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Sep 2017
Zeeshan Syed
Sep 06 2017 15:48 UTC
@thematho @loenko Thanks for your input. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but I'm referring to the dist that gets generated. I've installed browser-sync globally, but when I run browser-sync start --server dist/I still get the same issue.
Sep 06 2017 19:57 UTC
@syedz as @thematho said, you should use default scripts from gulpfile, because they contain historyAPIfallback as a middleware for html5mode support. Without gulp it is not easy to implement such workaround for full-featured livereloading. I like this seed for such beautiful and convenient solutions.
Zeeshan Syed
Sep 06 2017 21:19 UTC
@loenko Agreed, but then how would one run the contents of a dist folder in a production environment?
I am currently using the scripts from the gulpfile to run in my development environment