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Aug 2017
Aug 10 2017 10:42
hi i'd like to add material design to the starter project. could you give me a hint?
Aug 10 2017 11:12
what i did so far:
  • npm i angular-material
  • npm run build
  • tried to import in webpack.config.js ... though it's the first time i use wepack and i feel a bit lost. I have the feeling stylesheets are not imported by default?
Matias Fernandez Martinez
Aug 10 2017 12:11

Create a vendor.js file in order to group all third party libraries:

import 'angular-material/angular-material.css';
import 'roboto-fontface/css/roboto/sass/roboto-fontface-regular.scss';

On your app.js file:

import ngMaterial from 'angular-material';
angular.module('app', [
@maks232 every time you install a npm package and you want to load it you need to import the module, or the main JS file or the CSS files
Aug 10 2017 13:08
thanks for the help! :)