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    Alam Kanak
    This is a discussion room for Android Week View library. Feel free to ask questions.
    Ilia Liferov
    Hello man. Thx for the amazing library! Could I ask you a question? There is one customization I dont undestand how to apply. I need to show timeline only for 7:00 - 21:00 period. Is it possible?
    Alam Kanak
    Welcome @ILiferov_twitter. Currently, it is not possible to set a fixed timeline window. You will have to change the source code to have that feature.
    Liferov Ilia
    I made a small pull request with Parcelable realization. Could you accept it and add to the production? Thx!
    Penchorov Andrey
    @entropitor It's exactly what I am looking for! Thank you✌🏻
    Shivam Chopra
    I want to integrate this lib with : https://github.com/Tibolte/AgendaCalendarView to make it look like outlook app, any help?
    Hey im trying to use Week View library, but from some reason it gives me an NullpointerExecption in the xml file. I copied to the gradle , and also copied the xml code to my xml. i did exacly like in the manual, but still it is not working. what should i do?
    hello, would like to ask you something - is it possible to navigate somehow to appointment on one year back? like maybe using weekView.goToDate(calendar), but for some reasons it's not working for me.
    Pratik Kotak
    hi @alamkanak please can you tell me do your library has month view ?
    Swift Developer
    hi @alamkanak is your library support swipe week by week functionality ?
    I want to implement library in fragment but don't getting any result?
    hi @alamkanak is your library able to implement with fragment?
    Nayan Khengar
    Hello @alamkanak , Thanks for the amazing library, i am using this library for last 1.5 years. But app get crashed when there is more than 240 events. Can you please give me any solution for this?
    Or if anyone has faced this issue and if they got solution related to this issue please share the solution with me.
    hi Thx for the amazing library , i have a small problem wich is that the events apeares 3 times , what can i do for this ^^
    hello guys ,,, how to disable the zoom functionnality i tried to give "false" to "ZoomFocusPointEnabled" but it doesn't work

    Seems ther is not much traffic

    Probably some can help me

    i have some events starting at the same time, how is it possible to define the order in one column?
    (some specific oder has to be there all the time, like first orange one and then all red one)

    Pietro Sales
    is this working on newer versions? I cant run it with targetsdkversion 28
    Hoc Chuc
    Hello I run this library on android Pie and it crash. Turn out that clipReact are using Region.Op.REPLACE, which is deprecated.
    Got an fix for that in my fork
    Basil Sindhu
    Hi, Im using the library for a university project and was having trouble having it work. Would appreciate if someone would be willing to help. Thanks!
    Hi, our Dev team has used this library. but me as an automation QA I am not able to inspect the elements (using Appium tool, UIAutomator) that this view render's, Is their any flag/property that needs to be set or any workaround. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks!!
    I tried this library but doesn't work
    i managed to set onClick on button method in onCreate method to add an event passing day by edit text but it adds just one event when i click, how to add event and save it?
    i guess its a viewholder.. but do you have a view holder in your library?

    its an really old one

    i cann sugest an alternative https://github.com/thellmund/Android-Week-View

    Its a fork of the upstream, with huge refactoring

    Khalid Saeed
    is it possible to set min hour or max hour to visible in this lib ?
    Khalid Saeed
    hi there ? im getting this exception when i run up :
    Invalid Region.Op - only INTERSECT and DIFFERENCE are allowed
    Swift Developer
    @imkhalid the original author can't update this library from the last 4 years and he is not responsive as well, you need to find alternatives for this calendar, I also face many issues last year, so I decided to create my own calendar library.
    Khalid Saeed
    @nivritgupta can you share any link to library with this funtionality ?
    How to change day and date in two line
    any other alternative of this library
    Any alternative library of like week view without date