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Repo info
    Jason Lee Ertle
    Under "Generating models (from JSON)" how do you " pipe it into the generator" I've tried to pipe text via command line and also a path to a file contain a JSOn object but no luck
    Chris W. Burke
    Hey all - I'm new to ampersand and I was wondering, is it possible to use it strictly client side?
    Drew Fyock
    @chriswburke yes, ampersand is intended for client only. the server-side parts of the demo app are just to show how it works.
    with that said, there’s nothing stopping you from using ampersand-models on the server too, but that wasn’t the original purpose
    hi there! somebody use ampersand.js + web components of polymer ?
    test? anybody here?
    Oren Mizrahi
    This message was deleted
    Lets say I want a custom form, one that is more than just a list of input fields. e.g. a list of input fields with the odd image and text displayed between fields.
    I can't see an easy way to do this using the ampersand-form-view - any ideas? Ideally I want to layout my form in a jade file, then tell ampersand form engine "map these selectors to form controls".
    hey anyone here??
    unfortunately i cant answer any of the questions i see for today, but i do have the same question from yesterday. If anyone answered this yesterday i cant see it as the archives on gitter dont seem to be working for me. question to follow .....
    when creating a new Model that has collections on the collections property, can i pass an existing collection or must it be a raw object. I cant seem to be able to pass in an already instatiated collection.