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    Vinesh Reddy
    https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/core/components/datatable.component/ does seem to have a number/integer type. It has only text/image/date. How to sort values by numbers?
    Sanjay Bandhniya
    Hi, I want to change content type in ADF. How Can I change?
    Shubham Rana


    I am trying to set up an outbound email service for a password reset for users but I am getting the following error

    " org.springframework.mail.MailSendException: Mail server connection failed; nested exception is com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port: smtp.example.com, 25; timeout -1; nested exception is: java.net.UnknownHostException: smtp.example.com. Failed messages: com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port: smtp.example.com, 25; timeout -1;"

    I am following the helm config reference to set it up.


    Here is the configuration that I am using.

    host: "smtp.office365.com"
    port: "587"
    username: "xxxxxx@domain.com"
    password: "xxxxxxx"
    protocol: "smtp"
    timeout: 30000
    auth: true
    enable: true

    Not sure what am I missing.

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    Romain Brochot

    we are designing an ADW extension and we are trying to implement this https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/core/interfaces/search-configuration.interface/
    in the extension.

    We added a new item with a route and a component in the navbar object in the json file of the extension.
    The component is loaded correctly and we added this in the component just like stated in the documentation :

    providers: [
      { provide: SearchConfigurationService, useClass:CustomSearchConfigService },

    Breakpoint is working in the constructor of the service but we never go through the implemented custom generateQueryBody() method.
    The SearchQueryBuilder service retrieves nodes but not going through our own service.

    Any idea ? There is no compilation errors nor execution errors.
    We tried a lot of things and we don't know if it's because we are in a library and not in a standalone ADF app.

    Vít Šanda
    Hi, I have dataTable component which display FTS resulsts from search service. Now I want make a bulk toolbar action from selected nodes. How can I get nodeRefs array from selected nodes ? :)) Can anyone help me ?
    Hi you can import import { RuleContext } from "@alfresco/adf-extensions"; and use context.selection to find your NodeRefs.
    Other question, can you publish on npm new aca-shared versions ( https://www.npmjs.com/package/@alfresco/aca-shared ) please ? We need it to build our extension : https://github.com/atolcd/adf-onlyoffice-extension. Thanks.
    After deployment, an error occurred while logging in
    Request URL:
    Request Method: POST
    Status Code: 400
    Remote Address:
    Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin
    briefSummary: "04310017 Api name must be lowercase"
    descriptionURL: "https://api-explorer.alfresco.com"
    errorKey: "Api name must be lowercase"
    statusCode: 400
    But I don't have this error in the development environment
    "Api name must be lowercase" ,this error is very confusing to me
    Could everyone help me, please?
    Sorry, I have solved my own problem. When nginx configuring the agent, there is more than one '/'. Error message is OK. There are really quite a few lowercase letters.
    Just remove the extra '/'
    Vít Šanda

    Hi, I have dataTable component which display FTS resulsts from search service. Now I want make a bulk toolbar action from selected nodes. How can I get nodeRefs array from selected nodes ? :)) Can anyone help me ?

    Thank you :)) but I soldev this problem with read ObjectDataTableAdapter which I pull into ADF component.

    So Now I need ADF pagination for dataTable component. Pagination works me well only with DocumentList domponent. Can anyone help me please ? :))
    Romain Brochot
    Hi, you need to implement a custom pagination component which handles the pagination https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/core/components/pagination.component/#custom-pagination
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    Hi, I have a problem updating content-app from adf 3.9 to adf 4.2. When I log into the app, files and folders are not displayed and there is an error:

    zone-evergreen.js:2845 GET http://localhost:4200/alfresco/api/-default-/public/alfresco/versions/1/nodes/f873acb7-daf8-472a-afa2-ea259cb39816/children?maxItems=100&orderBy=isFolder%20desc%2Cproperties.zrvmgmt%3AcontractSignee%20asc&include=path%2Cproperties%2CallowableOperations%2Cpermissions%2CaspectNames%2CisFavorite%2Cdefinition&includeSource=true 400 (Bad Request)

    with the api response:

    {"error":{"errorKey":"properties.zrvmgmt:contractSignee isn't a valid QName. Namespace prefix properties.zrvmgmt is not mapped to a namespace URI","statusCode":400,"briefSummary":"05280041 properties.zrvmgmt:contractSignee isn't a valid QName. Namespace prefix properties.zrvmgmt is not mapped to a namespace URI","stackTrace":"Aus Sicherheitsgründen wird die Stapelverfolgung nicht mehr angezeigt. Die Eigenschaft wird jedoch für ältere Versionen beibehalten","descriptionURL":"https://api-explorer.alfresco.com"}}

    zrvmgmt is a custom metadata model which worked fine for the content-app based on adf 3.9. Any idea about what's going on and how to solve it?


