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Aug 2016
Aug 14 2016 15:17

Hi guys. My problem is that ui-router events $stateChangeStart and $stateChangeSuccess doesn't work in this template. I put this code

$rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function(){
$rootScope.$on('$stateChangeSuccess', function(){
at run function in app.js file. When i change the state nothing happend.

Sergey Protko
Aug 14 2016 15:19
@dssorokin please read documentation for uiRouter 1.0beta
@dssorokin i didn't tried uiRouter 1.0 yet so can't help you with that. I only know that this is not starter's problem. You could also downgrade to latest stable uiRouter release.
Aug 14 2016 17:02
@fesor thank you. It turned out that ui-routes events has been deprecated in new version.