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Nov 2016
Demetri Ganoff
Nov 18 2016 18:56
Has anyone tried placing .spec.js files outside the client/app folder? I'm trying to convert an existing project to use a similar webpack/testing setup as NG6-starter, but having issues getting the tests to run
I have my source files in src/app and my test files in test/unit.
I'm wondering if I need to add something to my spec.bundle.js file or the karma config so that it loads the correct source and test files
I keep getting this terminal error:
forEach@webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:321:0 <- spec.bundle.js:390:25
loadModules@webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:4601:0 <- spec.bundle.js:4670:13
createInjector@webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:4523:0 <- spec.bundle.js:4592:31
workFn@webpack:///~/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js:3074:0 <- spec.bundle.js:34916:61
inject@webpack:///~/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js:3054:0 <- spec.bundle.js:34896:47
webpack:///src/app/app.config.spec.js:9:0 <- spec.bundle.js:35004:12
webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:4641:0 <- spec.bundle.js:4710:54
That was actually after I moved the spec file into src/app just to see if it would work