in <module>.extension.json file? If not then what would be the best approach to provide custom image resolver. Thanks.

In local instance, by decoding the following token (VUdWeVptOXliV0Z1WTJWVVpYTjBPaXRaYWtOU1lsQklhV0ZaU1hNd2VsSjBPRWN5Uld4UmRIWlJhejA9), we are able to obtain the exact username and password.

We are getting the value after decoding this:


However, if we decode the username and password in production, we receive a value for the password that is null.

after decoding this we are getting performancetest:null

Would you kindly suggest how the passwords are concealed?

1 reply
Tahir Malik
Does anyone know which PDFJS we use in the ng-components?
Customers are asking for these features in version 2.9.x https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/releases/tag/v2.9.359
which shows the digital signatures
Romain Brochot
Hello, anyone has idea on why DiscoveryApiService would not emit ecmProductInfos$ ? This results in not having "isThumbnailGenerationEnabled" set in UploadService. I thought it was an ADF bug but I only have the problem on one ADF app. I've managed to globally override UploadService in order to debug and subscribe on ecmProductInfo$ is never triggered.. I can see the /discovery call in web browser console and everything is fine.
Romain Brochot
I did this "fix" in app.component and now UploadService works well, no idea what is going on in the end
        filter(() => this.alfrescoApiService.getInstance()?.isEcmLoggedIn()),
        switchMap(() => this.discoveryApi.getEcmProductInfo()),
      .subscribe((info: RepositoryInfo) => {
Luca Rubin
Hello, I noticed a problem in the print action available in the upper right corner of the ADF preview component: in Chrome the action opens the print dialog but in Firefox (for example version ESR 102.7.0) the dialog doesn't appear.
I tried also with the latest non-alpha version (5.1.0) but the problem still exists.
Any ideas?