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Repo info
    Is the exportCSV feature broken in 4.3? The porps are not defined as soon as I add it.
    Ganesh Arulanantham
    @AllenFang or others. What was the biggest motivation to rewrite this component in react-bootstrap-table2. I am confused which one to choose right now to start? Since no enhancement will be done, will react-bootstrap-table support migration ? or backward compatibiliy?
    Eyal Appelberg
    @AllenFang What is the purpose of the colgroups? It seems that when I remove them the table is responsive and the columns don't disappear in width like they do when colgroups are there
    Bill Martin
    @AllenFang I would like to help out with react-bootstrap-table/react-bootstrap-table2 specifically adding an import button and i'm not sure where to start
    Is resizable columns feature developed?
    Pablo Morales B
    Hello @AllenFang I need create a input custom search but in other section, I need that seach were independent. How i do it?
    Hello there, I've got an issue : I don't know why the table is showing an empty last 8th column.
    My "columns" props array only has 7 elements. Has anyone ever experienced this ?
    Hi. I've a react component class, EditTable to show an editable table(using BootstrapTable) and save button. In the cellEditProp for BootstrapTable , I pass in this.cellEditProp. Inside cellEditProp, which is a function inside EditTable , I set afterSaveCell: this.afterSaveCell. In the method, afterSaveCell, I want to access the state of EditTable React Component, so that I can enable the save button. However when I try to access 'this', it is undefined. Could any one tell how to get the 'this' object inside afterSaveCell?
    I found the answer to my question.. It turns out that you need to bind event with this. Code - afterSaveCell: this.afterSaveCell.bind(this),
    @AllenFang or others. is it possible to add a column width resizing control on read-bootstrap-table?
    Tony Hudson
    Hi guys can someone help me out I still cant find root cause
    Hi, I have a custom header component which has two span in it mainly to apply specific style to parts of the header text. When I apply filter on this column, the column disappears.. Any idea how to fix this?
    Hi can any one help me if react-bootstrap-table code will support the react 16 vresion
    Hey guys i need sme help, its quite urgent :-(
    M trying to access table data through this.refs.table.state.data
    It is throwing error state element does not exist on react instanc e?
    M new to reactjs ,please help
    Hussein Zaki
    hi @all
    i need to help
    i am trying to do table
    when i am starting do sort column there something is happen
    i am talking about that
    Custom Sort with Extra Data
    Hussein Zaki
    Hussein Zaki