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    Jason Sachs
    aside from the ones stored in a given slideshow notebook, is there a place to install new themes so that you can import them into a new slideshow notebook without having to execute a bunch of special %%javascript magic each time?
    Nicholas Bollweg
    Right now, no: there is only the programmatic way to modify themes. we're still trying to figure out some packaging stuff at the community level that make extensions-of-extensions tricky
    but the baseline is there...
    further, since the themes are just data, they are extractable from any notebook (CSS-based themes would be really hard for this)
    i could see an "import theme" button that could point at any ipynb (locally, or on the network) that would bring all those themes into the "community" area
    then you'd bring them into Your Themes directly
    Hi. First, amazin plugin. When trying to include a bokeh chart (high level, bar chart), most of the chart is not visible. It is inside a frame with horizontal and vertical navigators. Anyway to display the full viz?
    It also seems that the theme blow everything up and renders too big on my screen. Not sure where I can modify this...
    Nicholas Bollweg

    @extratoro When trying to include a bokeh chart (high level, bar chart), most of the chart is not visible

    Bokeh is tricky: i've had the best luck setting sizes directly. It's not a frame, per se, but does constrain it to the size of a region. You can make the region the entire size of the slide, which should help

    It also seems that the theme blow everything up and renders too big on my screen. Not sure where I can modify this...

    The themes are designed for more viewer-friendly font sizes. You can hack on them directly by manipulating the theme data in javascript, but there is no currently no UI for this. There is an example of doing that here: https://github.com/Anaconda-Platform/nbpresent/blob/master/notebooks/Extending%20nbpresent.ipynb

    @bollwyvl thanks for your answers. When defining a region as the whole slide, bokeh output only takes the upper half. It looks like the Bokeh Notebook handle for In[XX] takes the other half... I need to set the chart's height to 300 not to display sliders. Definitly tricky :smile:
    Nicholas Bollweg
    @extratoro Ah, that handle is a relatively recent thing from bokeh (0.11+): you'll want to put an semicolon after the thing that actually generates the bokeh output, so:
    p = figure()
    that will swallow the handle up, and not generate a second output
    @bollwyvl thanks, that worked and I can now put bokeh charts fullscreen. Thanks a lot.
    Hi, i have a problem using the presentation mode in the nodebook.
    I would like to edit the coordinates of a region freely. But if I put a number and press enter nothing happens.
    ZK Zhao
    Hi, is there any tutorial on nbpresent?
    Totally have no idea in how to use it.
    Rock Pereira
    For a tutorial: Click "Help" in the panel on the right. There are three tutorials. "https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/jupyter-notebook-extensions" lists all tools too.
    How does the nbpresent relate to the RISE/reveal project?
    Jason K. Moore
    I've been trying to drag slides to reorder them to no avail. Is this buggy or is it possible to reorder slides?
    Aaron Hall, MBA
    Hey, how do I rerun the nbpresent wizard? - (I don't know what it's called, but it's the thing that makes slides out of all of your cells. I did it on an early draft, and I can't figure out how to redo it.)
    Aaron Hall, MBA
    Import: The quickest way to a presentation is to just import every complete cell as a slide. If you’ve already created slides with the official slideshow cell toolbar or RISE, you can import most of the content
    Jason K. Moore
    Are there any suggestions for getting around this bug: Anaconda-Platform/nbpresent#62
    I was hoping to use this tool but if I can't reorder slides, I
    I'll have to pick something else.
    Kasper Munch
    I have been playing around with nbpresent for a programming course i teach. I seems to work fine, but the font is too small on the slides. Is there an easy way to control the font-size and line-height of slides html. E.g. make the font-size 200% ?
    Kasper Munch
    Figured something out, but I really look forward to seeing more easy ways to style slides, maybe even individual slides.
    Hi, I've got a lot of troubles exporting nbpresent presentations to pdf, does anyone succeeded in this ?
    I mean to a nice pdf generating a page by slide
    Stefan Doerr
    Is there any solution for the slide sorting? It's impossible to sort them in Chrome or Firefox under Linux
    Patrick O'Keeffe
    My Jupyter notebook suddenly has [Present | Slides | Themes | Help] buttons along the bottom and I can't figure out how to get rid of them. Suggestions?
    'Toggle presentation' didn't do anything; had to restart the notebook. I'd love to know what I did wrong.
    Amanda Birmingham
    Even when I assign a region to contain a "whole" cell (which, as I understand it, should include both input and output), I am only seeing output. Anyone have an idea what I might be doing wrong? I'm using Jupyter with an R kernel, by the way.
    Pradeep Vashisth
    can anyone guide me how can i have scikit-learn in jupyter ?
    scikit-learn library
    Dani Arribas-Bel
    Hello, just browsing through the project in a while and it's amazing how much it's improved in just a few months, congrats!!! However, looking at comments here and commits on Github, there doesn't seem to be much developer action. Is the project abandoned? Thanks!
    Saurav Kumar
    does anyone know how to make a long slide scroll with nbpresent. Adding "livereveal": {
    "scroll": true
    } to config does not work.
    Hi guys, I download anaconda months ago. today I tried to use it at bash. but the bash shows me I am still in the original python. how can I use anaconda?
    yoav freund
    Is there any documentation for how to use nbconvert, or is the only way to learn to follow the "tour" under help? I followed the tour several times but I still don't understand how to use the gui. Is there a way to design the presentation through the notebook interface, similar to the way the old jupyter Reveal presentation worked?
    M. Edward (Ed) Borasky
    @yoavfreund Same here - it's totally non-intuitive how to make a slideshow with this package. I posted a request for documentation on the Google Group and opened an issue on the GitHub page, but I don't see much point in having this in my workspace if there's no documentation.
    Carlos Alberto Álvarez Henao
    Hi, i trie to use NBPresent, but no buttons appear in browser... can any help?
    Carlos Alberto Álvarez Henao
    hi, any help....?
    Carlos Alberto Álvarez Henao
    is NBpresent a fake?
    Murat Öztürkmen
    i have a trouble with my anaconda prompt. i receive an error: "active.bat is not recognized as an external or internal program...". how can i fix this problem?
    The basic workflow with nbpresent seems to be that you first create your notebook, then create slides, then link notebook cells to regions of your slides. To help you get started, you can import all cells as slides once if you don't have any slides. The flexibility this gives you is nice, but I find it a bit cumbersome for the default case where I just add a cell at the end and would like it to appear as a slide. Is there some simple way of just adding all new cells as new slides?
    can i ask anyone in here about conda on linux?
    or is this not a good room for that?