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Jul 2015
Christoph Hegemann
Jul 31 2015 09:38
Where would I define my services in the NG6-Starter filetree?
Components might want to share services so I don't think you would want to define it on a per component basis
Kendrick Burson
Jul 31 2015 14:58
The general pattern I have seen is to have a "common" folder for shared services, directives and filters.
For non code assets like fonts and images I have seen some use an "assets" folder, others use a "public" folder. Following the WebPack model, where should these be stored relative to the code, index.html and the compiled bundle.js?
Leandro Zubrezki
Jul 31 2015 23:46
In the common folder I created directives, filters and services folders, each one with a module and then the common module