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Repo info
  • Oct 03 2016 15:43
    alustrement closed #71
  • Oct 03 2016 15:42
    alustrement commented #71
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    brianavid commented #71
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    alustrement edited #71
  • Oct 02 2016 14:07
    alustrement opened #71
  • Apr 24 2016 17:07
    Alxandr commented #70
  • Apr 24 2016 17:06
    Alxandr commented #70
  • Apr 24 2016 14:27
    NeoLegends commented #70
  • Apr 24 2016 13:48
    Alxandr commented #70
  • Apr 24 2016 13:46
    Alxandr closed #69
  • Apr 24 2016 13:46
    Alxandr commented #69
  • Apr 24 2016 11:36
    pdefreitas opened #70
  • Apr 24 2016 11:32
    pdefreitas opened #69
  • Mar 03 2016 11:22

    NeoLegends on master

    Work on OnTimerTick - Now only… (compare)

  • Mar 03 2016 10:41
    NeoLegends opened #68
  • Mar 03 2016 10:00
    NeoLegends commented #64
  • Feb 29 2016 12:45
    NeoLegends reopened #67
  • Feb 29 2016 12:45
    NeoLegends closed #67
  • Feb 29 2016 12:45
    NeoLegends commented #67
Moritz Gunz
Did not get any notification of your message, sorry.
NeoLegends is the Name I always use.
Moritz Gunz
I pushed the package to Nuget, but the symbol package failed to upload
Any idea why?
Here's a screenshot: http://imgur.com/4wKGAqD
Aleksander Heintz
No clue
Moritz Gunz
Oh, I've got a suggestion for the rewrite
I think it would be best if we use Tasks instead of awaiting the items directly
This way we know when a specific item is loaded (if it's available outside of a task, it must be loaded) or not, and the asynchronous code works with Task.WhenAll / -WhenAny, etc.
Aleksander Heintz
@NeoLegends Yeah. I know. Though, I'm not entirely sure, cause some of the information makes sense to have earlier
I'm considering my options
Łukasz Klimek
check this commit: Artemigos/SpotiFire@d4f4a7e
this might not be the best solution ever, but it shows the bug that lurks in relogin
basically, relogin might return an error, that there are no credentials
and in this case logged_in is never called
so awaiting the task that is returned just locks up
Aleksander Heintz
@Artemigos You're right. There are better ways of fixing it though. I'm in favor of just synchronously throwing.
Łukasz Klimek
I wouldn't mind it throwing (even though it strikes me as inconsistent), but then SpotiFire would need a reliable way to check, whether credentials are available.
RememberedUser seems like the only way to achieve that, but it's also bugged
From what I see, the output buffer for username isn't used at all, so we get null or empty string.
Ben Pye
When using SpotiFire, attempting to inspect the Session object in VS causes Vs to crash, has anyone else had this?
Aleksander Heintz
No, don't think so
That's quite interesting though ^^
Rex Morgan
any idea why docs are down? :(
Aleksander Heintz
Yeah. They stopped working.
I made the doc-generator
Was pretty cool
But I broke it somehow
Though, there was nothing but autogenerated docs there
So any documentation you found there, you can find in the source
Sorry about the inconvenience
Moritz Gunz
@Artemigos I have stepped over that bug myself today. Since I have access rights to the repo, I pushed a fix to Github and NuGet. :)
Hi, I cloned the repo for the first time today and it looks really good. However, I tried running the WinForms app to test it out and although everything seems to run fine nothing plays. Any idea why?
Moritz Gunz
@Alxandr what project type did you use on the csharp-branch?
Aleksander Heintz
@NeoLegends xproj. Though, I shelfed it
Untill we get a new libspotify (which Spotify has said is comming ~2016)
Moritz Gunz
Damn, have you seen this: https://github.com/plietar/librespot
An open-source reverse-engineered libspotify built in rust.
(Rust is super nice btw)
I'm amazed by that guy's work. He even went so far and decrypted the traffic to the Spotify servers, it seems.
(or rather, the new protocol is encrypted, he somehow must have gone around it to take a look at the data sent)
There are full protobuf definitions of the types sent across the wire
really nice.
I'm definetely going to dive a bit into it and see if I can make some use of it, or push its development at bit further.
Aleksander Heintz
@NeoLegends Not too surpriced. There was already an OSS variant of libspotify before spotify released libspotify
The data was apparently fairly easy to understand from looking at the wire transfer because they used a common/known format.
Moritz Gunz
There was?