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Jul 2016
Javier Ruiz Vázquez
Jul 28 2016 03:27
i want to integrate angular-sails and bootstrap
and angular-ui @adityaparab
Javier Ruiz Vázquez
Jul 28 2016 04:39
And i want to add and assets folder
for example for de favicon and other images and fonts
Javier Ruiz Vázquez
Jul 28 2016 20:49
I could resolve the problem with bootstrap, but i steel with the images path, when i use gulp webpack to production, dont pass my assets folder
I have my project structure like this
|--- app
|--- assets
|--- all my images here
Jul 28 2016 21:27
Anyone have any issues when running gulp webpack ?
it does not show any errors, but the app doesnt do anything when ran. works from the webpack dev server