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Dec 2015
Dec 16 2015 07:19
i install NG6-starte, what is default port number running in the app
Craig Shearer
Dec 16 2015 07:40
@kasiriveni localhost:3001 for browser sync and localhost:3000 for the actual app. You should see this reported in the gulp output though.
Daniel Ignatius Kore
Dec 16 2015 15:33

helo. i install NG6-starter and would like to use angular-material on my app. when i run npm run angular-material i got this error

npm ERR! shasum check failed for /var/folders/7q/t1b5g9q5279_g388sytm2ds00000gs/T/npm-9509-9eaa2537/
npm ERR! Expected: 4ea531787186b26934aa22a8af2a5dc8a74fdb5c
npm ERR! Actual:   781a0cdb1fc0297366e6aebcbb3218997028b3b9
npm ERR! From:

what's wrong with it?

Sergey Protko
Dec 16 2015 15:52
clear npm cache and try again
Daniel Ignatius Kore
Dec 16 2015 15:55
ok. thank you