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    Denys Vuika
    @sreenathmurali update app.extensions.json file
    Hi, Is it possible to request a read receipt for content share link in workspace?
    Hello,I updated adf of my content App to 4.2.0 but i have this error in my browser every time i start it : this.extensionJsons.flat is not a function but extensionJsons doesn't exist in my application.. Can you help me understand pls ?
    Denys Vuika
    @ocevandaele check the tsconfig.json file with the latest version, there should be something related to arrays
    Tahir Malik
    Hi all! Is it possible to add tags (cm:taggable) in the default meta-data-card so we can use the current tag-node-list.component in the app.
    Dylan van den Brink
    Hi! What is the advised way of installing an ACA extension so that it is easily installable within an existing ACA instance? As of now, we're cloning the ACA repository, adding the extension(s) and delivering it to the client. We were wondering if there is a better way to do this. Thanks!
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    can anyone help to load css styles in pdf preview?
    <p><span style="color:hsl(0, 75%, 60%);">vneusdj</span></p><p><span style="color:hsl(0, 75%, 60%);">ds</span></p><p><strong>fas</strong></p><p><strong>df</strong></p><p><strong>sd</strong></p><p><strong>fs</strong></p><p><strong>af</strong></p>
    not able to load this style in pdf.......style="color:hsl(0, 75%, 60%);
    please help?
    Is there an example of how to configure the ACA extension JSON file to extend the standard ACA preview viewer to view a new file extension? Like the adf-viewer-extension example here: https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/core/components/viewer.component/#extending-the-viewer
    Can an extension then be done in an extension plugin?
    Hi guys i need help to understand Alfresco Content Application . Can i use my own database with the UI of Alfresco Content Application and its API community version

    that's an old warning, you can disregard it for now


    Hi, I have just downloaded ACA 2.3.0 and run npm install, npm start and I get an error message from node modules See atached image. Aca 2.2.0 works but not 2.3.0. Any idea of whats is happening .

    Alfresco ACA seems to use user browser language configuration to establish in some way the locale of searchs. And in SearchQueryBuilderService I see no way to establish accepted locales.
    However crude REST API for search supports specification of locale using "localization" property for example
    "localization": { "locales": ["it_IT", "en_US", ] }

    ¿Are there any way to force locales globally for searchs in Alfresco ACA or to include them on a query created using SearchQueryBuilderService ?



    Alfresco ACA seems to use user browser language configuration to establish in some way the locale of searchs. And in SearchQueryBuilderService I see no way to establish accepted locales.
    However crude REST API for search supports specification of locale using "localization" property for example
    "localization": { "locales": ["it_IT", "en_US", ] }

    ¿Are there any way to force locales globally for searchs in Alfresco ACA or to include them on a query created using SearchQueryBuilderService ?


    Solution is to configure the Server to support multiple locale environment. That points me to solution https://hub.alfresco.com/t5/alfresco-content-services-hub/multilingual-document-support/ba-p/290840

    Anton Sokolov

    Hi, there!

    Could everyone help me, please?
    I need to call my own webscript from the content-app, which way will be better(directly by URL, or use some kind of proxy)? I noticed the default API used AlfrescoApiClient, but I can't inject it into my component.

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    Anton Sokolov

    Hi there!

    I'm working with viewer.components and give URL from my custom webscript(it return pdf) to parameter urlFile <adf-viewer>. and got the error from response - unauthorized. Because for webscript set authentication - user. How I can use my webscript with authorization for adf-viewer?

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    Hi, when I add a custom property in the app.extension.json documentlist for example like this:

              "id": "app.files.idNumber",
              "key": "properties.test:idNumber",
              "title": "ID-Number",
              "type": "text",
              "sortable": true,

    How can I make it sortable? I added it in the app.config.json search options array:

                "key": "properties.test:idNumber",
                "label": "ID-Number",
                "type": "FIELD",
                "field": "properties.test:idNumber",
                "ascending": false
    But once I click on the column header to sort the documentlist, I get a backend error, probably since "properties.test:idNumber" is not supported by the Node children API
    Maurizio Pillitu
    Good day chat! Long time no talk, I hope everyone is doing well! We're starting a new Alfresco project, our first one in ADF, and we've been tasked with the creation of (simple) forms. We're currently reading around https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/process-services/components/form.component/ but we feel like we're missing some concepts, as we keep on failing, trying to build our own custom form. Could you please point us to some examples, maybe some existing code on GitHub? We did find some things, like https://github.com/Alfresco/adf-examples/blob/master/ADF_1.9.0/theming-example/app/components/form/form-demo.component.ts , but I wonder if InMemoryFormService is something we need? Do I sound lost enough? :-) Thanks in advance for your help!

    Hello there!

    I'm trying to build extensions for ADW (not just ACA), but i'm having some issues
    I've walked through numerous documentation pages, such as the included /docs/extending.md file you get in the ADW code (zip or tarball), and i've also looked at the documentation on netlify, trying my best to adapt the instructions found under "Extending" and "Tutorials" there to fit the folder structure as well as i can.

    So far, nothing has worked for me, unfortunately.