    Keith Bailey
    Hi all - has anyone tried modifying the ACS email templates so that they link back to the ADF viewer in aca ? It doesn't look too hard, but if someone has already done this and is willing to share ...
    Saikiran Dhanekula
    Hi everyone, can anyone help me with the node content PUT API request body? contentBodyUpdate requires binary content and I tried to convert image to binary string and send it through the API but in the end the content gets corrupted. Thanks in advance!
    Here is the screenshot of requestBody of Update node content Rest API
    Hello to every one .can any one help me I am developing an application which has rich text editor just like ckeditor.I want save content of the text editor with all formatting in place into alfresco content repo. In which format should I save this content into alfresco repository?. so that upon content search from application I can retrieve it back to text editor with all formatting in place
    1 reply
    just wondering when is a new release slated for content-app ?
    5 replies
    Susanne Tober
    Great, thanks a lot @LeoMattioli_twitter 🙏
    2 replies
    hi everyone I am facing an error while trying to upload a file using ADF .can any one help me with this error "insufficient permissions to upload in this location".
    I have installed alfresco community edition using docker in my ubuntu os.i can easily upload files using alfresco communty edition share interface but when i accessed the alfresco rest API using ADF application to upload file i am encountered with 403 error "insufficient permissions to upload in this location".please help me how can i allow permissions on destination folder
    1 reply
    Daniel Gradecak
    hi, is there a "guide" for creating themes for the Digital Workspace app?
    hello, I want to add captcha or recaptcha to the login screen, but I couldn't find a way. Can you help me?
    2 replies
    Hi everyone. Question: What is the best way to display multiple document lists (each with different ACS instance / host / contextRoot) on a single page in ACA ?
    sathya narayanan
    <adf-breadcrumb *ngIf="breadcrumbActive" root="{{ 'NAV.REPOSITORY.TITLE' | translate }}" [folderNode]="node" (navigate)="onBreadcrumbNavigate($event)" [maxItems]="3" (transform)="formatTransform($event)">
    Hello, transform method is not getting invoked, Can you help me ?

    I have downloaded from github the Alfresco Contente App (ACA) 2.7 but I don't understand how can I set the ip address of my Alfresco Content Service. In the 2.4 version I have set on proxy.conf.js file but in 2.7 version it's different and the documentation it's not clear.

    Someone help me?

    Is there any way to configure a custom Role aca. The permission list component is only showing the standard site roles (collaborator, manager etc). We have defined a custom role which we would like to make available for users to add. I cannot find anywhere where we can configure the roles that are available in the permissions dialog. Any help appreciated.
    The Permission action launches the Permission List component but the only input it takes is the nodeId.
    Has anyone any feedback on my question above. It looks like no one is monitoring this gitter channel.
    Leonardo Mattioli
    What about Multi-language metadata fields (type mltext)? I find nothing to manage them from JS api, ng2 component and content app. Is a type of field that will be managed in the future?
    Is there a room for discussing ADF?
    I got an error message:
    How can I use the AlfrescoApi properly?
    HI I have an issue when I tryin to edit a file in MS Office, Don´t recognize the path and no open the file, anybody can help me?
    is there a channel for alfresco-js-api?
    Hello,If the session is expired I have any custom api call to my webscripts shows the Basic Authentication dialog in the login page . I am using this to call my webscripts: this.alfrescoApi.getInstance() .contentClient.callCustomApi(...). How to prevent this dialog from showing? What Alfresco api team did to fix this issue which was there in earlier versions REPO-2260? Can I do the same?.Thx
    Sanjay Patel
    Anyone have setup latest alfresco content app ? I am facing issue with latest version. Earlier version was working fine. https://hub.alfresco.com/t5/application-development/alfresco-content-app-configuration/td-p/312430