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    Great, thanks.
    Hi I noticed that when building APK acc to this guide it was missing a step. After using the GIT clone and when I the project I got an error with latest AAPS v2.3 and I needed to restart Android Studio to get the app to build.
    It might be a good idea to add the step to restart to the wiki. Personally I spent quite some time figuring out if I did something wrong while it was a very easy fix.
    Sebastian Lenz
    There is no need to restart Android Studio.
    If you follow the steps on the wiki everything should be fine. Otherwise look at the troubleshooting section for solutions to several issues which came up occasionally
    I've installed android studio and tried to import project from gradle. It gets to configure build and then errors with something not in the guide "ERROR: There are uncommitted changes or git system is not available. Clone sources again as described in wiki and do not allow gradle update" I'm not sure how to not allow gradle update. Any help appreciated.
    Milos Kozak
    go to FB page for this kind of support
    @danamlewis Is there a reason why you started with mostly markdown (.md) files instead of ReStructuredText (.rst). Just asking, because RTD recommends .rst
    Dana Lewis
    Might’ve been what we had used originally, and I think rtd also had some limited formatting options for rst in the beginning - this may have improved since then?
    Thanks, now I know :) I found this warning in the RTD-Guide if you are interested: But it seems like both works well enough :)
    Hi. Does anyone know why my androidaps App is not marking my objective "bg data to nightscout" as done? I can see all my data when I open my personal URL at herokuapp and can create reports.
    Milos Kozak
    ask on FB page
    therefore I have to create a FB account first ;/ ok, thx
    There are also better gitter channels, this one here is just meant for wiki writing, not for General support ;)
    tobimo81 I had the same problem, instead of forking/cloning try to download the source code for the lastet stable version and work from there
    It worked for me perfectly.
    Jaume Mateu
    Hola buenas, estoy intentando montar APK y tengo problemas con Android Studio 3.5. ¿con que version se recomienda hacer? he probad con la ultima y no he podido. En informatica soy muy limitado, pero siguiendo los pasos que marca el tutorial tendria que funcionar. las pantallas tampoco son las mismas.
    Cheese Harvey
    I'm brand new to androidaps. Can someone help me figure out how to show total daily dose of insulin. Also sometimes is will continue to deliver some basal below 85 and above 75. Is there a way to change the system low from 75 to something higher? Temp targets don't seem to matter in this scenario.
    This is the wrong channel. Please use AndroidAPS channel or Facebook
    Guten Morgen ,
    Hello there,
    I'm Yoann and my son Edgar who is 5 years old is diabetic t1.
    I'm user interface designer and I would like to know
    where it will be possible to discuss and share some stuff to work on the UI of the App ?
    Milos Kozak
    Sorry I don't have any FB account, is it possible to contact you with pm on twitter ?
    Milos Kozak
    then pm me here
    Hi, I have downloaded Git and Android Studio, (both most recent versions) really struggling with it. When Studio opens. it just says 'This file is indented with 2 spaces instead of 4 spaces configured for the project'. Please could anyone advise? Many thanks
    @flockstar actually, du you have found a solution for it? I am stuggeling with the same thing ;)