    My current status is this:

    • Start from a freshly unzipped ADW
    • fill in my environment variables in .env
    • generate a library called "my extension" and add it to the tsconfig file and the app extensions module
    • write some simple configuration in the my-extension.json file in the assets folder as written in the documentation
    • generate a component in the extension
    • (add debug alerts to the app module, my extension module and the component to see when they load)

    Having this, i tried to start the app using npm run start (the documentation mentions that "content-ee" is the default project it tries to start), and it couldn't start ADW
    however, using npm run start content-ee did work and it started the ADW project and connected to my existing ACS instance

    The Main issue is: When i load up the project, i first get the alert for My Extension (so it is loaded), then i get the alert for the app module (expected), but i never once get the alert for the custom component i added, and the console prints an error (404) that it cannot find http://localhost:4200/assets/plugins/my-extension.json
    however, no assets or plugins folder exists anywhere, so i don't know where it gets that path from

    My question now is: How do i get an extension registered into ADW correctly so that really anything works, since i suspect the biggest issue here is that it can't find the extension.json file

    (i can provide code files if necessary)

    Thank you in advance =]

    2 replies
    How can I define static ecmHost and ArenderHost valu in my ACA app?
    I've added other ACS host details.. but, in browser network tab, it's appending value after localhost
    I've buit app and deploying to tomcat/webapps and modifying properties in app.config.json
    My url is network looks like this.. http://localhost:8080/acaapp/http://ip:port, which i added in config file.. basically, it's appended
    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to create an redistributable library in the aca project. I have followed the documentation as suggested here https://alfresco-content-app.netlify.app/#/extending/redistributable-libraries.
    Thus far, I have downloaded aca 2.2 and built it and can get an aca 2.2 app cleanly. Once it is up, I then try to create a library, ie I run the command ng generate library <my-custom-lib> from the root of the aca app.
    This fails with the following error: Cannot read property 'paths' of undefined
    I tried suggested workaround on the web of temporarily renaming tsconfig.base.json to tsconfig.json and then creating the library. That works but then I find that the library cannot see any of the dependencies it needs when I try to build the new library. Therefore I think this is the wrong approach.
    What is the correct approach for creating a distribution library for aca. The current instructions fail.
    Any help appreciated as I have been trying to get this to work for a few days.
    Okay, I figured it out. Apparently there is a bug in angular 10 when creating libraries in an existing app. You need to rename tsconfig.lib.json to tsconfig.json (after you have backed up the original tsconfig.json). Then you can create an extension library. Once created, name it back and update the original tsconfig.json to have the path for the new library.
    Vinesh Reddy
    https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/core/components/datatable.component/ does seem to have a number/integer type. It has only text/image/date. How to sort values by numbers?
    Sanjay Bandhniya
    Hi, I want to change content type in ADF. How Can I change?
    Shubham Rana


    I am trying to set up an outbound email service for a password reset for users but I am getting the following error

    " org.springframework.mail.MailSendException: Mail server connection failed; nested exception is com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port: smtp.example.com, 25; timeout -1; nested exception is: java.net.UnknownHostException: smtp.example.com. Failed messages: com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port: smtp.example.com, 25; timeout -1;"

    I am following the helm config reference to set it up.


    Here is the configuration that I am using.

    host: "smtp.office365.com"
    port: "587"
    username: "xxxxxx@domain.com"
    password: "xxxxxxx"
    protocol: "smtp"
    timeout: 30000
    auth: true
    enable: true

    Not sure what am I missing.

    1 reply
    Romain Brochot

    we are designing an ADW extension and we are trying to implement this https://www.alfresco.com/abn/adf/docs/core/interfaces/search-configuration.interface/
    in the extension.

    We added a new item with a route and a component in the navbar object in the json file of the extension.
    The component is loaded correctly and we added this in the component just like stated in the documentation :

    providers: [
      { provide: SearchConfigurationService, useClass:CustomSearchConfigService },

    Breakpoint is working in the constructor of the service but we never go through the implemented custom generateQueryBody() method.
    The SearchQueryBuilder service retrieves nodes but not going through our own service.

    Any idea ? There is no compilation errors nor execution errors.
    We tried a lot of things and we don't know if it's because we are in a library and not in a standalone ADF app.

    Vít Šanda
    Hi, I have dataTable component which display FTS resulsts from search service. Now I want make a bulk toolbar action from selected nodes. How can I get nodeRefs array from selected nodes ? :)) Can anyone help me ?
    Hi you can import import { RuleContext } from "@alfresco/adf-extensions"; and use context.selection to find your NodeRefs.
    Other question, can you publish on npm new aca-shared versions ( https://www.npmjs.com/package/@alfresco/aca-shared ) please ? We need it to build our extension : https://github.com/atolcd/adf-onlyoffice-extension. Thanks.
    After deployment, an error occurred while logging in
    Request URL:
    Request Method: POST
    Status Code: 400
    Remote Address:
    Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin
    briefSummary: "04310017 Api name must be lowercase"
    descriptionURL: "https://api-explorer.alfresco.com"
    errorKey: "Api name must be lowercase"
    statusCode: 400
    But I don't have this error in the development environment
    "Api name must be lowercase" ,this error is very confusing to me
    Could everyone help me, please?
    Sorry, I have solved my own problem. When nginx configuring the agent, there is more than one '/'. Error message is OK. There are really quite a few lowercase letters.
    Just remove the extra '/'