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Repo info

    when I implement my own custom component and feed it through the options like so:

        const options = {
          searchField: props => (<CustomListSearchBar {...props} />),

    it completely fails

    but when I use the built-in SearchField here it picks up a type!
    the crazy thing is I copied and pasted the code from the SearchField implementation into my CustomListSearchBar and that doesn't work either
    what dark sourcery is going on here?
    I feel like I must be missing something obvious because I couldn't find any open issues about this
    Also I was able to reproduce this behavior in the latest version as well as the latest 3.x version
    @gcoluni any luck getting that custom search field to work?
    @AllenFang is this something I should open an issue for?
    @AllenFang : How to get the selected rows data on a custom button click?
    Anton O.
    Hey, I have a Huston :smile:
    I have a table, to which I need to add an empty row on a button click.
    After adding row I need to focus on the first column of the freshly added row,
    How can I do this, without doing to much of black magic?
    Anton O.
    The black magic, I've used is following
     componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps) {
         let { uiSchema: { table: { focusOnAdd } } } = nextProps;
         this.adding = focusOnAdd && nextProps.formData && this.props.formData &&      nextProps.formData.length > this.props.formData.length
       componentDidUpdate() {
         if (this.adding) {
           let { table: { refs: { body } } } = this.refs;
           body.handleEditCell(this.props.formData.length, 1);

    Hi folks,

    I am trying to do something weird which probably isn't good :P

    My data has a field called "name" I have a column for it and all works great.
    Now I have another column, let's call last name, which is basically the last part of the name.

    I have datafield=Name in this other column and a columnformatter and life is good. I can display just the last name.

    Now comes the part that isn't working. I want to be able to search in the last name.

    However because datafield=Name, anytime I change my search in the last name column it's actually changing the filter called "name". Which makes sense but it isn't what I want.

    Any tips?

    but it wasn't pushed
    I believe I will simply change the data in JS before hitting the table or in the backend.
    I read a little bit about the extraFormatField hack or something like that but couldn't grasp it completely.
    Also, has anyone done resizable columns?
    Brian Bleakley
    Does anyone know how to change the timezone for the column date filter?
    The filter date differs from the display date (which uses local time) so it is very confusing.
    tried react-resizable
    and jquery-ui
    no juice in making those columns resizable
    or I am doing something very wrong :{
    This message was deleted
    Is the exportCSV feature broken in 4.3? The porps are not defined as soon as I add it.
    Ganesh Arulanantham
    @AllenFang or others. What was the biggest motivation to rewrite this component in react-bootstrap-table2. I am confused which one to choose right now to start? Since no enhancement will be done, will react-bootstrap-table support migration ? or backward compatibiliy?
    Eyal Appelberg
    @AllenFang What is the purpose of the colgroups? It seems that when I remove them the table is responsive and the columns don't disappear in width like they do when colgroups are there
    Bill Martin
    @AllenFang I would like to help out with react-bootstrap-table/react-bootstrap-table2 specifically adding an import button and i'm not sure where to start
    Is resizable columns feature developed?
    Pablo Morales B
    Hello @AllenFang I need create a input custom search but in other section, I need that seach were independent. How i do it?
    Hello there, I've got an issue : I don't know why the table is showing an empty last 8th column.
    My "columns" props array only has 7 elements. Has anyone ever experienced this ?
    Hi. I've a react component class, EditTable to show an editable table(using BootstrapTable) and save button. In the cellEditProp for BootstrapTable , I pass in this.cellEditProp. Inside cellEditProp, which is a function inside EditTable , I set afterSaveCell: this.afterSaveCell. In the method, afterSaveCell, I want to access the state of EditTable React Component, so that I can enable the save button. However when I try to access 'this', it is undefined. Could any one tell how to get the 'this' object inside afterSaveCell?
    I found the answer to my question.. It turns out that you need to bind event with this. Code - afterSaveCell: this.afterSaveCell.bind(this),
    @AllenFang or others. is it possible to add a column width resizing control on read-bootstrap-table?
    Tony Hudson
    Hi guys can someone help me out I still cant find root cause
    Hi, I have a custom header component which has two span in it mainly to apply specific style to parts of the header text. When I apply filter on this column, the column disappears.. Any idea how to fix this?
    Hi can any one help me if react-bootstrap-table code will support the react 16 vresion
    Hey guys i need sme help, its quite urgent :-(
    M trying to access table data through this.refs.table.state.data
    It is throwing error state element does not exist on react instanc e?
    M new to reactjs ,please help
    Hussein Zaki
    hi @all
    i need to help
    i am trying to do table
    when i am starting do sort column there something is happen
    i am talking about that
    Custom Sort with Extra Data
    Hussein Zaki
    Hussein Zaki